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West Beach Littlehampton – Explore The Coastal Uniqueness!

When you think of the UK, you think of rich history, architecture, and the enchanting countryside. A shingle or sandy beach doesn’t usually top the list. But exceptions do exist, like the Littlehampton West Beach in West Sussex.

There’s more to West Beach than the stretching coast and seafront, which is quite inviting. In fact, West Beach is part of a Local Nature Reserve and the three Sand Dune Systems in West Sussex. There is much fascination around West Beach thanks to its many unique features, like the shingles, sand flats, dunes and all wildlife it hosts. These unique features attract much scientific attention and beachgoers looking to have some good beach fun.

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How To Get To West Beach Littlehampton?

You can travel by car – especially if you are making your way from London. It will take a little over 2 hours so you will have to start early. But, if you are in Littlehampton, it will take no more than 10 minutes to get to West Beach. Just a 15-minute walk from the Red Footbridge, which is a part of the main road. Not to worry! There is a decent car park.

Best Time To Visit West Beach?

Summer is mostly the time many would go on a beach trip. It is no different for West Beach. Still, even in the summer, West Beach is quieter in comparison to other beaches along the coast of Sussex.

During the very early morning hours, the tide is high, and more towards the day, the tide gradually moves back – revealing a lovely stretch of beach to walk on and explore the shores of West Beach. When the sun is shining, the shades of blue begin to show vividly, while the sandy shores glisten in white – setting up quite the stunning seafront.

Video Footage of West Beach Littlehampton

Things to Do And Enjoy

There is much you can do to make your trip to West Beach more fun-packed.

You can visit the Local Nature Reserve. Observe and learn more about special features like the famous shingles, flat dunes, and unique birdlife as well as extremely rare wildlife like the sand lizard that makes the West Beach insanely unique.

Take a 10-minute ride down the main road to the famous Harbour Park on the other side of the river Arun, to the famous Harbour Park for waterside amusement activities.

Take a 10-minute drive down the road to Climping beach to enjoy the incredible seafront and scenic coastal views.

Visit the Littlehampton Harbour Office – a place to observe commercial fishing and other activities.

And don’t miss a chance to have some delicious beer-battered fish and chips at the famous East beach cafe located on Littlehampton East beach!

Points To Keep In Mind When Visiting West Beach Littlehampton

  • There is ample parking space at most times. Even during the summer, when the beach is relatively more crowded.
  • The beach is most enjoyable when there is a low tide. If you make it at the wrong time, more often than not you will have to walk along with big pebbles at the top with a thick layer of seaweed – not exactly all that inviting so it’s best to wait till the tide is out.
  • West Beach is a pet/dog-friendly beach.
West Beach Littlehampton
Photo by Peter Edgeler on Flickr
Countryside at West Beach
Photo by Leonora (Ellie) Enking on Flickr
West Beach at Littlehampton
Photo by Mike Pence on Flickr
West Beach Littlehampton Coastline
Photo by Leimenide on Flickr

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