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14 Amazing Things To Do In Orange

Let’s paint the City Orange! As incredibly epic as that sounds, that’s not exactly what happened in Orange – a city in the central tableland in the region of New South Wales. The history behind the name ‘Orange’ is not one you would guess easy.

Earlier known as the Blackman’s Swamp, the region was declared a city and was renamed after the Prince of Orange a.k.a. William II, the King of Netherlands. It’s a literal example of Orange is the new Black.

This is the place you come to witness and experience some of the most incredible scenic parks, botanic gardens and some of the best wineries & vineyards, and so much more! So here is an amazing list of things to do in Orange!

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1. Mount Canobolas

Photo by Brian Yap on Flickr

Trekking the famous Mount Canobolas is something that travellers should include in their list of things to do in Orange. Mount Canobolas is an extinct volcano and the highest mountain region in Orange. Trekking to the top is something every traveller attempts to complete, even though the trek can be a bit rough and steep at some points.  There are about four different trekking routes offered at Mount Canobolas.

If you are a big fan of waterfalls then you can take a 2.9 km walk to either the Federal Falls or the Hopetoun Falls. You will be greeted with cascading falls and a place to refresh and enjoy the views. Climb to the very top on a clear day so you can enjoy the ever-stretching beautiful valley of views of Orange. It is stunning! Many travellers have expressed that they were glad they did it, as the views were super rewarding. How about you?

2. Pinnacle Lookout

Photo by Jody Oz on Wikimedia Commons

If you want to enjoy a day of hiking and exploring the stunningly unique wilderness of the central tablelands of Orange, then this place is a must. The rocky routes sometimes go deep through the wilderness, and other times along the edge, teasing you of the incredible views that are waiting at the top.

Don’t speed up! If you are visiting on a day, there are fewer visitors, well kudos to you! Because you can take your time and enjoy this unique trek. And at the top awaits the most incredibly breathtaking views. Verdant lands and the lush beauty of the Range meet the BIG blue sky, in all its striking glory – which includes the Towac valley.

3. Orange Botanic Gardens

Photo by Denisbin on Flickr

If you are looking to surround yourself with flourishing natural beauty while taking a simple walk, then the Orange Botanic Garden must be included in your list of things to do in Orange. This, 17 hectares of flourishing beauty home an incredibly awesome collection of native and exotic plants along with several indigenous woodlands, a heritage apple orchard and more.

Real talk? It’s an absolute paradise. You can even enjoy a good picnic here. Surrounded by countless Australian eucalyptus trees and other indigenous plants, you can relish the most relaxing picnic you’ve had in a while. If you are not the kind to sit and enjoy then don’t worry. There are plenty of paths for you to go exploring.

4. Orange Wine Region

Photo by Floodstreet on Wikimedia Commons

Nothing starts the party like a good bottle of wine. And Orange has much to offer in the alcohol beverage region. So much so that many of its local wineries and vineyards are making headlines around the world. If you are interested in doing a fancy wine tour, keep in mind that there are so many options to choose from.

Whether you decide on a full-day or half-day tour you will have the opportunity of visiting award-winning vineyards and famed spots like Colmar and Brangayne, Tamburlaine (Australia’s largest independent organic Wine producer) and the famous Angullong – which is located in the south slopes of the Orange region close to the Mount Canobolas.

With these vineyards and winery places, you will be tasting nothing short of the most exquisite premium flavours wine can offer.  Of course, whether you are travelling with a loved one or a group, an Orange Wine Tasting Tour is a great way to immerse in rich local flavours.

You can start your tour early, after a morning wine tour, enjoy a scrumptious lunch at the small town of Milthrope, a small agricultural town in the Orange wine region and then explore more incredible vineyards and indulge in the wine! How amazing would that be? A must-include to your list of things to do in Orange. 

5. Lake Canobolas

Photo by Nathan Carter on Wikimedia Commons

At the foot of Mount Canobolas is a serene lake that looks super inviting – it is the kind of place that offers a diverse and unique experience in each different seasonal setting. You could of course enjoy the sceneries, go for a lovely stroll along the many walk paths offered in the area, or you can even get in some action in the Lake Canobolas! We are talking sailing, canoeing, swimming and even dragon boating.

There is an Apex Adventure Playground for the small visitors and a lovely Lakehouse Kiosk where you can grab some food after taking a nice dip in the waters! It’s a park, with a sandy beach and a natural pool. The perfect place to be on a hot day. Many travellers enjoy visiting at very early hours to catch that golden sunrise over the Lake Canobolas and maybe even have a picnic. The options are ample.

6. Cook Park

Photo by Denisbin on Flickr

Located just ten minutes from Lake Canobolas, The Cook Park is one of the prettiest parks you could visit and explore in the Orange region. Calling it a green garden paradise would be the wrong way to describe it since this park shows an incredible variety of colours that creates a tribute to all seasons of the year.

Like every park, this place homes plenty of space for walks and duck ponds and swings – on top of that, it is also an ideal place to observe native birdlife. There is a begonia house and several historic guns making your visit quite worth your while.

So should this park be included in your list of things to do in Orange? We most certainly think so.

7. Orange Regional Museum

Photo from the Orange Regional Museum Facebook Page

Conveniently enough, this eclectic museum is located next to the Orange City Council. A majority of travellers who include this Museum on their list of things to do in Orange have ended up recommending it to others, and here’s why.

The museum has not only taken great effort, but pride to ensure that the history of Orange is displayed in an immersive manner, making this a joy ride for any history buff. Many exhibits have been displayed tastefully in ample space with rich media to keep the visitors engaged. And the best part of all? There is no entrance fee. It’s free!

8. Orange Visitor Information Centre

Aerial Photo of the Orange Visitor Center

If you arrive in Orange without much of a plan of what to do or where to go, then the Orange Visitor Information Centre should be your number one go-to place.

The staff at the Orange Visitor Centre are friendly and expertly informed, which will help them provide you with all the information you need on how to plan up your stay in Orange and make the best of your time here.

Get updates on accommodation, the best parks, award-winning wineries and vineyards to visit and the famous cafes and restaurants, as well as the best experiences to get! In the Orange Visitor Information Centre, you are in good hands!

9. The Ophir Reserve

Photo by Denisbin on Flickr

It is a stunning place and a historically significant one, not just to Orange but to the whole of Australia. This is the place of Australia’s First gold rush. Many travellers become fascinated with the story behind the gold rush and with a bit of exploring, one could come across the obelisk that was fixed in commemoration of the 170 plus miners who came here to dig their fortunes in the form of gold.

There’s much to do here from camping to fishing and maybe even a little bit of gold hunting – you never quite know! However, please be respectful and show much care around the open mine shafts. If nothing else, the beautiful natural surroundings will still make this a memorable visit. It is a definite must include in your list of things to do in Orange.

10. Orange Regional Art Gallery

Photo from the Orange Regional Gallery Facebook Page

Yes, even in the central tablelands of Orange NSW, you will find some of the most awe-inspiring and fascinatingly alluring art exhibits. This platform is used to showcase the many artistically alluring creations from the community to locals and foreign travellers alike, including many indigenous local artists. Depending on the days you visit, there can be more than one exhibition happening at the Orange Regional Gallery.

Unique and quirky collections of art pieces adorn this gallery complex. Some visitors go as far as to describe their visit as walking through the pages of an artist’s art book. This certainly creates enough curiosity to drop in. Worth including in your list of things to do in Orange. It’s yours to explore and enjoy.

11. Nangar National Park

Photo by Alan on Flickr

Perched on the rugged soaring cliffs of Nangar, amid the extremely spacious natural lands of Orange County – Nangar National Park offers visitors far-stretching views of the sky and lands, that promise to take away your breath so wholly as you immerse in its charms.

To make your visit here extra special you can choose an array of activities to do here. Bush walking, bird watching, camping and even 4WD/2WD touring. Most travellers prefer to visit the park from Autumn to Spring as the climate is warmer.

Keep in mind that you may spot many kangaroos and if you love stargazing, there is no better park to offer you a location for this experience than Nangar National Park.

12. Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve

Photo of ancient cave at Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve
Photo by Debby McGerty on

The Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve is another extremely unique tour spot that invites you to escape into the stunning wilderness of Australia. Most travellers choose to take their time and do a long walk from the picnic area to the limestone Borenore Caves – which are known for their karst qualities. And then visit the Boree Creek Trail.

The ancient Borenore caves are a major part of the attraction here. Visitors take great joy in exploring these natural cave grounds and the nature trails to their heart’s content. That’s an exciting day’s trip right there. All in all, it is a worthy destination to be included in your list of things to do in Orange.

13. Huntley Berry Farm

Photo by Ian Sutton on Flickr

Located in the basalt area of Mount Canobolas, this is where you come to pick your own berry produce! The Huntley Berry Farm is going to be as picturesque as you can imagine, and here’s where you are going to make all your berry dreams come to reality. And it is not just berries, they have the freshest vegetable produce as well.

This is an activity many kids would definitely enjoy as well, so, a perfect place for family activities. Once you are done picking your berries you can then visit the farmer’s shop to purchase some incredible syrups, jams, chutney and so much more. It is going to be one flavour-filled trip!  

14. The Agrestic Grocer

Photo from The Agrestic Grocer Facebook Page

From locally sourced fresh produce to a rich selection of local wines, there are many flavours and experiences awaiting you at The Agrestic Grocer. If you visit during the weekends you can even enjoy some live music in the courtyard.

The Agrestic Grocer offers visitors a lovely place to wind down and chill and just enjoy a nice evening within the local scene of Orange NSW!

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