21 Enthralling Things to do in Wanaka

21 Enthralling Things to do in Wanaka

The scenic Otago territory in South Island houses some of the country’s most breathtaking lakes and valleys. Queenstown being one of them, the laid-back resort town of Wanaka in Central Otago, also makes it into the bucket list of any traveller. From heights of snow capped peaks to the lows of reflective lakes such as […]

Otago Peninsula

15 Amazing Things to do in Dunedin

Dunedin in New Zealand is the second-largest city in the South Island facing the southeast coast whilst situated in the Otago Region. Derived from the Scottish Gaelic name Dùn Èideann, it represents the name Edinburgh. The city is considered one of the main four centres in New Zealand due to its cultural, historical and geographical significance. […]

Things to do in Queenstown Number 1 - Lake Wakatipu

20 Fascinating Things to do in Queenstown

Queenstown is commonly known as the natural playground of New Zealand with its mesmerizing landscapes as well as sights to visit, packed with action and adventure. Based on each season of the year, Queenstown is well-reputed for its various activities as a tourist favourite. Sitting on the shores of the South Islands’ Lake Wakatipu, the […]

Akaroa - Things to do

10 Fascinating Things to do in Akaroa

Located in the quaint South Island of New Zealand by the Banks Peninsula, Akaroa is a major tourist destination and a furnished resort town attracting over 200,000 visitors during its seasonal bloom. Akaroa Township is a French Settlement with both French and British Colonial architecture towering around the city. From the quirky gardens of the […]

Thngs to do in Raglan Number 5 - Bridal Veil Falls

11 Things to do in Raglan

Located in the sunny Waikato Region of North Island, Raglan is the ultimate surf district of New Zealand. Its stretch of black sand coastline bordering the Tasman Sea, coupled with the acres of forests and volcanic landscapes, makes up the perfect travel destination for those who love to taste varieties of adventure. We have compiled […]

Milford Sound - New Zealand Itinerary Places

32 Places to Include in your New Zealand Itinerary

A scenic island strand located at the border of Oceania, New Zealand may not be a rated travel destination, but it sure is an awe-inspiring island country regarded for its admirable methods of politics and countless natural landscapes scattered across its 600-so islands. From glaciers to national parks – the rustic allures of South Island […]

Gold Coast Main Beach

14 Enthralling things to do in Gold Coast

Australia is a continent of awe with world-famous culinary wonders, scenic valleys, UNESCO declared parks and breathtaking beaches. Located off the south of Brisbane, in the Queensland region lies a coast that absolutely lives up to its splendour. Known amongst locals as the surfer’s paradise, Gold Coast is not merely a coast as its name […]

Stupa in Bendigo

15 Exciting things to do in Bendigo

Once a flourishing Gold mining Village, Bendigo located in Victoria, is one of the oldest, most diverse states in Australia, offering visitors bits of everything. From the Gold Rush Boom and the ancient Chinese Influences to its Rich History glorified through the years, Bendigo is a must-visit destination if you’re a traveller passing by Melbourne. […]

Boradwalk at Constitution Mrash

Indian Brook Falls

There are countless scenic landscapes in the USA. Some of the good ones that don’t make it to the cut of perfection often go unnoticed. Such is the gem hidden near the Constitution Marsh in Hudson Valley, NY – Indian Brook Falls. A local favourite for an easy hike, or a relaxing walk, the Brook […]

Places to visit in Italy Number 9 - Cinque Terre

24 Amazing Places to Visit in Italy

Italy, as we know, is often associated with a cuisine, a language, Roman ruins, or some would even say Hollywood’s notoriously famous underworld. But there’s certainly more to this charming European country than that. Lying on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, the Republic of Italy is the birthplace of some of history’s greatest scholars, […]

Places to visit in Canada Number 7 - Butchart Gradens

18 Places to Visit in Canada

Commonly known for its generous hospitality, fair politics, and a famous migration destination, Canada is an underrated nation in travel and sightseeing. Home to many mesmerizing parks and rivers across vast landscapes, Canada is every adventurer and nature lover’s paradise. From the scenic Vancouver Island to the picturesque Montreal National Park, globetrotters are sure to […]

8 Reasons Why Qatar Should be your Next Travel Destination

8 Reasons Why Qatar Should be your Next Travel Destination

We have arrived at an era of discovery – stepping outside the frame of conventional – to go explore the underrated and unheard. Such is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula – named Qatar. A renowned transit port for international transport across the world, Qatar is admired for its Arabian hospitality, ultramodern architecture, exclusive […]

First National Park in India - Jim Corbett

First National Park in India – Jim Corbett National Park

The First National Park in India – Jim Corbett National Park is located in the scenic Uttarakhand State – a lush habitat for a variety of fauna such as Asiatic Lion, Elephant, Spotted Deer, Leopard and the famous endangered Bengal Tiger. Encompassing 520 square kilometres of space, the wildlife sanctuary is currently home to over […]

Photo of Copacabana Beach

19 Places to Visit in Brazil

Alluring beach stretches, vividly vibrant festivals, unusual historical locations, mouth-watering cuisines and a marvellous Eco-system, Brazil – the heart of South America, is undoubtedly a location for all types of travellers. Especially for singles who are looking to have a great time, Brazil can be a dream-come-true. The rest of the world recalls Brazil for […]

Beddagana Wetland Park at Sunset

Beddagana Wetland Park

Overview Located at the edge of Diyawanna Lake, with close proximity to the Sri Lankan Parliament, the marshlands of Beddagana Wetland Park are an enchanting natural landscape and a bird sanctuary that also happens to be an underrated public park. Spanning over 18 hectares of land space, this wetland park attracts many locals – in […]