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Best Places To Witness The Famous Waikiki Sunset!

Sunsets. No matter where you are witnessing them, they can look absolutely magical. But maybe that’s just us. If you are someone who thinks that sunsets are overrated, then this piece might change your mind.

Waikiki. It’s a popular beach destination, and as a part of Hawaii, it has so much to offer travellers. But a wondrous sunset is one of the most naturally mesmerising moments Waikiki can present.

And we are here to discover the best places in Waikiki to experience just that!

Spots That Offer A Unique Waikiki Sunset Experience

Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park

Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park

Location: nestled at the base of the famous Diamond Head, near the famous Diamond Head Lighthouse.

It goes without saying; sandy beaches are one of the BEST spots to witness a sunset. The sound of the wind and the waves, against the last brilliant glow of the sun and the slow fading of it along with the light it gives is incredible to witness.

It’s a small hike to the base after parking your vehicle. And it’s so worth the effort because it is stunning.

Kuhio Beach

Kuhio Beach

Location: This lovely beach is just 5 minutes from the famous Waikiki Beach.

In fact, you can walk along the sandy coast (southwards) to enjoy the final illuminating glow of the Hawaiian setting sun. We highly recommend coming here because the experience will be on a whole other level.

Around 6.00 p.m. if you start hearing music, head in that direction because it is probably a traditional hula performance happening during sunset. There’ll be lit tiki torches and the customary tunes will be filling the air as the performance catches everyone’s eyes. It is an insane way to enjoy the Waikiki sunset. 

(This captivating experience happens mostly from November to January)

China Walls

Location: Roughly 20-minutes from Waikiki Beach, these Lava Rock formations are nestled on the eastern tip of Oahu.

While it is not exactly in Waikiki, it still counts as worthy since you still have to look towards that direction to witness this sunset marvel. It’s definitely different from relaxingly observing it from a sandy shore. In fact, you will have to come prepared to hike a little and climb a little.

But we can guarantee the China Walls definitely offer a unique vantage point.  

Fun fact: It’s a popular place for daring activities like jumping from cliffs into the ocean. If you are not a fan, you’ll be relieved to know you don’t have to jump to witness the magical sunset.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Video Footage of Sunset At Al Moana Beach Park

Location: This public park is approx.10-15 minutes from Waikiki Beach, next to the Magic Island.

Many locals would recommend Ala Moana Beach Park for gorgeous sunsets. There is plenty of space for you to claim your own for the evening – choose to pick a picnic bench or set up a blanket to suit your view. 

If you visit during Memorial Day, you’ll also have the opportunity to witness nearly 6000 lanterns being lit and released into the ocean by families of veterans. Once the sunset is thoroughly enjoyed, here’s another incredible moment to witness.

Tantalus Lookout

Location: roughly 20-minutes from Waikiki, nestled at the top of the Pu’u Ualaka’a State Wayside.

It’s not at the beach or near the beach. It is at a much higher elevation. Here, you don’t just get a full view of the ocean and the vast and stunning horizon, you get the complete layout of Waikiki and the lovely cityscape of Honolulu.

We cannot think of a more incredible place to witness the Waikiki Sunset AND watch the city come to life at night. The Tantalus Lookout, without a doubt, offers a one-of-a-kind vantage view of the sunset!

Magic Sand


Located: Right next to Ala Moana Beach Park

In our books, this is another ideal location to enjoy the Waikiki sunset. This man-made peninsula is worth a visit, but if you come during the evening hours (close to 5.40 p.m. – 6.40 p.m. is the usual time the sunsets), you’ll be rewarded with a magical sunset too.

It’s a popular place for families to come and enjoy beach picnics and engage in water activities like snorkelling—quite the place for beach-loving folks.

More Beaches To Enjoy The Famous Waikiki Sunset…

Royal Hawaiian Beach

Located at Waikiki Beach, in front of the famous the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

If you want to sail into the ocean in a catamaran to enjoy the bewitching sunsets Waikiki offers – this is it. Enjoy the gentle ocean breeze filling your senses and making the moment even more magical.

Kapiolani Beach

Located just a 10-minute walk from Waikiki Beach.

It is a little less crowded. It also has something called the Waikiki Wall where you can sit and enjoy the setting sun and immerse at that moment.

Kaimana Beach

Kaimana Beach

Located near the Kapiʻolani Regional Park (a 5-minute drive from Waikiki Beach)

It’s known for snorkelling as it is home to some lovely coral reefs and diverse collections of tropical fish. These scenic shores are another great place to enjoy the magical Waikiki sunsets.

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