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11 Awesome Things To Do in Penrith (Australia)

When you think of top places to see and enjoy in Australia, Penrith might not be the first destination to pop into mind. Located in New South Wales, this historically and culturally unique city is nestled in the Greater Western Sydney region near the Nepean River and has many fascinating places and experiences to offer.

And we are here to help you create your own list of things to do in Penrith to make your time in this Australian city extra special!

1. Museum Of Fire

Photo by OZinOH on Flickr


If you love Fire Fighters and their bright red fire trucks, then you must add visiting the Museum of Fire to your list of things to do in Penrith. As one of Australia’s leading Fire Museums, this Museum homes some incredible collectables that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages!

They are also dedicated to educating visitors about the dangers of fire while incorporating interactive learning and plenty of fun activities for kids to make the whole experience a memorable one!

2. Nepean River

Aerial View of Nepean River


The Napean River (a.k.a Yandhai) is a picturesque perennial stream in Penrith, Australia. A fun picnic area. Immerse in the surroundings of gently flowing waters, dry, craggy bushes, and big trees with the sun seeping through with plenty of bird sounds – it’s better than a park. You can boat, canoe and even Jetski here.

Maybe take a walk along the river path all the way to Emu Plains or the Nepean Crossing. Or join a lovely river cruise for lunch /dinner. During the season, it’s like a small river fair with many markets and music – it’s a party!

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3. The Rock Lookout


For breathtakingly beautiful views of the Nepean River Gorge, head to the Rock Lookout. Getting here involves a scenic drive from Penrith along Mulgoa Road and a short walk from Fairlight Road. You can enjoy sprawling views of the Nepean Gorge and take pictures on the rock, which is a popular tourist thing to do. For more spectacular scenery, head to Riley’s Mountain through a lush eucalyptus forest.

4. Penrith Museum of Printing

Photo by Elizabth Briel on Flickr


Located in Penrith, near West Sydney, many visitors will agree that this history museum is small, but there’s much to enjoy. Step into the printing world and find yourself unexpectedly drawn and entertained by the well-organised fun guided tour experience, which is full of humour and educational information. Get a detailed insight into the various machinery, printing samples and historical factors.

The Museum Volunteers will share their passion for print with you all the way to the end! A unique attraction that should be added to the list of things to do in Penrith.

5. Zambi Wildlife Retreat

Lions at Zambi Wildlife Retreat
Photo from Zambi Wildlife Retreat Facebook Page


Visit Zambi Wildlife Retreat for a unique wildlife experience that will awaken all your senses. This is a charity that provides shelter for animals released from circuses and private ownership. The place is home to a number of big cats, including tigers, lions, and puma, and a number of birds, both native and exotic. You will also see reptiles, wolf dogs, and dingoes here.

The main purpose of the sanctuary is to provide a home for exotic animals, but they take in farm and domestic animals too. Visits are restricted to three days a week so as to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

6. Westfield Penrith

Interior of Westfield Penrith Plaza
Photo by Sardaka on Wikimedia Commons


Located in the central commercial centre near the Blue Mountain section, Western Sydney, Australia. Westfield Penrith – initially known as the Penrith Plaza, is a place you can do all your shopping while enjoying the local city scene in leisure. If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of restaurants with diverse cuisines to choose from.

And if you want to enjoy a movie after lunch, go shopping or treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment – the options are there at Westfield Penrith.

7. Penrith Whitewater Stadium

Photo by Doug Beckers on Flickr


Located nearby the UNESCO world heritage listed area of the Blue Mountain, Western Sydney, the Penrith Whitewater Stadium is an artificial sporting centre for whitewater rafting. It was a big part of the 2000 Olympic Games. That does not mean it’s only for seasoned water sports enthusiasts.

It is a place for travellers of all ages, including kids above a certain age. Best to visit in the warm weathered season. Ideal for some family fun – should be on the top of your list of things to do in Penrith.

8. Mulgoa Valley Receptions (High Tea)

Photo by Mulgoa Valley Receptions on Facebook


Here’s your chance to experience the Australian countryside at its finest. Stay in a cottage house, to get the full experience of the Mulgoa Valley, and even be a part of a refined ‘High Tea’ event. It’s all about the lovely atmosphere, good food and a cultured outdoor celebration surrounded by verdant natural beauty.

Take a walk, explore at leisure – it’s almost like a natural park. Be a part of the Penrith countryside experience.

9. Rusty Penny Brewing CO

Photo from Rusty Penny Brewing CO Facebook Page


Sample locally brewed beer at Rusty Penny Brewing CO. The nano-brewery was opened in December 2018. The two owners of the brewery have 13 years of experience in brewing. The place produces over 200 litres of beer annually, and there’s a variety of beers you can sample.

Penrith Lager, The Nepean, Pale James, The Penny, Red Beard, Nostalgia Stout, and Just Cider are the types of beers that make up the collection. Pop into the brewery after a day of exploring and enjoy a pint while having an insightful chat with the brewer!

10. Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural & Education Centre

Entrance of Muru Mittigar Centre
Photo by Muru Mittigar Ltd on Facebook


Dive deep into understanding and experiencing the aboriginal traditions, culture and incredible history. A guided tour to Muru Mittigar is the best way to gain the most out of this experience. Kids and adults have the opportunity to actively engage with the native workers to learn about their fascinating aboriginal heritage.

They can also try their hand at fun activities like aboriginal painting, and throwing a real boomerang. Also, drop by the Aboriginal Cultural Museum. A must-add to your list of things to do in Penrith.

11. Sydney International Regatta Centre

Photo of a bridge inside Sydney International Regatta Centre
Photo by Hectic18 on Wikimedia Commons


Another incredible venue built in Penrith for the 2000 Olympics, is now turned into a complex/park full of recreational activities. Located in South Wales, Australia, within proximity to Sydney, this is an ideal place for a fun activity-filled day trip.

If you are someone who loves watching or engaging in water paddle sports, cycling, kayaking or even swimming, then this would be the ideal place! And when all that is done, you can always munch on some warm delicious food at the restaurant to complete the experience!

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