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Tondavali Beach


India has its fair share of stunning beaches and Tondavali Beach is one of them. Since this beach is a little out of the main road, it discourages many mainstream tourists from crowding it. But if you are an avid beach lover like us, then you will love it here!

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How to get to there?

Located in the Malvan Taluka of Maharashtra State, Tondavali beach is situated less than 20 km north of Malvan Town. If you are driving from Mumbai using the main road, it will take more than 10 hours. But if you prefer to travel by train, Kankavali (40 km) is the nearest railway station to drop off to reach this beautiful beach.

Best time to visit Tondavali Beach

The months from November to April are usually considered to be ideal periods to visit Tondavali beach where water-based activities are at a peak with minimal rainfall. It is advisable to reach the place between 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Video footage of Tondavali Beach

Coastline of Tondavali beach

Activities and things to do at Tondavali Beach!

Picture this, soft sandy shores where the feet sink in as you walk, water so calm that it gives you a notion of utter tranquillity. Gentle sea wind, pristine waters, very few human noises around, and the green thickets surrounding the place will make you almost feel like you’ve treaded on untouched beach grounds. That is what this beach offers you. Since it is facing the Arabian Sea, in the evening, you can enjoy some super enchanting sunsets. Your beach walk would have never felt this peaceful but that’s not all! You can engage in some epic water sports in Tondavali Beach too. From scuba diving, snorkelling to even parasailing, the opportunity to have incredible beach fun is right here. You can even engage in dolphin watching since these waters are home to many of these beautiful marine creatures.

Surrounding areas of Tondavali Beach

This sea beach stretches to a few kilometres of pure wonder right until Talashi beach down south – beckoning you further to explore this coastal town and the places around. Located in between the Kalavli creek and the Arabian sea, the village of Tondavali is surrounded by two twin islands (Pankhol Jua and Khot Juwa). You can opt to explore these islands by manual boat if you’re feeling adventurous. Also, don’t forget to try the incredible Malvani cuisine while you’re here. After all, visiting Tondavali Beach is more than just a beach trip. It’s a place to have a memorable beach holiday experience.

Photo of Tondavali Beach
Photo by Nitin Walawalkar on Flickr

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