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Can You Swim At Bali Beaches? (All You Need To Know!)

Can You Swim At Bali Beaches? (All You Need To Know!)

Yes, you can swim at Bali beaches. It is perfectly safe, and there is much you can do after enjoying a good dip. But even during peak season, make sure to check in with the locals and lifeguards while heeding safety signs and the red flags placed at the beach. This will help you and your loved ones keep safe. Be aware of rip tides and undertows, and don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen.

Furthermore, it’s always handy to know which beaches are for surfing, which ones have a low tide and are ideal for swimming before visiting – so let’s dive right in!

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The Perfect Beaches to Swim in Bali

A Bali beach makes you think of three things right away – pristine turquoise waters – calm and inviting. The stretches of white sand beach and boat tours! But of course, there’s more to a Bali beach than just that. But let’s look at some of the most ideal beaches you should consider visiting when you finally make your way to the tropics of Bali!

Jimbaran Beach – South of Bali

Jimbaran Beach


This beautiful beach destination is found around a stunning bay area, and it is a great place for swimming. It is because the waves are very calm during the low tide. The Jimbaran Beach sand has a butter yellow colour, and the sloping coastline provides luxurious spaciousness for kids to run around, and build sandcastles and playa.

When you’re done taking a cooling dip and the hunger sets in, get ready to enjoy some yummy Bali beach snacks and flavour-filled meals from a cool beachside café you will easily find along the stretch.

*Entrance free. Parking space (with fee) available.

The Padang Padang Beach – South of Bali

People Sunbathing at Padang Padang Beach (Video)


Whatever you imagined about this beach or saw on screen, the reality is that it’s twice as beautiful! It is also famously known as Taplau. The mesmerising blue shades of crystal clear water against the fine white sandy stretch screams beach paradise, no matter from which angle you look at it.

To enter this magical place, you must enter through a narrow cave-like entrance. The cliffs surrounding this spot make the water calmer, and once you have a good swim, you can always go explore some caves with a guide.

*Entrance free. Parking space (with fee) available.

Lovina Beach – North of Bali


Lovina Beach is more commonly known for its beaches with black sand, coral reefs and dolphins. Its shades of the water remain every bit as enchanting as any beach you will find in paradise, but the blackish sand is basically volcanic. It certainly adds to the unique allure, and you can enjoy a good swim too!

A walk along the coast of this beach is just as important as taking a dip. You will find fishing boats and bean bags set on the shore next to lively beach cafes. All you have to do is enjoy the experience.

*Free entrance. Parking space (with fee) available.

Pandawa Beach – South of Bali

Pandawa Beach


Given Pandawa Beach’s beauty, it is hardly surprising that it can get rather crowded. So if crowds are not your thing, then maybe this might not be your first choice. BUT! That being said, it is hard to ignore the beauty, so who knows you might find yourself being unable to leave if you do decide to explore.

Clear blue waters, soft white sand. The water is stunning enough to invite you for a lovely swim. It is a place visited by a lot of families. So expect a lot of splashing.

*Includes entrance fee and parking fee.

Pasir Putih Beach – East of Bali

Photo by David Stanley on Flickr


Also known as the White Sand Beach – it is a name that does absolute justice to the beach and it has way more to offer. After a crowd-filled day at Pandwa Beach, the calmness in Pasir Puth certainly will make you feel insanely refreshed.

The waters are calm and great for a good dip. Sink your feet into the soft, fine white sand and enjoy walking parallelly to the lush trail of trees adorning the border of the coast. It is scenic, it is quaint as well as one-of-a-kind.

*Includes entrance fee and parking fee.

Map of Bali Beaches

Best Time to Visit Bali Beaches

Speaking as fellow beach lovers, if you go to a beautiful beach destination and the weather conditions are anything but friendly, you can’t make the best use of the visit, and it will be a real damper on your mood.

So when you are going to a tropical beach destination, always check the best season’s to visit.
For Bali Beaches, the ideal time falls between April to October, because it is the dry season. If you want nothing but sun, beach and more sun then August is the best time. Period.

Other Beach Experiences you can Enjoy!

Going for a swim or sunbathing on a sunbed or just chilling and enjoying fresh seafood at a beach cafe are not the only things you can do there.

  • You can go canoeing on Pandawa Beach!
  • Take a boat tour at Lovina Beach in the morning hours to sight pods of Dolphins.
  • Engage in exciting water sports activities like parasailing and Banana Boating at Lovina Beach –
    don’t forget to catch that magical sunrise!
  • Go Snorkelling & Scuba Diving!
  • Explore the small beach caves and go surfing at the Padang Padang Beach (the waters are calm
    closer to the coast, but the middle is great for a bit of surfing)

If you get all your basic safety precautions covered and your beach adventures planned then you are absolutely in for an insanely epic beach holiday and who knows? Maybe 2022 is your year to visit the beaches in Bali!

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