Places to Go on Safari in Australia – The Gateway to Unique Wildlife Adventures!

Places to Go on Safari in Australia – The Gateway to Unique Wildlife Adventures!

If the thought of a good nature hike or a wildlife safari gets your heart pumping excitedly, you should seriously look at visiting Australia. It consists of one colossal mainland, Tasmania Island and smaller islands. Each with countless, breathtaking wilderness havens that are waiting to be explored respectfully. So if you’re looking for the BEST […]

Negombo Beach

13 Things to do in Negombo – Discover the Beach Town Splendour

Despite being notably known, Negombo is somewhat underrated. Nestled along the west coast beach shores of Sri Lanka, just 45-minutes from Colombo and 20-minutes from the airport, Negombo actually has a little bit of everything to enjoy – especially if you’re a first-time traveller to Sri Lanka. We want you to know exactly what you […]

Franz Josef Glacier

Things to do in Fox Glacier –Enter the Doorway to Glacier Escapades!

Perched on the frozen maritime glacier landscape amid the Southern Alps on New Zealand’s West Coast, South Island, is the famous Fox Glacier. Home to New Zealand’s Twin Glacier Mountains – the Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier and more wonders, here’s a look at the best things to do in this beautiful frosty destination. […]

Things to do in Westport – The Gateway to Coastal and Nature Adventures!

Things to do in Westport – The Gateway to Coastal and Nature Adventures!

Westport – a stunning west coast destination in New Zealand, situated in the South Island. It’s one of the oldest European settlement locations – a heritage town famous for fishing and mining. One visit to this coastal destination will make you fall in love with it. From beautiful beaches to surf, and numerous breathtaking nature […]

Things to do in Auckland – Explore the Wonders of the City of Sails!

Things to do in Auckland – Explore the Wonders of the City of Sails!

Can you really claim you holidayed in New Zealand without visiting Auckland? We are talking about one of the most vibrant cities the southern hemisphere has to offer. Situated on the north part of North Island, you’ll quickly learn that the region of Auckland is blessed with beach, park and & island attractions to keep […]

Blenheim Vineyard

Things to do in Blenheim – The Wine Metropolis of New Zealand!

Blenheim is the most populous town in the Marlborough Region- the South Island of New Zealand. It’s located approx. a half-hour from Picton – another incredible destination. Which is famously known for the Queen Charlotte Sound and the scenic Queen Charlotte Track. But coming back from Picton to Blenheim, It’s where you can explore incredible […]

Taranaki Mountain

Things to do in Taranaki – The Hidden Gem near a Sleeping Volcano

Taranaki. In Maori, the word ’Tara’ means mountain peak. This is appropriate given that the entire Taranaki region is taken over by Mount Taranaki. A perfectly shaped cone geography, with a snow crown. From far, Mt Taranaki exudes a silent dignity. It certainly adds to a strong first impression of Taranaki. This coastal and mountain […]

Christchurch Tram

Things to do in Christchurch – Explore the Garden City of New Zealand

Christchurch is located along the East Coast, South Island, near the Pegasus Bay – with the Avon River meandering through the city centre. Christchurch is known for its many beautiful parks, botanical gardens, street art and rich English Heritage. So, let’s have a look at the things to do in Christchurch. Explore the ever-changing beauty […]

Things to do in Gisborne

Amazing Things to do in Gisborne – The First City the Sun Greets Every Day!

Gisborne. It’s where you head to catch the first golden rays of the sun before the rest of the world. If you are travelling from Auckland, the flight will take approx. 1-hour. While being nicknamed the Chardonnay Capital (which hints at Gisborne being a rich wine destination), it’s ideal for immersing in the delectable food […]

Things to do in Picton

Things to do in Picton – The hidden Dreamland of South Island

Picton. A town located on the north coast of the Marlborough Region, South Island, New Zealand. With one-fifth of the New Zealand Coastline at its front door, Picton often manages to surprise travellers with enchanting waterfront views and bewitching nature escapades with opportunities to view some incredible native wildlife. However, Picton is well known for […]

Stunning scenery at Kaikōura

13 Things to do in Kaikoura – The Sea Life Paradise!

Kaikoura is the ultimate coastal destination you visit to spend your fair share of time immersed in the breathtaking world of marine life. It’s located in the South Island, New Zealand – between Picton and Christchurch. Here you can go wild dolphin or whale watching. It’s home to sea life like the Sperm whale, the […]

Sculpture at Puna Quarry Park

Things to do in Tauranga – The Promised Land for Globetrotters!

This harbour side metropolitan is located in the Bay of Plenty region, on the North Island. It’s approx. a two and half-hour drive from Auckland, the Capital of New Zealand. If you’re looking for a place to immerse in some incredible nature escapades, visit a stunning beach, a park, explore a historic village, an island […]

Things to do in Hokitika Number 2 - Hokitika Gorge

Things to do in Hokitika – Discover the wonders of the Jade Country

Hokitika – famous for its natural beauty and Pounamu (greenstone). It’s located on the West Coast of New Zealand, right next to the Hokitika River, facing the coast of the Tasman Sea. Are you a traveller who’s looking to immerse in wilderness? Who’d love the idea of staying in a cool little town with chill […]

Streets of Adelaide

32 Fascinating Things to Do in Adelaide

Adelaide, the coastal capital of South Australia, is a brilliant example of a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Perched in the Adelaide plains, north of the Fleurieu Penninsula – this metropolitan city offers travellers many incredibly unique Australian experiences. From breathtaking and varying landscape to the wonderfully delectable food and, of course, premium wine tour experiences unlike […]

Sunshine Coast - Hinterland

Things to do in Sunshine Coast – Where Sunny Escapades Await

If you are looking for your pocketful of sunshine it’s got to be in Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland. This Coast is everything a beach lover could hope for. Just Over 90-minutes from Brisbane and the famous Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast has some unbelievably beautiful attractions and experiences to offer. From beautiful beaches to […]