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Enthralling Things To Do In Bunbury

There’s more to this port city than meets the eye. Located along the Western coast of Australia, approximately 175 kilometres from the city of Perth – the beach city of Bunbury awaits to thrill your travel senses with the many delightful attractions it homes.

We’re talking about beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife parks, and other attractions that will take you on a unique mixture of adventures. Keep reading to discover some of the best things to do in Bunbury!

Watch Wild Dolphins in Koombana Bay

Things to do in Bunbury Number 1 - Visit Koombana Bay
Photo by Miss Shari on Flickr

Visiting Koombana Bay has to top your list of things to do in Bunbury. The bay has an incredible beach to swim in. The blue and calm waters of Koombana bay are perfectly inviting. When you have enjoyed a swim – you can start exploring the Dolphin Discovery Centre – which is on the same bay.

An ideal place to join a wild dolphins tour. You can even visit the new adventure playground and indulge in some yummy food and beverages in the cafes. This bay promises a day of good beach fun and so much more!

Observe Native Wildlife in Bunbury Wildlife Park

Things to do in Bunbury Number 2 - Visit Bunbury Wild Life Park
Photo by Miss Shari on Flickr

The Bunbury Wildlife Park is another incredible attraction in Bunbury. You’ll find the beautiful wildlife park just 10 minutes from Koombana Bay. With over 60 native species, this park is a small haven for nature and wildlife lovers.

There are some unique features in this park. One is that visitors can feed and interact with the animals living in the park. Don’t forget to purchase seeds at the entrance for animal feeding and maybe even pat a kangaroo. An awesome must-add to your list of things to do in Bunbury!

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Visit the Bunbury Farmers Market

Photo by Miss Shari on Flickr

While one can debate whether it’s an actual tourist attraction, we think Bunbury Farmers Market is worth a quick pit stop – especially on your way to Busselton. One thing that everyone who visits agrees on is that there are plenty and more fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Hungry? There’re some very tempting options for snacks and beverages, which includes a range of fresh savoury pies! Produce-wise, you name it, they got it.

View the Cityscape at the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

View from Marlston Hill Tower
The view from the top of Marlston Hill Lookout Bunbury Western Australia WA

If you’re looking to remember the city of Bunbury from a unique vantage point then the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower is where you are headed. Located very close to the Bunbury Harbour, with the Indian Ocean stretching on one side, you can enjoy a 360 – view of the whole city and every beautiful attraction nearby.

On a windy day, it could get a little more interesting. It’s worth including in your list of things to do in Bunbury.

Swim in the Back Beach

Things to do in Bunbury Number 3 - Visit Back Beach
Photo by AegirPhotography on Flickr

Another beautiful beach in Bunbury as well as the whole of Western Australia. The pristine blue waters are incredible. Perfect for a nice dip, the soft sandy shore stretches on. On a sunny day, it is absolutely perfect for a good beach picnic. The waves can pick up at certain times, making it ideal for surfing too.

You can also catch pods of dolphins in the waters from time to time. If you’re in Bunbury – a trip to the Back Beach should be included in your list of things to do in Bunbury.

Explore the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

Photo of Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
Photo by Gnangarra on Wikimedia Commons

With an alluring pink exterior and over six gallery spaces, the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery is one of the major attractions here. While the City of Bunbury Art Collection has been hosted here for so long, the gallery keeps the mix interesting with new and well-displayed exhibits that range from contemporary, and enchanting to quirky – keeping visitors entertained.

Entry is free and there is much to see whether or not you consider yourself an art aficionado.

Enjoy Tranquillity at the Mangrove Boardwalk

Photo of Bunbury Mangroves
Photo by Gnangarra on Wikimedia Commons

Located just a few minutes away from Koombana Bay, it’s a place to just get lost in the serene nature amidst the city of Bunbury. The boardwalk is only about 200 meters, the waterway contains an olden community of tropical mangrove – an occurrence of white mangrove in Western Australia.

The place is always cleanly maintained by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, ensuring the mangroves are protected. If you dislike taking a walk, you can also go by bike. It’s worth adding to your list of things to do in Bunbury!

Drop by the Bunbury Visitor Centre

If you’re looking to get up-to-date information on where to go and what to do, the Bunbury Visitor Centre is where you’re headed. Just across Koombana Bay, the super friendly staff of the visitor centre are fully geared to assist you.

Discover the best times to go dolphin watching, parks to visit, best wildlife reserves and museums to make your stay in Bunbury extra special.

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