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Bimini – The Gem Of The Bahamas!

A district of the Bahamas, Bimini is an absolute dream destination for travellers. Bimini has earned a reputation for its big game fishing, uncrowded beaches and vibrant nightlife. A captivating haven for beach lovers and travellers who can’t get enough of ocean activities.

It’s a small island where big adventures await! So let’s get straight to it and explore some of the must-visit places around Bimini!

Wreckage Of The SS Sapona

Photo by Daniel Piraino on Flickr

Here’s a shipwreck you don’t have to dive deep to discover. Explore the rusted skeleton of a warship that was left behind after World War I and sold to be used as a storage place for illegal Rum selling during the Prohibition period.

Of course, you can still go snorkelling or dive here to explore the submerged structures of this location. The history is fascinating. You can either do some research before heading here or accompany a guide to understand the true length of history this structure holds.

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Tuna Alley

Let’s explore the incredible world beneath the waves – from vibrant coloured coral reefs to diverse marine life. The water is super clear and blue while the best part is that the currents are pretty slow, and the underwater wall reaches up to 100 ft. approximately.

You can spot reef sharks on occasion or maybe even some sea turtles and other tropical fish swimming about. Overall Tuna alley is an ideal spot to experience water activities like snorkelling and drift drafting.

The Fountain of Youth

A popular place that’s mentioned a lot – including the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The legend talks about a well with a special kind of water containing the elixir of life – and it goes on to say that anyone who drinks from this well is granted immortality.

What it actually is, is a natural wellspring. It was carved out of limestone rock, and it’s said to be more than a thousand years old. Whether or not the water carries any nutrients that could be healthy for the drinker is not exactly confirmed. But it’s located along the south of Bimini down the Airport Road.

Bimini Wall

The Bimini Wall is also known as the Bimini Road. It is an underwater rock formation. In shape, it is roughly rectangular and made of limestone. The rock sleeps just beneath the water – about 18 feet deep. Some locals call it the entrance to a sunken city.

While there is no evidence to support this claim, many travellers do enjoy diving and snorkelling around the region, as it can be quite a fascination to explore. The best time to visit this rock marvel would be during the low tide.

Bimini Bull Run

Are you brave enough to venture into the deep blue? Come face to face with an 8 ft Bull Shark or larger?

The only thing that’ll be observing them from the safety of a cage is you.

Whether you’re facing your fears, or have been planning this for years, Bimini Bull Run Scuba Centre is the one to go for. With top-notch cages and safety gear, you can count on Bimini Bull Run to make your underwater adventures safe and memorable. 

Note – you can go diving all year round. Per person cost will be 119 USD, approximately (and upwards).

Rainbow Reef

This place brings justice to the name because it is without a doubt home to some of the most vibrantly coloured reefs in the ocean. The waters are mesmerising. Imagine diving into clear waters to explore the incredibly beautiful reefs.

You can go on a day excursion to enjoy the beauty beneath the waves. The deepest you can dive is approx. 10 -16 ft. The region promises some of the most colourful ocean sceneries across the Bahamas so a must-visit for sure.

Dolphin House Museum

Looking for something quirky? Something refreshingly eclectic? It’s in the middle of a tropical island, so why not head down Alice Road, North Bimini, to visit a little building that has been turned into a work of art with the help of countless shells, glass, coins and other materials you can find on the island.

The owner, Ashley Saunders, had made this little museum for the enjoyment of visitors. It is almost 3-decades old, yet it holds many points of interest for travellers. The museum is open all day till 6.00 pm. and an entrance ticket costs roughly 10 dollars per person.

Victory Reef

Victory Reef

Another famous dive site for all you dive-crazy travellers out there. Here you will find your fair share of colourful reefs and an equally rich amount of marine life swimming about in their homely element.

When drift diving or snorkelling, you are bound to spot lobsters, some groupers and even some sharks (mostly black tip sharks and white tip sharks – and if you’re lucky – hammerheads too!).

Those who have experienced drift diving here recommend dropping off at the southern victory location, so you can drift north.

Will it be the ideal way to go about exploring this reef? Find out for yourself!

The Top Beaches Of Bimini Island

Bimini is part of the Bahamas, so beaches are part of its star features, despite being a small island, the number of beautiful beaches it has to offer is mind-boggling. Apart from the mesmerising clear waters and soft white sandy shores what else do these beaches offer? That’s next.

Radio Beach

Located at the southern tip of Bimini (north end) is this phenomenal-looking beach, perfect for a cooling dip. Plenty of beach cafes to grab bites and beverages. No tickets are required to visit the beach.

Porgy Bay Beach

It can get secluded (great news for peace seekers) where the only major sounds are the winds, the sound of the calm waves, and just overall peace. This’s the place to be.

Tiki Hut Beach

This tropical beach paradise is 2 miles wide – found south of Bimini. Slightly secluded. You can enjoy a tranquil dip in the clear blue waters. It’s the place for some serious beach therapy.

The Cat Cays

This is a famous and well-known part of the Bimini coast, but at the same time impressively calm and peaceful. There are plenty of water sports and Big Game Fishing activities available here as well.

Blister Beach

Located in the north of Bimini, Blister beach is ideal for a relaxing dip in the waters and lounging in the serenity. Slightly secluded and a lot more stunning. The sandy shores feel soft on the feet!

Restaurants To Check Out In Bimini

As a part of the Bahamas, we can expect the same flavour splendours in this gem of an island too. While you are here – get ready to take your taste buds on an adventure. From fresh seafood to spice-filled dishes and awesome drinks that will compliment your stay in the Bahama islands.

Here are some lovely restaurants that repeatedly come up when asked from travellers who have visited the island of Bimini. Make sure to try some and see if they hold up to their reputation.    

How To Get To Bimini

There are several ways to reach Bimini. You can make it as quick and convenient as possible, or make it as adventurous as possible. We’ll just lay down the options for you.

By Air

Silver Airlines – has a daily flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Bahamas Air – has 4-weekly (Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday) services from Miami.

Elite Airways – offers direct flights on Thursday and Saturday from Melbourne and New York.

By Water

The Balearia Caribbean is known to be one of the ways to get from the United States mainland to the Bimini Islands via the sea. The service offers departures from the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bimini

The Best season to visit Bimini, Bahamas?

Bimini is an all-year-round holiday destination, but if you want to enjoy all of its best elements in place, then the ideal time to visit will be from November to April.

Is Bimini part of any US Territory?

No, Bimini is not part of any US territory.

Fun fact – Bimini is the closest island to the mainland of the US 

What form of identification is required to visit the Bahamas?

A passport that’s valid and up-to-date is a must to travel to Bimini or any of the islands belonging to the Bahamas.

What is the Accepted form of Currency in Bimini?

The locals use the Bahamian Dollar (BSD), but the US Dollar is also accepted here.

Are there any Taxis available on Bimini Island?

Yes, but taxis are limited in Bimini. Most people would prefer to get around via golf carts, bicycles or simply walk.

What is the usual climate like on Bimini Island?

Being a tropical land, it enjoys both the sun and the rain, but the annual temperatures on average hover around 25.0 °C or 77.0 °F.

What are the best fishing spots in Bimini?

You can enjoy a good fishing game all year round. (Winter is great for wahoo and mackerel)

  • The Cays
  • Great Isaac Cay
  • The Pocket
  • Alice Town
  • Northern Sound

*Ticket rates and opening times mentioned above are subject to change