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Can You Swim In Greece In October? (READ This Before Swimming!)

Yes, if the weather cooperates, the first half of October is ideal for swimming, and you should, as the seductive natural beauty of Greek islands become more pronounced during this time.

There are several reasons that make October a great month for outdoor activities like swimming.

One is that most tourists tend to visit the country in the summer, and October, being a month closer to the winter season, doesn’t grab the attention of tourists; as a result, October sees fewer tourists.

And the temperatures are mellow during October, which can be great for those who don’t fare well in hot climates.

Why Is Greece Great For Swimming?

Stunning Sunset at Beach

Greece is an excellent destination for swimming because it offers several options for enthusiasts. The country has abundant open-sea options and added to the list are a number of lakes.

Greece is blessed with lakes bursting with ethereal natural beauty, providing closed bodies of water suitable for nature-loving swimmers.

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Is It Warm Enough To Swim In Greece In October?

What makes Greece a good swimming destination is that the country offers fair weather throughout the year. October, a month in the autumn season, can be recommended for swimming (especially the first 2 weeks) with pleasant daytime temperatures hovering around 25ºC.

However, the weather in October can be quite unpredictable; there can be a few wet days with sudden outbursts of rainfall. But the good thing is that the rain in Greece doesn’t continue for days, and you can find plenty of sunny days throughout the month, especially in southern Greece.

So yes, the weather is exquisitely pleasant, and the waters are delightfully warm for a swimming experience that wouldn’t cease until sundown!

Do Greek Islands Close In The Month Of October?

Island in Greece

A few islands, if any, may close in anticipation of winter, but most islands continue to welcome visitors all throughout the year.

Greece is a year-round travel destination, and some tourists would rather visit the islands in October than contend with the deluge of tourists that visit in the summer.

So no, Greek destinations that are ideal for swimming and other water sports stay open during the month of October, allowing tourists to enjoy the pleasant weather with undisturbed peace and quiet.

Popular Coastal Destinations In Greece For Swimming In October

Crete Island

Greece runs the gamut when it comes to swimming in October. Visitors have the opportunity to make a choice based on their preferences, budget, and the number of accompanying travellers.

Crete Island

Crete is home to some of the prettiest beaches in the country, all of which can be explored and enjoyed on a swimming excursion.

Elafonissi Beach is one that’s known for its pink-hued shoreline and crystal-clear blue waters that become fittingly warm during the month of October.

Matala Beach and Paleochora beaches, on the other hand, are popular for their splendid natural beauty. And Balos Beach is the definition of a tropical paradise, with translucent waters that sparkle against the afternoon sun.

For a bit of scenery, Voulisima Beach is perfect, with its glittering white beach contrasted against the soft blue of the ocean.

Kárpathos Island

For seclusion and blissful privacy on your swimming holiday in Greece, visit Karpathos Island; its remote location is one of the main draws for tourists.

The island features several charming beaches perfect for swimming in October.

Agios Nikolaos in Spoa with lounge chairs, taverns, and umbrella rentals; Kato Lakkos, a wonderful beach with dazzling emerald waters; and the beaches that surround the Lefkos Village are a few suggestions for swimmers.

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Beaches speckled with verdant hilltops – lying on the Ionian Sea, the island of Corfu is hemmed with gorgeous beaches.

Paleokastritsa beaches, found on the west coast, are tucked away in bays gleaming with blue waters. On the northern side of the island are several beaches that border the Kassiopi Village.

The west coast is blessed with Glyfada Beach, known for its breathtaking natural environment and golden coastline. Kontokali on the east coast is another beach ideal for a bit of October swimming.


For a vibrant beach scene, visit Mykonos Island. Summer is a busy time for the island, but in October, everything calms down here, including the weather.

The beaches on the island are more pebbly than sandy, but the sunbeds and the lounges make it an excellent spot for sunbathing, relaxing, and swimming.

Super Paradise Beach and Paradise are two of the most popular beaches, and both are ideal for swimming in October. You can stick around after a refreshing dip in the sea as the beaches here stay awake all night long with DJ music and young people chatting about and drinking.

In October however, you’ll find lesser crowds, which is better if you don’t like to be surrounded by people all the time.

Popular Lakes In Greece For Swimming

Plastiras Lake

Besides open-sea swimming, visitors to Greece in October can also delight in swimming in the country’s many lakes; the beautiful jade waters of the lakes are a promise of adventure riddled with fresh air and the verdant greenery that adorns the riverbanks.

Lake Plastiras, Karditsa

One of the picturesque attractions that draw tourists to Greece, Lake Palstiras is immersed in sublime natural beauty. This is an artificial lake constructed to irrigate the region, and now it is also a tourist magnet.

Swimming in the lake in October when the surroundings turn a wonderful orange hue is bound to be an enchanting experience.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Also known as the Sunken Lake, Vouliagmeni is a lagoon. With its warm waters, the lake poses the perfect conditions for swimming in October.

Vouliagmeni is fed by seawater as well as spring water flushed through the Mount of Hymettus and is encircled by an enchanting green-clad mountain range.

Tips For Swimmers Visiting Greece In October

To make the most of your time at the Greek beaches and lakes, some tips might come in handy.

The first and foremost would be to wear sunscreen; yes, it’s October, which is not a summer month, but the heat is damaging to your skin, so wear plenty of sunscreen.

Also, keep an eye out for sea urchins; they are not poisonous, but they can make your life extremely difficult.

More importantly, don’t go swimming too far in the sea as the currents can sometimes be unpredictably strong, and if you are here with kids, don’t let them out of sight.

Swimming in Greece is fun, to say the least, and if it’s October, a month in autumn, your holiday is not only going to be fun but also replete with the characteristic natural elegance of the season.

The mellow temperatures and sparse crowds are two features that make the activity extremely rewarding.

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