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6 Weird Laws In The Bahamas (INTERESTING Things To Know!)

The Bahamas is known for its colourful culture, sunny romantic beaches and peculiar activities such as swimming with pigs! The pigs in the Bahamas come to the waters for a dip, and tourists can swim along with them – if that’s something you’d be interested in; This is certainly no ordinary country.

You may not know, but the islands follow some of the weirdest – some would even call ridiculous – rules we’ll ever hear.

The following are some of the strangest laws in the Bahamas. Enjoy your read!

1. It’s Illegal To Wear Camouflage Clothing In The Bahamas

Camouflage Clothes

It may seem a bit too extreme if you’re the camo-fashion type, but the country has its reasons. Be it a tourist or a citizen, it’s illegal to wear camouflage clothing that represents military uniforms in the Bahamas.

If you were caught dressed in camo clothing, you will be charged a fine and may even get imprisonment charges.

This law is common in many countries in the Caribbean islands, including St. Vincent and Jamaica. According to Bahamians, wearing camo clothing is deemed disrespectful and should only be worn by security forces like the police and the military forces.

Authorities don’t generally go into such detail when checking but keep in mind to not carry camouflage innerwear, sandals, caps etc. to be on the safe side.

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2. Divorce Is Granted If Your Spouse Cheats With An Animal

Getting a divorce in the Bahamas is not so difficult. You have to catch your spouse cheating on you with an animal, and the court can take up your case and grant you a divorce.

That is not the only way to file for divorce. The country has listed many grounds commonly found in other countries, such as adultery, cruelty, living separately for over five years and rape by the husband.

However, this particular law is quite intriguing. Although it may seem weird, the reason behind it does make sense.

3. The Legal Drinking Age In The Bahamas Is 18 Years

Glass of Alcohol

This is of course not a surprise nor a weird fact. However, it is uncommon for those living in the United States. The legal drinking age in the UK and Australia is 18, while in the USA it’s 21.

Citizens of the Bahamas and tourists can purchase liquor or consume it in public places as long as they are above 18 years of age.

The law for nicotine is also the same in the Bahamas. If you are above 18, you can purchase tobacco and smoke in designated places where it won’t affect other people.

If you are a tourist, we advise you not to try any kind of native drug or consume too much alcohol. Drugs are illegal and could create trouble for you on your holiday.

4. It’s Legal To Enter The Bahamas By Sea Without A Passport


If you are a US citizen stopping by during a cruise, you can enter the Bahamas via sea without a valid passport. This doesn’t mean that anyone can simply cross the border without a passport; only if you’re coming by boat or on a cruise will you be accepted into the land.

Just because it is possible, it’s not the most secure option.

While some cruises allow just a few hours of exploration, some let travellers be on the land for days. In such a situation, if you come across any emergency that requires you to travel back immediately, you won’t be able to fly without a passport.

So, if you’re planning on travelling to the Bahamas by sea, remember to pack your passport as well, just to be on the safe side.

5. Import Restrictions Apply For Trailers And Caravans


It sure is a weird law to be passed amongst other restricted items. The Bahamas do not allow citizens or anyone to import trailers and caravans, which are used as living quarters, offices, workshops, or similar purposes.

However, if you can receive the minister’s authorization, you will be able to import trailers.

The reason behind this is still unclear. It could be that people would easily switch their homes to mobile residences. By doing so, they could exempt themselves from taxes.

Apart from these, you are also not allowed to import motor vehicles or motorcycles that are ten years or older.

6. Spearfishing While Scuba Diving Is Illegal

Here is another law of the Bahamas that many would find weird.

One main cited reason for this law is that the waters of the Bahamas have a healthy turquoise glow thanks to the rich ecosystem beneath the surface, so naturally, the nation is protective of its underwater species including the beautiful reef beds.

But it’s not all bad news. You can still go spearfishing using the Hawaiian sling or a pole spear – the old methods that inflict little to no damage to the reefs.

But make sure you get your fishing permit before hunting underwater. 

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