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Amazing Surf Spots In Bali (Top RATED Beaches)

Amazing Surf Spots In Bali (Top RATED Beaches)

Waves. It’s mesmerising to watch and it’s hypnotizing to hear them softly crash against the sandy shores. But how about riding them? If you love surfing and travelling and you’re looking to explore the best surf spots around the globe, then this article is for you.

So which surfer’s paradise are we getting ready to explore? (As the topic so obviously suggests) we are heading to the East-Asian waters – to one of the most beautiful provinces of Indonesia – Bali!

Padang Padang – Home to the Rip Curl Cup!

Waves at Padang Padang


The peak season for surfing – April to October

Padang Padang. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bukit Peninsula. Great place to go for a good dip and to ride a wave too! (some waves range between 5 – 7 feet)

This surf beach is known for its sharp reef bottoms and long tube rides – so it’s not the best surf spot for beginners. After all, the Rip Curl Cup – an invite-only event that welcomes the world’s most talented 16 surfers happens right here at Padang Padang!

Uluwatu – A Classic Surfer Destination!


The peak season for surfing – April to October

Uluwatu is a classic surfing spot. It’s located on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, and it’s a surf must! The waves here can rise up to approx. 7 feet and some of the breaks can get a little technical.

Bottom-line – it’s ideal for intermediary to expert level surfers.

Paddle through the Uluwatu Caves to get to the reef, and then surf while enjoying the stunning sceneries with a captivating Hindu shrine standing quietly on the cliff edge facing the ocean!

Suluban – Surf in Tranquility! (Blue Point)

Sunset at Suluban


The peak season for surfing – April to October

This gorgeous surf beach is located a little north of Uluwatu. Unlike Uluwatu, here you can expect a less chaotic atmosphere. While an adventure awaits in the waves, getting to this beach can be an adventure too, since it involves slowly climbing down a steep stairway, crossing a rocky opening and through a cave!

So what about the waves? The barrels are consistent, and the waves go high. It can get a little overwhelming if you’re new, so please be cautious!

Balangan – One of the Most Scenic White Sand Beaches! 

Aerial of Balangan


The peak season for surfing – April to October

This white sandy surf destination is in Uluwatu Region, just walking distance from Dreamland Beach! If you’re travelling from Seminyak, Canggu or Katu it’ll take approx. 1-hour. Though the beach looks calm, remember that the coral reef is right in front of the beach.

Many surfers are instructed to use booties. (Similar to boots. Toes are covered, feet protected from sharp reefs and rocks). When done, sit down to relax and enjoy the breathtaking ocean views while soaking up the sun.

Medewi Beach – Home to the Longest Left-Handers in Bali!

Medewi Beach


The peak season for surfing – March to October

Ever surfed at a black sandy beach? Head to Medewi – located further up from Bailan. It’s great for beach walks and surfing. Here you can ride some of the longest, gnarliest left-hand waves! Wearing Booties is strongly advised since coral reefs can be merciless (no exaggeration). Some surfers have complained that they have received many cuts, even with booties on.

Still, if you’re careful you can have an incredible time here on this beach – AND it’s less crowded than most!

Keramas – Sun, Sand and Off the Hook Waves!

Experienced Surfer at Keramas
Photo by Mikaku on Flickr


The peak season for surfing – February

This beautiful black-sanded surf haven is on the eastern coast of Gianyar! Here’s a fascinating fact – it’s one of the only places you can take part in night surfing (because day surfing is not enough, right?). There are ample right-handers and fast waves that rise about 3-4 feet – which usually break over a jagged lava reef.

The sunsets here are simply magical. It is also where the World Surfing League Champions Tour was held along with other surf competitions.

Impossibles – A Place to Conquer the Mighty Waves!

Waves at Impossible Beach


The peak season for surfing – April to October

Sounds intimidating? Well…it is. This adventurous beach spot can be found between the famous Bingin and Padang Padang. It’s where the experienced surfers head to challenge themselves. To test their abilities. Because these waves will make them do just that.

The coast is filled with sandy shores stretching miles ahead with mountain sceneries just adding to the beauty. The waves are long and powerful and the barrels are rather consistent. The waves even tend to rise approx. 3-5 feet.

Nusa Dua – Catch some Amped Swells!

Nusa Dua


The peak season for surfing – April to October

This incredibly beautiful, clear ocean water spot is a favourite among many. Especially families and surfers – maybe not for the same reasons. Thanks to the onshore winds you get here, you can catch a good swell.  If the weather conditions are ideal, then beginners can have a real good time riding the waves here (especially at Black Rock). 

Nusa Dua presents a consistent right-hand reef break, which allows different kinds of waves under various weather conditions. Enthralling!

Canggu – A Surfer’s Dream Paradise!

Surfer at Canggu Beach


The peak season for surfing – May to October

If you’re looking for a less crowded beach with different breaks, head to Canggu. It’s located approx. 10 kilometers of Denpasar. The waves are large here – mostly in the mornings. Yes, it’s another black sanded beach with a beautiful blue ocean.

The reef breaks are mostly known to be handled by surfers at the intermediary to expert level. The waves are fast and sometimes so slow – that you have to wait for quite some time to ride the perfect wave.

Green Bowl – Serene and Exotic Shore and Epic Turquoise Waves!

Aerial View of Green Bowl Beach


The peak season for surfing – April to October

Another gorgeous surf spot is found on the very tip of the southern part of the Bukit Peninsula. The bowl-shaped ocean floor contributes to its name. Surfers report that getting to the beach itself is pretty much an adventure, with approximately a hundred steep steps down to the beach.

This beach serves some of the strongest currents, and the steadiest swells. The currents tend to move out in different directions – so this is a surfing area for experienced surfers only.

Bingin – Breathtaking Beachscapes Unlike Any!

Scenic Bingin Beach


The peak season for surfing – April to August

Ever heard of a picture-perfect beach?  Head to Bingin. Just a few minutes from Uluwatu, this place is a great surfing area for pro surfers and left-handers. With swells rising up to nearly 2.5 feet.

The sandy shore is rough on the feet, so if you’re going barefoot it’ll be uncomfortable. The shallow ends are also full of rocks. But none of that really matters when you head out to ride the waves against the incredible coastal sceneries.

Map of Bali Surf Spots

Important Surf Tips to Keep In Mind

Surfing can be crazy fun! But if you ignore safety precautions, then you could be in danger. Which can turn a good holiday into a bad memory.  So make sure to:

  • Always surf between the white and black checkered flags. Pay attention to the flags, they indicate just what the true situation is, out there.
  • If you are a beginner and you are trying to take on a big swell, make sure you are accompanied by a more experienced surfer.
  • If you are surfing in a more isolated beach location, always inform someone on the shore before heading out to catch waves.
  • Check the local weather forecast.
  • Understand your limits. Most accidents occur when the surfer forgets this.
  • Be aware of the rip current activity on the beaches you are visiting.
  • Wear a leash – so you won’t get separated from your surfboard.
  • Make sure to use a board that supports your height weight – and ability (obviously).
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