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About Us

TravelPeri is a source of high-quality travel articles and guides featuring various destinations spanning 50+ countries.

Our website does not signify the typical travel site, i.e., in addition to destination guides, we focus on providing insightful answers to travel queries people may have on specific topics ranging from wildlife, food, culture and climate to transport.

We conduct original research by leveraging various communication channels to connect with individuals on the ground. And by reaching out to those with direct experience, we gather firsthand information before formulating the content of our articles; check out our Local Living Series where we interview locals across different cities in the United States for their unique perspectives on topics like transport, cost of living/expenses, places to visit and things to do.

Every article undergoes a final review by the Editorial Team to ensure it meets the high standards of accuracy, readability, and enjoyment that TravelPeri strives to uphold.

We also have our own YouTube channel with travel documentaries featuring destinations discussed by our travel writers. Check it out here: YouTube Channel