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Christ The Redeemer (Statue) – Worth A Visit?

Brazil is known for a lot of things. Soccer, the large and magnificent Amazon rainforests, vibrant carnivals, and so much more. But it is also home to an incredible world wonder; Christ the Redeemer.

In a nutshell, it is a super tall statue that has become the very symbol of Brazil. Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the most popular tourist locations in Brazil. But what’s the actual hype?

What makes it worthy of being one of the awe-inspiring creations of the 20th century? We decided to find out.

Location of Christ The Redeemer

This colossal Art Deco Statue is located in the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of the liveliest and one of the most colourful capitals in the world. Being a seaside city, Rio is also home to the famed Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

Christ the Redeemer is, however, found atop the Corcovado Mountain, which gives the effect that the statue of Christ is directing his divine gaze at the Capital like its protector. But obviously, there’s more to this incredible creation.

The Birth of Christ The Redeemer

Aerial View of Christ the redeemer statue

This 30-meter effigy is legendary, and it spans over 92 feet. Its construction began in 1922 and was finally completed a near decade later (1931).

The initial designs included Jesus Christ carrying a cross. However, the end result that we now see today shows that plans may have taken a different path midway.

The A-Team behind bringing this breathtaking edifice to life was in fact a French sculptor named Paul Landowski, a Brazilian engineer by the name Heitor da Silva Costa and a French engineer Albert Caquot.

That’s not all, the complete face of Christ was done by a gifted Romanian sculptor named Gheorghe Leonida.

Obviously, each one has to be talented in titan proportions to complete such a mammoth task successfully. Their effort was not in vain, as it became a World Wonder.

Touring the Christ The Redeemer

Rio de janeiro

Arriving at the Location

If you are already staying in Rio, then not only are the transport options ample, but they are readily available. The most traditional way to travel according to many travellers is by train. It is because the journey includes stunning scenic views all the way to the top.

The only issue is that Rio doesn’t have subway stations, so you need to get to the nearby town – Cosme Velho.

You can also take a car, uber or even a local taxi. But another option is hiring a van. It is cheaper than taking a train.

Direct transport is available from both Barra da Tijuca and Copacabana. So that’s what we did. Sort of. We made our way by taxi to the base where the Ticket Office is.

The Base – Ticket Office

Travellers do arrive early to ensure they get a photo of the statue before the crowds pour in, so with that in mind, we arrived rather early too. While the ride was nowhere near making us sleepy, it was nice to grab a quick coffee from a small bakery next to the ticket office. Did we mention it came with an incredible view?

The tickets can cost around 20 USD for two adults. The processes in place are rather smooth, but that could also be because we arrived early and there was not much of a crowd waiting in line.

Heading up by Van

Once we purchased our tickets, we made our way to the exit, where we awaited our van shuttle service to pick us up and take us up to the top of Corcovado Mountain.

The vans are air-conditioned and quite comfortable. Some may argue that we missed out on so much scenery, but this van ride is only a few minutes long, so we had a lot to get excited about at the time.

Once we got down, it was all about the climb to the top, where the majestic statue awaited.

Starting the Climb

At this entrance, there is this quick ticket processing, and then you start making your way up!

Here, you have two options to get to the top; you could use the elevator or you could climb.

Since there were plenty who needed the elevator to get to the top and we were all about walking and exploring, we chose to climb our way to the top, and we were not sorry at all!

On a sunny day, the beauty can be amplified, and we were so lucky to have experienced just that. Don’t forget to stop and absorb the incredible views the landscape of Rio is presenting to you.

It’s one of those rare scenes where you see mountainscapes and heavily bustling cityscapes, and the blue ocean stretching to unfathomable lengths.

It is insanely epic. Almost renders you immovable for a short time. But there was more to see, so we dragged ourselves out of our trance and kept on climbing.


Soon as we made it to a certain elevation, we found a handful of small stalls that seem to be selling souvenirs and other things. One particular shop sells small models of Christ the Redeemer.

The shop owner claims that they are small models made from the same rock as the world wonder. Whether that was true or not, many travellers do end up buying from here to take back home.

Our climb, however, continued, since we were almost there.

But there was another stop we chose to make, before our final stop.

The Bar and Restaurant of Corcovado

This place has a very old look. Some might skip it. But since we started this journey very early, we were ready to take a break, grab some refreshments and enjoy them with the unbelievably beautiful sceneries that lay before us.

This unique vantage point can only be explored from this restaurant area, and we felt with the food we had was absolute value for the money!

We stayed as long as we could but, we had to continue, after all, we came so early to beat the crowds, it would be a real shame if we lost track of time and failed in our goal to get to the top early as planned.

Christ the Redeemer

Close up view of Christ the redeemer from the base

Luckily, the stretch from the restaurant to the statue was short, and we made it. There’s an elevator that you can take, which also offers more stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

And just like that, you are there. Looking at the majestically sculptured statue of Jesus Christ, who stands tall with open arms gazing at the city. Seeing it from afar and looking up at it from near its foot is an experience all on its own.

It does remind one how truly massive it is, and the statue against the vast blue sky, can get a little overwhelming, but in a good way.

The wind is generously pouring in, which is good, as it is can get very hot!

You get a 360-degree view from here. It is breathtaking on a whole other level. Once we enjoyed our fair share of views and observation of the world wonder, we made our way back completely happy we visited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the ticket office open?

 It is open from 7.40 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

What is the best time to visit Christ the Redeemer?

If you don’t want to get caught in the flooding crowds, then come as early as possible. But If you can’t make it in the morning, the next best time to visit is 3.30 p.m. (usually)

What is the best season to visit Christ the Redeemer?

The ideal time to visit is September and October.

What’s the dress code?

There’s no dress code. However, wear something comfortable because you’ll be hiking.

Is there a church near the statue?

Yes, there is a built-in chapel that can be found near the base of the statue.

What’s the total weight of this statue?

The entire structure weighs approximately 700 tons.

What is Christ the Redeemer made of?

Reinforced concrete.

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