Photo of Jumeirah Beach during midday.

10 Best Places to See in Dubai (Experiences included)

Dubai is a land of superlatives, and there is a surprise waiting for you at every turn. The largest city in the UAE is a blend of its Emirati heritage and a contemporary lifestyle. There is a perfect balance between its glamour and luxury and its history and culture. No one has visited this marvelous […]

Photo of Burj Khalifa in the city of Dubai.

17 Must Visit Places in the U.A.E

A land divided into seven different domains. A population that consists of around 80% in expatriates. A country that, as of 2021, is home to the world’s tallest standing tower, the world’s tallest hotel, the world’s largest indoor theme park, the world’s largest-I can keep going, but you get my point. The history of the […]