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17 Must Visit Places in the U.A.E

A land divided into seven different domains. A population that consists of around 80% in expatriates. A country that, as of 2021, is home to the world’s tallest standing tower, the world’s tallest hotel, the world’s largest indoor theme park, the world’s largest-I can keep going, but you get my point. The history of the United Arab Emirates is stories full of astonishment and growth. Thanks to the discovery of commercial oil in 1958, following which the country has not looked back. Are you looking to tick the middle-east off of your checklist? We have piled up 17 must visit places in the U.A.E to make your planning easier. Read along to find things you do not want to miss, from sky-diving to where in the country you can ride on a camel.

Burj Khalifa

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 1 - Burj Khalifa in the city of Dubai.
Photo By David Rodrigo on Unsplash


If you are the 5% of people in the world who are afraid of heights, I suggest you skip this. Otherwise, how about an 828m height atop which to observe the world? Before opening in the year 2010, it was called the Burj Dubai. Now, the Burj Khalifa is the most popular among tourists. Parties and events galore at this tallest free-standing structure. Fun is not far away. It is a man-made spectacle and the tallest to date. It features at the top of our list of must visit places in the U.A.E. Why not? It has been one of the most important things that ever happened in Dubai’s history.

Dubai Cityscape

Palm Jumeirah

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 2 - Palm Jemeirah.
Photo By Salman Ahmad on Unsplash


Nature is the best architect. But as its children, we have not given up. A beautiful man-made archipelago, the Palm Jumeirah covers a land area of 5.72 square km. Three artificial islands make up the Palm Islands Dubai while this is the only island that entertains visitors. You can skydive (Dubai Marina) into the palm of the Palm. You can ride on a helicopter from Atlantis. An astonishing view of the city’s iconic tourist attractions awaits you. It is also home to some of the finest hotels in the world. The Palm Jumeirah has to be one of the must visit places in U.A.E on your list. If it is your debut in the U.A.E, then booking a cab is advisable. Besides, the palm monorail operates to and from the city every 15 minutes from 9 am till 9.45 pm.

Dubai Marina

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 3 - Dubai Marina.
Photo By Ling Tang on Unsplash


This one has a little of everything. Just next door to the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina was established as a tourist attraction in 2003. At this sandy shore, cafes are plenty at sight. Boutiques surround the shopping freaks, housing a variety of valuables. Cruise-therapy? Yep, you can chill on the bean bags while the traditional dhow takes you on a tour to remember. The Palm Jumeirah is home to Skydive, from where you can dive, plummeting into the beauty of Dubai. You can also fly over the waterways in the longest urban zip line. Oh, and don’t forget about the camel rides awaiting you at the shores.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 4 - Louvre Abu Dhabi
Photo By Agnieszka Kowalczyk on Unsplash


Situated in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opened to visitors towards the end of 2017. It is a museum that showcases work from all around the world. From the works of Leonardo da Vinci to Jackson Pollock, it displays the best pieces of art the world has ever seen. Like any other museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is home to artifacts that narrate stories of the past. This tourist spot also entertains families in the form of festivals. In other terms, they are making stories for you to tell.

The Dubai Mall

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 5 - Dubai Mall.
Photo By Dario Ciraulo on Unsplash


Here are things that the Dubai Mall has in store:

-1200 stores for you to surf through. God bless you.

-The basement is home to the Dubai Aquarium. Done with shopping? You can go and let yourself be devoured by the aquatic beauty.

-Home to Dubai Fountain. A choreographed display of water.

-Home to Candylicious: the largest candy store. Hello, diabetes.

If that were not enough, maybe you could book one of the 250 rooms in the luxury hotel and end the day in comfort. There is so much to do, so little time.

Dubai Frame

Photo of the Dubai Frame.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


In simple terms, the Dubai Frame is two tall towers connected by a see-through glass bridge that is 300 feet long. But this is one of the must visit places in U.A.E that is everything but simple. Using augmented technology, the Dubai Frame depicts the timelines of the city. As you enter and leave, you would marvel at the exhibition of its past, present, and projected future. If you are keen on selfies, you will love this latest tourist attraction the U.A.E has produced.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 7 -  Mircale Garden.
Photo By Ali Raoufian on Unsplash


You have to believe two things about the Dubai Miracle Garden. One is that it is the largest flower garden in the world. The other is that this marvel was built upon desert land. We join you in the dropping of jaws. The Dubai Miracle Garden has three Guinness world records. One of which is the 18-m floral structure of the made-up cartoon heartthrob Mickey House. It is home to 150 million flowers and indeed, this 72,000 sq meter flower park is a miracle. Who told that humans are incapable of magic? We can sense that you are mentally adding this to the list of must visit places in the U.A.E.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 8 -  Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi.
Photo By Faizan Rao on Unsplash


If U.A.E’s rise from the shackles was nothing short of a well-woven fantasy, here’s where they brought some of ours to life. It has childhood favourites Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry. Also, Gotham city’s favourite superheroes and villains. This theme park is all for entertainment. I mean, who wouldn’t like to see The Joker and Harley Quin planning wreckage while none of us know who Batman is? There is a long list of rides you can hop on to experience technology and fiction at its best. Except for certain restrictions due to height, most of them are for your whole family to enjoy. And you definitely won’t be short of eateries. PS: Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor theme park in the world.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 9 -  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
Photo By Victor Malyushev on Unsplash


Ferrari world is the amusement park in the world with the world’s fastest roller coaster ride. The Formula Rossa is faster compared to a cheetah. Oh, the adrenaline rush already! If you don’t have the heart for speed, there are other things you can do. Ride around in a classy vintage car around mini-cities that replicate Italy. It could well be a romantic date, that is up to you. The Ferrari world is also children’s favourite because you have Ferrari rides waiting for you. It would be an anti-climax of sorts if this were not a part of it

The Dubai Fountain

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 10 - Dubai Fountainr.
Photo By Davut Bekri on Unsplash


Yep, the world’s largest musical fountain. The display is on the artificial lake that spans approximately 30 acres in land area. The 272-meter boardwalk from Burj Park will allow you different angles of this spectacle. Imagine yourself with your family or friends. Gallons of water shot into the sky. Gravity and mechanics, doing wonders as usual. With matching music playing in the background. Ah! The Dubai Fountain has to be on the top of your list in the must visit places in U.A.E.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 11 - Dubai Aquarium.
Photo By Kon Karampelas on Unsplash


The Dubai Aquarium is the best place to visit with kids. And if you are still a child at heart, this is a must visit place in U.A.E. It consists of three main sections. The Aquarium Tank is where you can find different species of sharks and other marine animals. The Aquarium Tunnel is for you to walk around and marvel at the marine life. Trust me, your camera will have a lot to capture. The other section is the Underwater Zoo that displays 40 different tanks. People who have visited cannot stop about the beauty of the creatures that live in water.

Dubai Creek

Must visit places in the U.A.E Number 12 - Dubai Creek.
Photo By Walid A on Unsplash


Dubai Creek has been the point of connection between Dubai and the rest of the world for more than 100 years. It would be fair to say that this trading hub played a role in driving fortunes for the U.A.E we now know. Apart from its rich history, this natural waterway is nothing short of astonishment. You can spend 1 Dirham on an abra and experience yourself the Dubai that was. The area that surrounds Dubai Creek will provide you all the food you need. What’s travelling without the experience of different types of food, eh?

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Random Photo taken at the Al Mamzar Beach Park.
Photo By Esraa Kordi on Unsplash


How can we not talk about the beach when planning visits to the gulf countries? This wide-spread park is tailor-made for relaxation with friends or family. Plan a picnic here, while the sea-breeze shows you why you should never leave. If you are a fan of water sports, then you won’t face disappointment. Snorkeling, Jet Skiing, or swimming in the pool, you will be up for a well-spent day. There are 28 BBQ spots in Al Mamzar Beach Park. You can sit around with your family, singing and dancing to some good music.

Liwa Oasis – Desert Safari

Photo of Camels at Liwa Oasis Desert.
Photo By Susan Toyofuku on Unsplash


The Liwa desert is the home of the ruling families of the U.A.E. Covering over an area of 650,000 square km, it is home to around 50 villages. They have their own culture. But why is this known as one of the most adventurous deserts in the country? You can book Safaris that will give you an experience of a lifetime while choosing to book daytime or otherwise. You can even have your share of dune bashing with the option of riding quad bikes. Oh, and the soul-soothing sunset in the Liwa Desert is something to cherish.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Photo of Burj Al Arab from afar.
Photo By Nick Fewings on Unsplash


A journalist once attended the opening ceremony of the Burj Al Arab. He did not think that awarding 5-stars for this hotel would suffice. Out of astonishment, he rated it with 7-stars. It made the headlines for years to come. Standing on a man-made island, the structure of this magnificent hotel resembles a sailing ship. It is 321 m in height, 14 m taller than the Eiffel Tower. You enter the Burj Al Arab through a 340 m long bridge. Did you know they have a menu for pillows? Did you also know that the menu has 17 options? Imagine the comfort and luxury that unfolds in front of you.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center

Photo of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Photo By Kevin Olson on Unsplash


This mystical yet flamboyant mosque is one of the largest in the world. Construction began in 1996 to this must-visit place in U.A.E and opened to the public in 2007. The materials used to build this mosque have been imported from different parts of the world. How cool is that? The exterior will open your mouth. The interior will soothe your soul. It is a proud home to the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world. The light system at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque mirrors the phases of the moon. The colours that fill your eyes at night will stay with you forever.

Emirates Palace

Photo of Emirates Palace.
Photo By Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash


Emirates Palace is another one of those luxurious hotels that Abu Dhabi has for people. It employs more than 2,600 staff members. Hospitality is a major tourist appeal of this hotel. If you are a guest at the Emirates Palace, you will have access to; a 1.3 km beach, a bicycle path, a relaxation pool, spas, and a lot of other things you will love doing. It is just 40-minutes away from the Abu Dhabi airport. The Emirates Palace surely does enrich the beauty of a country that keeps surprising us.

U.A.E keeps building attractions at will. It is not the end. There is more to come. They will demand our presence, and we will oblige with all our heart, muscle, and money. These are our 17 must-visit places in U.A.E. Did we miss any? Do let us know in the comments below.

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