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Things To Do In Morocco

If you are planning a trip to Morocco or simply too curious to know more about the historic and cultural importance of this country in the northern African region, you are in the right place. Overlooking the Mediterranean sea from the north and the Atlantic ocean from the west, Morocco’s natural beauty ranges from the Atlas mountain range to parts of the Sahara desert and to beaches that run along its coasts. This exotic country is mostly known for its coastal beauty in luscious blue, its well-preserved history of over 90,000 years, its vibrant colours and Moroccan culture.

Moroccan architecture is also extremely vibrant and stunning that it will be hard not to photograph every building and street corner you walk into. Most importantly, the unique gastronomical experience that comes with Moroccan food is like no other! More to this, Moroccan locals are known for their warmth and hospitality. And with high safety levels for its tourists, this will be one of the best experiences you will ever encounter. If this ticks all your boxes, let’s walk through some of the most popular travel destinations and things to do in Morocco during your visit.

Sunshine and sea breeze at Agadir Beach

Things to do in Morocco Number 1 - Agadir Beach
Photo by Mhamediyoussef on Pixabay


Our first destination for you is located on the south coast of Morocco overlooking the Atlantic ocean. With year-round sunshine and sea breeze, Agadir Beach is the perfect start to your vacation in Moroccan land. With opportunities for exciting excursions like swimming, surfing, jet skiing or sunbathing, this is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. It is a nice, clean beach with golden sand that makes it the perfect spot to relax and unwind on your vacation – you can either have a picnic, sit by to read a book or take a walk watching the beautiful sunset at dusk.

This is one of the travel destinations that is easily accessible by tourists to witness Moroccan beauty – if you are looking for a sunny vacation to get that perfect tan, this beach will be perfect for you! Make a special note to have sun protection before stepping in this beautiful yet hot golden sand.

A traditional shopping experience at Souk El Had

Things to do in Morocco Number 2 - Souk El Had
Photo by Sherwood on Flickr


Moving on to the other destinations around Agadir city, you can have an authentic Moroccan shopping experience at the Souk El Had which is only a few minutes away from Agadir Beach. The Souk attracts large crowds of locals and tourists and the whole experience will be full of colour and vibrancy of the Moroccan culture. During the first few visits, many people would feel overwhelmed with the large crowds and narrow streets at this Moroccan Souk, but make sure to walk in one direction and to go with the flow.

Within a span of 3 hours, you will have the chance to shop for a variety of items including fabrics, pottery, spices, fruits, handicrafts and many other precious items that you won’t find anywhere else! And of course, a bit of haggling will be needed for products without a marked price, but always keep it light-hearted with the locals. You will get a first-hand experience of the warm Moroccan culture at the Agadir Souk, and this is all the more reason to add this city attraction to your list of things to do in Morocco.

Cliff diving, swimming and hiking at the Paradise Valley

Things to do in Morocco Number 3 - Paradise Valley
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash


Another stunning location down in Agadir at the South Western side of the country is this breathtaking mountain canyon named the Paradise Valley. As the name suggests, you will feel like you are in the middle of a Moroccan Paradise – surrounded by the beautiful Atlas mountain and stunning waterfalls, this is a well-known location among the tourists to spend a day in. This is a small oasis amongst the mountains with a pool of crystal blue water where you can have a relaxing swim after a long day of hiking in the warm sun.

To add to this experience, you can also enjoy cliff jumping and natural water slides. Then treat yourself to an exquisite bowl of Tagine, a traditional Moroccan dish with meat, vegetables, herbs and spices that are cooked and made available at the entrance of the valley. Can anything else sound better than this? This would be a top recommended spot to be visited with your friends, and of course, you can take loads of stunning photos throughout this excursion.

Be surrounded by botanical beauty at Jardin Majorelle

Things to do in Morocco Number 4 - Jardin Majorelle
Photo by Hazy Momo on Unsplash


Next, let’s visit one of the most picturesque locations in Marrakech that is famously known as Jardin Majorelle. Before exploring this artistically elegant destination and heading indoors, you will be stunned by its exterior beauty that is covered in hues of electric blue and yellow. This was designed by the French architect Paul Sinor over forty long years and was created by a French painter.

Surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden, this place has a small museum, a boutique fashion store by ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ and a small cafe to quench your thirst. The museum at Jardin Majorelle has over 600 historical items that have been collected from across the mountains and the Sahara desert that represent the vibrancy, depth and diversity of Moroccan culture. An hour would suffice to explore this grand artistic location and would be the perfect addition to your list of things to do in Morocco.

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Medina of Marrakesh

Souq in Marrakesh


Moving 3 kilometres away from Jardin Majorelle, you will find the Marrakesh Medina – a beautiful maze of breathtaking Moroccan architecture and historical monuments, also a city with street vendors and various little shops. This location has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for preserving the Moroccon culture and history of many years, hence a must-see among your things to do in Morocco! The medina, which originally translates into “old town” that usually has narrow streets and street vendors, also has an aesthetic rustic atmosphere and splashes of colour everywhere that makes it a great location for your tourist photographs as well. The Medina of Marrakesh is recommended to be strolled and explored if you want to feel the buzz of the city – among the people of Marrakesh, exploring their lifestyle and witnessing artistic masterpieces of this great city.

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Explore the world’s 2nd largest mosque at Hassan II Mosque

Photo of Hassan ii Mosque
Photo by Hamza Bouchikhi on Unsplash


The Hassan II Mosque is one of the most recognised and visited landmarks by both locals and tourists as it is the 7th largest mosque in the world and the largest in Morocco. This is an impressive monument in the Moroccan city of Casablanca that leaves you with a surreal experience. Built overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the words of the Quran echoing through the walls, “God’s throne was built upon the water”, this has been built partially on land and partially on the water. This opulent mosque in the great city of Casablanca has a magnificent blend of Islamic architecture with stunning elements of Moroccan culture.

The interiors of the mosque are beautifully decorated with stone and marble floors, wood ceilings that are carved and painted and walls with vibrant mosaic tile work. Be sure to visit in the morning before tourists rush in – you will need to have clothing that covers both shoulders and knees, and your shoes must be removed before entering the mosque to pay respect. The Hassan II Mosque is a must-see landmark in Casablanca and also make a note to stroll down the well-maintained gardens on a sunny day while you are here.

Experience the local folklore at Hercules Cave

Person jumping at Hercules Cave
Photo by Meor Mohamad on Unsplash


Beautifully positioned at the Cape Spartel in Tangier, which is the most northwestern point in the African continent, the Hercules Cave is an amazing location to witness the natural beauty of Morocco. It has many myths and legends surrounding it and these folklores are mostly related to the Greek and Roman mythological hero, Hercules, among many others. The drive from Tangier to reach the caves will also be quite memorable with stunning local sceneries. The Hercules cave has two openings – and one is more popular than the other because of the reverse silhouette of the African continent.

When you visit the caves, be sure to capture this beautiful natural carving in a photograph as only a few get to experience this natural masterpiece in their lifetime. Overall, this experience is very tourist-friendly and highly instagrammable with stunning ocean views – for more aesthetic photos, make a note to visit in the evening to capture the vivid sunset.

Take a look at the national historic landmark at American Legation Museum

Interior photo of American Legation Museum
Photo by Adam Jones on Flickr


And now we are taking you to one of the top locations to visit in Tangier that has been recognised as a National Historic Landmark that is historically important to both Morocco and the United States. This commemorates the diplomatic relations between the two countries as Morocco was one of the first countries back in 1821 to recognise the U.S. independence from Britain and to recognise them as a separate entity. The American Legation Museum is now a cultural centre, a museum, an institute and a research library that is open for guests.

Upon entering this grand, ancient landmark you will have a sense of going back in time – the interior is beautifully decorated with authentic furniture and its walls display a number of photographs with chronicles of the past. The small museum also has a variety of artefacts, photos and an excellent amount of knowledge that covers the scope of the diplomatic and cultural partnership between the two countries. This landmark in Tangier is a great addition to your list of things to do in Morocco and to learn more about the significant impact this nation has had on international relations in the past.

Enjoy the serenity of Jnan Sbil Gardens

Beautiful Jardin Jnan Assabil
Photo by Bernard Blanc on Flickr


Known as the cultural capital in Morocco, Fez has some architecturally pleasing locations that you can visit. Among them, we have the Jardin Jnan Sbil, a well-kept public garden with lush greenery and colourful water fountains where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city after a long day of exploring and sight-seeing. Filled with rare wild plants, water fountains, orchards and walking paths you can enjoy a few hours of peace at the park with no disturbances.

Most people would come here to sit back and relax while enjoying the vivid orange and pink skies at dusk. But on a sunny day in the afternoon, you can have a small picnic under the blue sky with a breath of fresh air. This was previously under the Royal Palace and was exclusive to the elites and royalty, but was later opened to the public in 1917. This garden in Fez would be the perfect pit stop to add to your things to do in Morocco after shopping at the Medina of Fez which is only a few minutes away.

Traverse through the Roman ruins at Volubilis in Meknes

Roman ruins in Volubilis
Photo by Hectorlo on Flickr


This is another interesting addition to your list of things to do in Morocco. In this Imperial City that is located in northern Morocco named ‘Meknes’, you will see both parts of the old and new of the Moroccan culture. Just three miles apart, there will be overwhelming features of the modern lifestyle in the new part of the town (‘Ville Nouvelle’) and the ancient Roman ruins, stunning riads and busy medinas will be on the other end representing the history of Morocco.

The best trip in Meknes would be to visit the historic tourist attraction of the city – this is a day tour of the UNESCO Heritage Site known as ‘Volubilis’ that has Roman ruins that date back to the third century BC. Located at the edge of the Atlas Mountains, this is one of the largest ancient ruins sites located in Africa. You will find a temple dedicated to the Gods of Jupiter, a basilica and a triumphal arch among many other ancient historic locations. If you are a history enthusiast, a trip to Meknes would be the best choice for you to listen to ancient stories recited by the locals and to get a deeper understanding of the development of the Moroccan culture and lifestyle since the pre-historic eras.

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