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Attention all nature lovers! If you are looking to get away from the ongoing chaos of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and needs to escape to a serene place in nature, then here’s an unexpected hidden gem in the city; The Diyasaru Park. Nestled along the Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Road of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Colombo. For just LKR 100* (LKR 50 for kids) – you can venture into this 60 acre park that homes diverse species and birds. The ideal place to relax.

Timing6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
EntranceLKR 100* (Locals)
Location/AddressGoogle Maps
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History of Diyasaru Park

With the construction of the parliament in the 1980’s, this area went from a lush paddy field to a dump for waste, resulting in it becoming a marshy land. By 2010, the city officials solved this marshy land issue by transforming it into a healthier, better-preserved wetland, so the Diyasaru Park came to be! The name Diyasaru Park stands for rich-in-water – the perfect urban wetland park for urban wildlife.

How to get to Diyasaru Park?

This park is open throughout the whole year (Yay!). It opens daily between 6.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m – giving you plenty of time to immerse in its verdant beauty and rich biodiversity. You can travel there by bus, via Colombo-Rajagiriya, or Nugegoda-Pitta Kotte roads. However, travelling by cab is always easier.

Explore and Enjoy!

If you’re looking to experience some nature therapy, to relax and walk around the park, to absorb the tranquillity and the wetland beauty – then the park offers several footpaths. The best thing about the park is that each scenery changes, from varied-sized water bodies to grass lands, to butterfly bridges, to open spaces with lovely footpaths and sitting areas. This park offers you the nature getaway you have been craving for while still being in the heart of the city!

The park is also home to unique species and migratory birds. From mammals like the elusive fishing cat to unique varieties of reptiles and butterflies too. It is an enjoyable urban wildlife exploration experience for both kids and adults.

Diyasaru Park Activities

There’s a lot more you can do in this park. Just as you enter through the main gate, there are two huts in place committed to learning about the biodiversity and the incredible benefits of wetlands and the amazing bird life and other species it hosts. You can study these species in length as well.

Being a wetland, Diyasaru Park also offers 30 – 45 minute boat rides. It’s one of the best ways to explore and sight see the park, birds and other species – just LKR 500* for a group of 4 (life jackets provided). It’s definitely worth making a trip to Sri Jayawardenepura to drop by at the Diyasaru Park.

*The rates mentioned in the article are subject to change over time.

Sunset at Diyasaru Park
Photo by Randikachat on Wikimedia Commons
Photo of bird at Diyasaru Park
Photo by Diksura Photography on Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Crowds at the Park
Photo from the Diyasaru Park Facebook Page

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