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Hurricane Season In Hawaii (All You NEED To Know!)

Contrary to popular belief, Hawaii is not sunny throughout the year. These tropical islands experience a hurricane season from early July to the end of November.

Most travellers avoid visiting during this time. If you happen to be one of the lucky few heading that way, then this is what you need to know.

What To Expect

The Hurricane season in Hawaii usually runs from June to November.

Here’s what happens – while the season is slowly getting close to winter, the climate is still hot and humid. It creates damp air, which rises to cooler air levels, and the contrast in temperature comes with a wet consequence.

We are talking about the complete package. Constant rain (this can go on for days continuously), rough winds that keep the trees dancing (and the unsecured trash bins flying), the intense thundering and lightning.

 It’s a whole different kind of nature show.

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Hawaiian Islands That Are Affected The Most

Apart from the wind damage that comes with the raging storm, the other major contributor to property damage is the unending rainfall, which leads to heavy floods.

Maui and the Big Island experience much damage from floods. 

Oahu and Kauai have also experienced heavy hurricanes. Since recent, there have not been any records of significant catastrophic damage, but these islands are considerably affected during each cyclonic season.  

How Do You Prepare As A Traveller?

1. Check with your airlines about the flights

Finding how the airport will respond will be essential, especially if you are journeying during a hurricane watch or warning. If the situation is getting worse, chances are there will be delays or even cancellations. Best to just make a call before you arrive at the airport.

2. Get a clear idea of what your hotel will be doing in case of an emergency storm situation

This information can be collected from the front desk, just ask about the emergency procedures and how the guests will be alerted during such situations. Even if you are renting a place, get that information.

3. Keep an emergency medical kit and some essential supplies

Have medical supplies in-store or just your regular medicine, which you can’t go out to get because there’s a massive storm. Make sure to stock up on some essentials too.

4. Stay Informed

Keep the news on. Especially the weather channels, whether it’s on television or on your smartphone. Stay alert, stay updated. Keep your phones charged.

What Areas To Avoid During The Hawaiian Hurricane Season

Stay off the Road

If there’s no emergency, then stay put. It can get chaotic and risky with traffic jams and raging storm winds. Do not stay under or close to trees.

Stay out of Water

The oceans are very dangerous during storms. Even if the water looks calm, it is not a risk worth taking. Beaches usually close during such times too.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hawaiian Hurricane Season

What’s the worst recorded hurricane to hit Hawaii?

Hurricane Iniki(September 1992), resulted in massive property damage (approx. $6 billion) and tragic 6 deaths. Kauai experienced the most damage.

Is it safe to travel to Hawaii during Hurricane season? 

Avoid it, if possible, but staying informed and prepared, and being cautious drastically reduces the risk.

Must take items when travelling to Hawaii during hurricane season  

Most of the time it will be windy and very stormy, so make sure to have a raincoat (umbrellas end up being a nuisance if it’s very windy), medicine, warm clothes, emergency health kit should be on top of the list.

How often is Hawaii hit with hurricanes?

Fortunately, Hawaii is not hit with hurricanes very often. The last major hurricane to affect Hawaii was in July 2020.