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Referred to as the Gardens by the bank of Diyawanna Oya, Diyatha Uyana is a public Park located close to the Polduwa Junction. The park is widely known as an unwinding destination for locals. Strategically situated in the lush suburbs of Colombo, Diyatha Uyana is not just another public park, but an underrated yet wonderful place to visit where you can get some fresh air, clear your mind, or even go jogging along the sidewalk. If you’re touring around Colombo, Diyatha Uyana definitely belongs in your itinerary.

Timings8:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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How to get to Diyatha Uyana?

Diyatha Uyana is located in the Sri Lankan capital Sri Jayawardene Kotte – around 7 kilometres inland from the bustling city Colombo. If you’re a travelling solo, you can hail a tuk-tuk from Colombo. It wouldn’t cost more than Rs.500 if you’re using ride-hailing apps with a fixed amount. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, there are bus routes from Colombo that heads past Diyatha Uyana such as 177. If you’re travelling with a group of tourists, finding this place wouldn’t be a challenge. If you find yourself in a lost situation, look for Water’s Edge Hotel – which also sits by the banks of Diyawanna Oya.

Activities/Things to do in Diyatha Uyana

Diyatha Uyana is undoubtedly a place for everyone. Once a marshy land, this park now sustains as a famous outdoor recreational area in Sri Lanka. Besides the renowned lake, travellers taking the walking path can also spot the Sri Lankan Parliament. Although it’s not a place worth visiting, it sure is a place of admirable architecture – built by famous Sri Lanka-born architect Geoffrey Bawa.

If you enjoy evening strolls and 3D arts on the ground, Diyatha Uyana is one of the ideal places in and around Colombo. The boardwalk is lined with many affordable eateries for refreshments throughout day and night. If you’re craving something fancy, the floating restaurant will offer you good food and a promising view.While enjoying food at a snack shop, you can also check out the circular aquarium. It is quite a unique placement, right by the shopping stalls selling clothes and souvenirs. The inhabitant fish of the circular aquarium may not be as exotic as you may expect, but it sure is calming to watch them wander.

What’s on the Weekends?

Diyatha Uyana comes to life during the weekends when the market assembles. Over 100 small business vendors gather to sell their best produce. Apart from the edibles, travellers would also come across flowers and plants vendors – one of the ideal places in Colombo for gardeners to visit.

Important points to keep in mind when visiting Diyatha Uyana

Whilst the floating restaurant and the eateries are most occupied at night, many other stalls would pack up towards dusk – so avoid night if you’re going shopping. If it’s the view that you’re intrigued about, sundown would be the best time to visit. And lastly, although you can bring your food and eat in the public areas, it is important to keep in mind ‘not to pollute’.

Photo of scenic Lake within the Park
Photo by Explore Sri Lanka on Flickr
Photo of stalls at Diyatha Uyana
Photo by Explore Sri Lanka on Flickr
Photo of Jogging track
Photo by Explore Sri Lanka on Flickr
Diyatha Uyana at Night
Photo by Amila Tennakoon on Flickr
Ducks at the Park
Photo by Explore Sri Lanka on Flickr
Photo of vendor stalls at Diyatha Uyana
Photo by Dhammika Heenpelle on Flickr

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