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Is Bali Below The Equator? (Find Out!)

Is Bali Below The Equator? (Find Out!)

Bali, the resort island of Indonesia, is a famous tourist hotspot for those looking for an exotic hideaway from the bustling world. Arriving at our question, Yes, Bali is located below the Equator – to be precise – 8 degrees south to the Equator. However, Indonesia is not! Situated in Southeast Asia, Bali is a separate province which is also an island located 600 miles east of Java.

Many people mistake this little island to be a nation of its own due to its unique Hindu cultural practices and exotic experiences that set them apart from the rest of the Java islands, but it’s part of the Indonesian Archipelago.

What is the Equator?

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The throbbing question that many of you may have is the very definition of the Equator. What causes the separation of the two hemispheres? The Equator, in simple terms, is an imaginary circle around the globe that divides the Earth into two parts at 0-degree latitude. Countries and cities located on or close to the equator experience high temperatures and tropical atmospheres due to the rise in the air and other reasons.

What is known as the Emerald of the Equator?

‘Zamrud Khatulistiwa’, or Emerald of the Equator is another name for Indonesia. The name is given due to the fact that it lies across the two hemispheres and for its lush greens and natural awes. Home to over 250 million people, Indonesia was – back then – referred to as the Dutch East Indies during colonization, and ‘Indos’ and ‘Nesos’ in Greek, which means Indian Islands. In some poetry and literature, the reference of Emerald or ‘Zamrud’ is emphasized due to a large portion of the country – almost 60% – being covered by forests. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, and it strikes through the Equator belt with most islands on the southern and some islands on the northern hemisphere.

What parts of Indonesia lies above the Equator?

While most states and islands of Indonesia lie south of the Equator, some lie above. These include North Sumatra, North Sulawesi and North Maluku, and half of the Borneo Island is bisected by the belt. North and East Kalimantan states are located in the northern hemisphere, while West, Central and South Kalimantan are located in the southern hemisphere. Jakarta – the Capital of Indonesia is located 690.69 km south of the Equator. Those travelling to Indonesia – most preferably the main islands – will come across many Equator-themed parks and sites. The synonymous city of Pontianak is where the Equator exactly cuts through. Pontianak is the capital of West Kalimantan.

Does the weather of Bali change during seasonal transitions?

In general, countries and cities located close by to the Equator possess a tropical climate with only two major seasons – Dry and Wet. And the Bali weather is no different. The tropical resort city has a climate that is unpredictable with sudden pours and humidity spikes. Located north of the typhoon belt, the climate type of Bali is called ‘doldrums’ by marine equatorials for its light winds and frequent thunderstorms. Tourists travelling to Bali can experience this unique weather type depending on their season of travel. Although the weather in Bali is always commendable, it is not the same for its neighbouring states. The West Coast of the Sumatra islands gets about 400 cm of rainfall per year which is why Indonesia is known as one of the rainiest places on Earth. Although weather changes are mild, if you’re in Bali, you’d notice that cool temperatures prevail at higher elevations and in mountainous regions.

What other countries are located below the Equator?

Apart from Indonesia’s Bali, there are many other cities and nations located in the Southern Hemisphere. The whole of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, along with more destinations are located below the Equator line. However, when it comes to South and Southeast Asia, only a few atolls of Maldives and parts of Indonesia belongs to the Southern Hemisphere. The extreme ends of the two hemispheres are the same, but seasons carry out in different months of the year. The seasonal climate varies due to the landmasses. The southern hemisphere vastly consists of oceans, and it’s hotter due to this reason. A usual winter in the southern hemisphere would begin in June in countries like Australia and Argentina.

Tourists visiting Bali would not come across a winter as it’s resting just below the Equator. However, it’s best to be prepared for colder nights in particular months.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

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It all boils down to this. As a tourist visiting Bali, you need to know which months offer the best outdoor experiences. The dry season is considered the peak for tourists, which begins in April and goes up till October. Although rains are unpredictable, the chances of downpours are highly unlikely during this period. But if you are the type of traveller who enjoys tranquillity and fewer crowds, January and February is the ideal time for a visit. These months are estimated to bring the highest rainfall but there’s never a dull day in Bali. As long as you can avoid the beaches during the monsoon peaks, your vacation will be a journey to remember.


And that is a wrap! Yes, Bali – the holiday island state of Indonesia – is in fact located below the Equator, along with Jakarta – the Capital, and a few other islands including Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and the lower half of Borneo island. The climate and weather changes of Bali are determined by the air rise levels, being close to the Equator.

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