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14 Enthralling Things To Do In Gold Coast

Australia is a continent of awe with world-famous culinary wonders, scenic valleys, UNESCO-declared parks and breathtaking beaches. Located off the south of Brisbane, in the Queensland region lies a coast that absolutely lives up to its splendour. Known amongst locals as the surfer’s paradise, Gold Coast is not merely a coast as its name suggests, but a destination that offers travellers little bits of all that Australia has to offer.

From the main beach Gold Coast, to Gold Coast Hinterland and many attractive theme parks, here’s a list of the best things to do in Gold Coast.

Enjoy an Evening at Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers at Main Beach Gold Coast


Surfers Paradise Beach is so far rated the best coastal area, and it’s the very heart of Gold Coast. It is fair to call it the main beach, as seen on adverts promoting the metropolitan. The two-kilometre golden stretch is set before a modern backdrop of skyscrapers which gives it its unique Mediterranean glam.

As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise Beach is well known among the surfing community in Australia. Even though lifeguards are patrolling around designated areas, it doesn’t mean the coast is completely safe from trouble. However, be it an amateur or an expert surfer, the paradise beach is your go-to place.

Visit Seaworld Theme park

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 2 - Visit Sea world
Photo by Gavin Anderson on Flickr


Sea World in Queensland is an oceanarium, a marine mammal park and a theme park all in one. While it gives more emphasis on the exciting roller-coaster experiences, thrilling rides over the waters and other attractions, Seaworld similarly cares for its mammal species. The conservation project by Seaworld, over the years, has gained negative attention.

However, they’re currently in the process of making the theme park, a habitable and spacious one for living ocean mammals. If you love water activities and theme parks, visiting Seaworld is one of the best things to do in Gold Coast.

Take on Extreme Water Sports

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 3 - Engage in Water Sports
Photo by David McKelvey on Flickr

If there’s one thing Gold Coast is known widely for, it’s the amazing water sports adventures. While many beaches may succeed to offer the same thrill, they may not be able to offer the views that beaches on Gold Coast are ready to offer. Young travellers who enjoy jet ski safaris, scuba diving, jet boarding and more, will find Gold Coast the ultimate paradise for extreme water sports.

Many sporting shops along the coasts let equipment for hire, so finding a means for a jet ski adventure or parasailing would not be an issue. Trying out water sports in Gold Coasts is undoubtedly one of the best experiences.

Discover Lamington National Park

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 4 - Discover Lamington National Park
Photo by Thinboyfatter on Flickr


A national park housing a lush rainforest, waterfall streams, rugged cliffs and green blanketed hills, Lamington National Park is not what a regular person would expect to see in the neighbourhood of the sunny, serene Gold Coast. Managed by the Queensland Park and Wildlife Service, the national park is a gem overshadowed by the bustling city.

It’s a habitat for around 160 species of birds and other native wildlife. Travellers often find accommodation around the area while hiking as it would take a couple of days to conclude a complete tour around the park. If you love adventure and scenic views try the treetop walk or reach ‘Best of Walk Lookout’.

Escape to Currumbin Valley

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 5 -Visit Currumbin Valley
Photo by Shiftchange on Wikimedia Commons


Travelling to the Currumbin Valley on the southwest of the coast is a one-of-a-kind experience that many tourists fail to add to their bucket list. The valley is surrounded by world heritage sites such as Springbrook and is lined with many farm shops, homesteads and cottages that resemble eco villages of early settlers in New South Wales.

The Currumbin Valley is home to the famous Currumbin Rock Pools, the creek, the Cougal cascade and parks scattered across its locality. If you’re looking for a more wholesome experience on your tour to Queensland, we believe this is the paradise worth visiting.

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Wander around the Hinterland

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 6 -Wonder around in Hinterland
Photo by Dougkpga on Pixabay


Located on the southeast side of Queensland, Gold Coast Hinterland is a collective area that houses some of the famous locations we’ve listed earlier. These include the Lamington National Park, Springbrook National Park, Tamborine Mountain, the Tweed Range and the Numinbah Valley and more.

The Hinterland Regional Park is the best destination for hikers. Even if you’re not an avid hiker, you can still take mini strolls around the national parks. Besides the adventure, travellers can enjoy food and fine wine overlooking scenic greenery. The Hinterland is also a renowned destination for honeymooners looking for an underrated romantic getaway.

Go Whale Watching

Things to do in Gold Coast Number 7 - Go Whale Watching
Photo by Chensiyuan on Wikimedia Commons

The usual whale watching season in Gold Coast runs from June through to October. Many travellers visit during the peak which is August. Gold Coast is the ultimate paradise where over 30,000 whales pass through. Besides the humpback whales, the ocean also invites many bottlenose dolphins to its shallow shores. The views are sheer bliss.

Now you may wonder which beautiful beach offers this experience, as Gold Coast metropolitan is a vast area. If you want to set off on a Marine expedition, Burleigh Hill, Point Danger Lookout or Elephant Rock are ideal locations.

If you prefer a specialized tour, Seaworld offers one. Other day trips in Brisbane like Surfers Paradise and Fraser Island focus on up-close marine mammal spotting.

Explore Springbrook National Park

Photo of Cave in Springbrook National Park
Photo by JooJoo41 on Pixabay


A serene, secluded National Park located in the western skyline of Gold Coast Hinterland, Springbrook National Park is what someone would describe as a ‘fairytale’. The ecological wonders, the beautiful waterfall, and lush rainforests are half of what makes up this destination.

The highlight for travellers most certainly is the Springbrook Walk which leads trekkers to Warringa Pool Track and downstream to the base of the waterfall where swimming is allowed. One of the most intriguing facts about Springbrook National Park is its trees.

Not only is it a World Heritage Listed site, but the trees found here are over 3,000 years old. Springbrook National Park is where travellers visit to escape the busy roads of the town. You get to witness the untrodden beauty of nature as it is.

Visit Warner Brothers Movie World

Warner Brothers Theme Park
Photo by Sheb_Also on Wikimedia Commons


Showcasing Hollywood’s greatest glams in the bustling Australian city of Gold Coast, Warner Brothers Movie World is the first and one of the most sought-after theme parks in the whole of the continent. If you’re looking for exhilarating rides, entertainment and meeting your favourite movie characters, the Movie World is your go-to place.

In addition to the regular rides, events such as Fright Night, Christmas, and the DC-themed experiences are also the reason why many travellers from across the states visit the Movie World.

Relax at Coolangatta Beach

Photo of Coolangatta Beach
Photo by Holiday Point on Flickr


The clear white sand stretch on the southernmost suburb of Gold Coast is somewhat an underrated beach destination compared to the other bustling coasts. Famous amongst surfers, Coolangatta Beach is the ideal location to relax and gaze at scenic views.

The name Coolangatta derives from the aboriginal language, translating to ‘beautiful place’. The name was bestowed upon this destination following the Coolangatta shipwreck in 1840. As the town itself is located at the edge of Gold Coast Metropolitan area, accommodation costs for tourists are pretty affordable.

Roam Around Paradise Country

Animals at Paradise Country
Photo from Paradise Country- Gold Coast Facebook Page


If you have a soft spot for animals and enjoy spending time with them, Paradise Country may be your paradise in Gold Coast. Offering visitors of all ages an experience of the Australian farmlands and wilds, visiting Paradise Country is one of the best things to do in Gold Coast.

The habitat is home to Dingoes, Tasmanian Devils, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas, and many more species. Visitors also get the opportunity to interact with these species – Koalas in particular. In addition, various engaging events happen around the week, and permanent exhibits educate visitors.

Travellers can also go shopping here in Paradise Country or enjoy a delicious farmhouse meal made using fresh produce.

Visit Dreamworld

Photo of Joy Ride at Dreamworld
Photo by Owen Gigg on Wikimedia Commons


Established n 1981, Dreamworld Theme Park is one of the earliest entertainment parks and the biggest one in Australia – with over 40 different rides and attractions. A few of the most famous experiences are the Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Madagascar-themed attractions.

While adults may not enjoy this theme park as much as Movieworld, the Dreamworld zoo is undoubtedly an amazing place to visit. Apart from the native Australian species, you’d also come across Tigers and Crocodiles. Adults can also take part in the laser show or even go waterboarding at White Water World.

Sunbathe at Rainbow Bay

Rainbow Bay Image
Photo by Kgbo on Wikimedia Commons


Located in the southern stretch of Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay is yet another magnificent beach in Gold Coast. Its clear white sand shoreline, the blue waters, and the tropical atmosphere makes up for a perfect weekend getaway for anyone, be it a family or a solo surfer.

The ocean views at Rainbow Bay are simply breathtaking. And that’s not all. Rainbow Bay is a safe place for sunbathing and swimming as well. The beach got its name from Captain Henry John Rous in 1828, who named it Rainbow Bay after his ship, the HMS Rainbow. It’s valid to say there’s no actual association of a Rainbow at Rainbow Bay.

Stroll Along the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve


The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve is located in an area called The Spit, east of Gold Coast. The walkway is about 3.5 kilometres in distance and provides visitors with a view like none other. Starting at a parking lot and ending at the edge of a cliff overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve is undoubtedly a scenic destination.

Famous amongst local joggers, the walk suits well for a short evening stroll or sightseeing. The walk is not merely a pathway that runs along breathtaking sceneries, but rather a destination with historical value. Travellers can get involved in conservation events happening around the area, and the experience could be one-of-a-kind.