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19 Places to Visit in Brazil

With alluring beach stretches, vividly vibrant festivals, unusual historical locations, mouth-watering cuisines and a marvellous eco-system, Brazil – the heart of South America, is undoubtedly a country for all types of travellers. Especially for singles who are looking to have a great time, Brazil can be a dream come true.

The rest of the world recalls Brazil for its famous Rio Carnival, which brings almost two million tourists a year, and the world’s largest rainforest – Amazon. But Brazil is more than just those. Here are our 19 best places to visit in Brazil if you’re planning to discover South America

Christ the Redeemer

Aerial photo of Christ The Redeemer
Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash


Located on top of Corcovado Mountain in the urban city of Rio, Brazil’s iconic sculpture – Christ the Redeemer – was designed by French sculptor Paul Landowski. Symbolizing the faith of the Lord Protector, this giant statue of Jesus stands at a height of 38 meters, overlooking Rio De Janeiro and its unique marvels.

It is considered the largest art deco statue and is one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. If you want to witness the most dramatic view, we advise you to hike up early at dawn when crowds are fewer. Along with the rising sun, the scenery is an irresistible view.

Lopes Mendes Beach

Places to visit in Brazil Number 1 - Lopes Mendes Beach
Photo by Guillermo Bresciano on Unsplash


If you prefer sun, sea and sand, or simply love beaches, Lopes Mendes Beach will definitely be a hit for you. Spanning along a stretch of 3 kilometres in the Capital city of Rio De Janeiro, this beach neighbour the prominent Morro dos Castelhanos and Morro do Ferreira.

Unlike other coastal destinations, this unspoilt beach is a famous family holiday spot as well. During the day, pro surfers are seen making the best use of the rushing waves on the wild side, whilst the shallow waters offer a secluded yet tranquil beach experience for other travellers.

National Park of Aparados Da Serra

Places to visit in Brazil Number 2 - National Park of Aparados Da Serra
Photo by Mathieu Bertrand Struck on Flickr


Call it an adventure of a lifetime, the National Park of Aparados Da Serra would surely not fail to intrigue you. Located in the south, closer to the Atlantic Ocean, this Park is home to giant canyons, lush green landscapes and waterfalls.

Comprising 10,250 hectares of area, the Aparados Da Serra boasts of its raw ecological beauty and – one of the most bedazzling – Itaimbezinho Canyon. The best views appear at Dawn when clouds of mist fog around the mountains and plateau. Animal lovers would come across a few exotic species here as well.

Iguazu Falls

Places to visit in Brazil Number 3 - Iguaza Falls
Photo by Diego Rezende on Unsplash


A beloved wallpaper screen, Iguazu or Iguaçu Falls on the Iguazu River is located in between two countries, where Brazil meets Argentina.

The Iguazu Falls are connected to the two Nationals parks, Foz de Iguazu in the Brazilian Territory and Puerto Iguazu in the Argentinian Territory owning an area of 252,982 hectares. If you’re in the process of planning your itinerary, Iguazu is definitely one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Museu De Arte Do Rio

Places to visit in Brazil Number 4 - Praça Mauá Rio
Photo by Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz on Wikimedia Commons


A perfect combination of historical and modern arts, the Museu De Arte Do Rio is a renowned art exhibit in Rio De Janeiro. It’s a great place to learn about Brazil and its culture pre and post-colonization, modern-day dimensions, conflicts, and to join a gaze through history.

It was established in 2013 during the spike in tourism for educational purposes. If you’re the type of traveller who enjoys learning about new cultures and global customs, the Museu De Arte Do Rio is one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Parque Nacional Dos Lencois Maranhenses

Places to visit in Brazil Number 5 - Parque Nacional Dos Lencois Maranhenses
Photo by Edwin Poon on Flickr


Ever witnessed a desert, rivers and beaches co-existing together? Well, Brazil is ready to surprise you. A protected National Park on the North Atlantic Coast in Maranhão state, the Lencois Maranhenses is a picturesque valley of sand dunes that hosts pockets of crystal clear rainwater and mangrove lagoons.

During rainy seasons, the lagoons fill up, making it a sheer location for water-recreational activities. However, permanent lagoons still exist even during the dry periods, so no matter which time of the year you visit Lencois Maranhenses, the experience would be the same.


Places to visit in Brazil Number 6 - Florianopolis
Photo by Cassiano Psomas on Unsplash


A stunning port city located in the Southern Santa Catarina state, Florianopolis is commonly referred to as the Magic Island by locals. Its name is derived from the ancient native folklore that talks about sorcerers. In fact, according to stories, the boulders off Praia de Itaguaçu beach were believed to be witches that turned into giant rocks.

Florianopolis is known to be one of the safest destinations in Brazil, with low crime rates and high living standards. Surfers love the cheery waves the shores attract, and it’s the ideal place for singles to go partying and explore culinary marvels.

Teatro Amazonas

Places to visit in Brazil number 7 - Teatro Amazonas
Photo by Ponciano on Pixabay


An architecturally mesmerizing ornate opera house with a seating capacity of almost 700, Teatro Amazonas is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Brazil. The most unusual yet fascinating fact is that it’s located right at the heart of the tropical Amazon forest. Belonging to the city of Manaus, the Amazon Theatre is famed for its renaissance and Victorian interior.

Many believe that the sole purpose of this structure’s existence was to host the famous Italian singer Enrico Caruso back in the day. The good news today is that performances have resumed, and tourists are flocking in after 90 years.

Campos Do Jordao

Places to visit in Brazil Number 8 - Campos do Jordão
Photo by Rodrigo Soldon on Flickr


If you ever feel like you miss the scenic European Country views while in South America, head over to Campos Do Jordao. A quaint Swiss medieval village located at the highest point of Brazil in São Paulo, Campos Do Jordao is home to many bird species and natural landscapes. The famous hiking trail leads travellers along the magical Garalhada waterfall.

If you love relaxing in parks, Amantikir Park and its maze-like nature would surely have you captivated. Unlike malls and high-end boutiques, site seeing tours wouldn’t cost you much. Hence why Campos Do Jordao in São Paulo is one of the cheapest and best places to visit in Brazil.


Places to visit in Brazil Number 9 - Pelourinho
Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash


Speak about unusual locations, Pelourinho in Salvador, Bahia is nothing like Brazil you and I know of; the neatly built cobblestone alleys, 16th-century Portuguese colonial landmarks and the Afro-Bahian stores are definitely a place you MUST include in your itinerary.

If not for the souvenir shopping, then at least for the pictures. Walking into Pelourinho is sure to take your imagination back through a time portal 400 years into the past when the Slave Market trade first emerged and the diverse cultures co-existed.

Some of the most famous historical locations here are Catedral Basílica de Salvador, São Francisco, São Domingos, Santo Antônio and Carmo.

Paraty Bay

Places to visit in Brazil Number 10 - Paraty Bay
Photo by Marcelovanin on Pixabay


A beach stretch in Rio De Janeiro, spanning about 180 kilometres in length, Paraty Bay is a craggy coastline. The tame banks of the lake don’t invite much sway hence why it’s famous for boat tours. Those visiting the Bay also enjoy the surrounding natural views of the lush mountain of Serra do Mar, which is well visible even while in the middle of the lake.

The boat rides can cost you a bit, but if you’re looking for the cheapest options, the schooner ride is definitely your go-to deal in exploring Paraty.

Amazon Rain Forest

Thick jungle of the Amazon
Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash


As we all know, the Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world. But did you know that two-thirds of the total area belongs to Brazil? Covering most of the Northwest, the forest extends over other countries, including Colombia and Peru.

Its density is yet to be discovered, but there are parts that travellers can travel to, and the experience is simply out-of-this-world! It’s speculated that there are over 2.5 million species of insects in the Amazon, and native tribes living in the forest are voluntarily isolated.

Ouro Preto

Photo of Ouro Preto
Photo by Raphael Fernandes on Unsplash


Located in Eastern Brazil, Ouro Preto is yet another colonial state with numerous historical locations that are worth visiting. Neatly lined streets, colourfully painted houses and baroque architectural structures at a glance make it seem like a European city.

Ouro Preto’s history dates back to the 17th century when dark gold was first dug, and it was the very first Brazilian city to be named a UNESCO world heritage site. Most of the discovered gold was taken to Portugal, but they didn’t leave the city in shambles. The historic centre is home to charming townhouses, chapels and fountains.

Fernando de Noronha

Scenic scenery at Fernando de Noronha
Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash


An archipelago located in Northwest Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is a collection of 21 islands consisting of volcanoes, a diverse ecosystem and remote beaches. One of the most famous tourist attractions here is its marine life and water activities.

Tourists are promised one-of-a-kind underwater expeditions diving below the surface to witness the beautiful corals and coming across captivating sights of turtles, dolphins and sharks. Apart from that, those who love scuba diving can truly immerse themselves in an exploration undersea.

Even if you’re an amateur, there are instructors to help you. It surely is one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Aerial footage from Sugar Loaf Mountain


A rather unusual boulder located in a peninsula belonging to Rio De Janeiro stands at a height of 395 meters. Its name Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf) was given by the Portuguese for its distinct conical shape. This site is sprawling with hikers and adventure lovers and -of course – tourists.

It would take around an hour to reach the summit, and the view from the top surely is all things sugar, with Brazil’s topmost icons making it a sight to remember. Options for accommodation and tours may not be the cheapest in Rio, but for singles looking to make memories, Rio is the place.

Copacabana Beach

Photo of Copacabana Beach
Photo by Eelco Böhtlingk on Unsplash


Home to the famous black and white mosaic boulevard, the famous Copacabana Beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Brazil. With over 2 million tourists visiting the sunny beach every year, Copacabana Beach offers some of the best experiences for singles. The disco nights and the delicious food are the hit.

According to many reviews on the internet, Copacabana has NOT been rated as the safest place to visit in Rio due to the high number of casual robberies. But danger lingers everywhere. One must always be on alert and vigilant at all times.


Aerial view of Olinda
Photo by Nat Belfort on Unsplash


Located by the city of Recife – also known as the Venice of Brazil, Olinda is a Portuguese Colonial city on the northeast tip of Brazil. Its colourful graffiti walls and quaint cobblestone streets truly deserve some appreciation.

Just like the Carnival-before-Lent, in the Capital City, Olinda too hosts a Carnival of its own. The city hall – Cidade Alta is the most famous place to watch the celebrations; Unlike the major Carnival, the one in Olinda attracts fewer tourists and more locals which would make it a diverse experience for all travellers.

If you’re on a budget, Olinda caters for you with some of the cheapest yet most amazing experiences.

Recanto Ecologico Rio Da Prata

Photo of Rio Di Prata
Photo by Patty Ho on Unsplash


Love underwater creatures? Recanto Ecologico Rio Da Prata in Bonito is a special place for you to enjoy Brazil’s abundance of marine life in one place. It’s an eco-tourism destination where visitors can take a unique float ride and snorkel or dive underwater to witness exotic sea life.

Its famous partially submersed bridge is an icon for photography. Travellers can also find decent accommodation and great food around the area. Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata also offers in-land experiences worth enjoying, such as Bird watching and Horseback riding.

Jericoacoara Beach

Hazy Photo of Jericoacoara Beach
Photo by Jonathan Borbaon Unsplash


Last but not least, Jericoacoara Beach is every meditative traveller’s paradise. An untouched beach located on the west of Ceará, Jericoacoara’s shallow waters invite fewer waves, making it the ideal place for a quick dip. The natural phenomenon of the sand dunes changing colour is the highlight here on Jeri beach. For the most mesmerizing view, head to the Sunset Dune at 5 p.m. to witness the stunning sunset of a lifetime.

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