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Though the name may sound like it belongs in a sinister movie, the reality is far from it. This non-coastal town is a mining settlement located west of the New South Wale’s Outback. Broken Hill is another hidden Australian gem that every traveller should visit to enjoy an immersive Australian Tour. This outback town ‘Broken Hills’ is also known as the Capital of the Outback, as well as the Silver City. With a unique desert landscape and a rich mining history, let’s explore the things to do in Broken Hill.

Living Desert State Park

Things to do in Broken Hill Number 1 - Living State Park
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr

This 2400 hectare of Living Desert State Park landscape is one of the most stunning places to visit in all of the New South Whales Outback. Start your explorations at the John Simons Flora and Fauna Sanctuary. Take a walk where you can explore the aboriginal heritage, native plants and sight wildlife such as Wallaroos and Red Kangaroos. Maybe spend a night at the Starview Campsite- another stunning part of the Living Desert State Park. This area is ideal for camping. If you are looking to enjoy a quiet night of clear stargazing surrounded by the outback then the Living Desert State Park’s the place to be.

Sculpture Symposium

Things to do in Broken Hill Number 2 - Sculpture Museum
Photo by Colleen Galvin on Wikimedia Commons

These sculptures are an iconic landmark of the Outback of South Australia. Twelve Sandstone Sculptures stand in silent grace against the enchanting outback sunset. Located in the Living Desert State Park, these 12 iconic sculptures – are created by 12 sculpture artists from different nations. From places including Mexico, Syria, Georgia Bathurst island and Australia! Each is perfectly designed to show the rising and setting of the sun against the stunning outback. A must add to your list of things to do in Broken Hills.

Line of Lode Miners Memorial

Things to do in Broken Hill Number 3 - Line of Lode
Photo by Alan on Flickr

Another incredible spot to visit in the Silver City is the Line of Lode Miners Memorial. Perched on a slight elevation, this alluring yet tragic looking edifice of the Miners Memorial was erected in commemoration of the 800+ miners – who tragically lost their lives working in the Broken Hill Mines. The structure is built in a unique mind evoking way- in there, you will find the names of the miners whose lives were taken. Many travellers claim it’s worth travelling just for the view. Here, you can learn about the history of Brocken Hill mining.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Things to do in Broken Hill Number 4 - Flying Doctor Service
Photo by PookieFugglestein on Wikimedia Commons

The Royal Flying Doctor Service a.k.a. The Flying Doctor, has grown to be one of the most efficient, wide-ranging aeromedical service organizations established in Australia. These services are especially vital to far outback regions like Broken Hill, with a proper city approx. 500 km away. You can get up close and explore the history of RFDS, visit the RFDS base and airport and the planes. Join a tour and go behind the scenes, visit the Mantle of Safety Museum and buy cool souvenirs from the Royal Flying Doctor Service gift shop. Many have found it to be worth their while. A should-add to your list of things to do in Broken Hill.

White’s Mineral Art and Mining Museum

Things to do in Broken Hill Number 5 - Whites Mineral and Mining Museum
Photo from White’s Mineral Art Gallery & Mining Museum Facebook Page

Explore the Mining History of Broken Hill with a veteran miner as your quirky tour guide. The location of this incredibly historic museum might throw you for a loop, as it’s not like a typical Museum. But, many visitors have shared their excitement about the tour all the same. It’s a brilliant way to familiarize yourself with the Mining Era of the Silver City, the considerable impact it had on all residents and miners, and get first-hand information of what it was like working as a miner in the outback! It’s eye-opening and will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Worth adding to your list of things to do in Broken Hill.

Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum

Photo of Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum
Photo by Christopher Wood on Wikimedia Commons

You’ve learned a great deal about the mining history of Broken Hill. Now it’s time to immerse in the world of minerals. Learn the reason behind Broken Hill’s nickname Silver City. This famous museum is also known as GeoCentre. It homes a 42Kg silver nugget, an impressively large collection of minerals and even a Silver Tree! There are just so many things to experience here. The Crystal Theatre inside the museum allows you to witness a fascinating video on the rich mineral history of the Mining Town. You can tour the museum for free, and every single exhibit is well laid out.

Broken Hill Visitor Centre

Exterior photo f the Broken Hill Visitor Centre
Photo from Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre Facebook Page

Before you start on your outback adventures, this is the place to go. Why? Well, not only is it the first city in Australia to be listed as a heritage city – it is also an ideal place to get travel advice. You can also get your itineraries fixed by the helpful staff at the Visitor Centre, so the travellers can enjoy everything the Outback Town of Broken Hills has to offer. From the best desert trails to national parks and the incredible museums and camping trails, they will quip you with the correct information and resource instructions so you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the outback.

Silver City Mint and Art Centre

Photo of the Silver City Mint and Art Centre
Photo from Silver City Mint and Art Centre Facebook Page

If you are travelling through the outback town and the arts and crafts enthusiast in you is yearning to witness something creative and inspiring, then the Silver City Mint & Art Centre is a definite must add to your list of things to do in Broken Hill. Here is why. While a major part of this complex is an Art Gallery, where you can immerse in some beautiful painting exhibits, you can also tour the adjoining Chocolate Factory as well as witness the Centre’s silversmith create a lovely piece of work.

Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum

Photo of the Sulphide Street railway station
Photo by Bahnfrend on Wikimedia Commons

This historic Museum is one of the most significant tour spots in the town of Broken Hill. You can enjoy the historical museum and priceless memorabilia and collections of railways here. Dive deep into the background of the Silverstone Tramway Company and witness the many locomotive collections displayed. If you are a train lover, then this will be your paradise! But that’s not all, you can also pay a visit to Hospital Museum (paying tribute to local nurses) and the Broken Hill Migrant Heritage Museum – both worth a visit.

Broken Hill Distillery

Interior photo of the Broken Hill Distillery
Photo from Broken Hill Distillery Facebook Page

Time to taste the magic of the outback. That is exactly what the Broken Hill Distillery is all about. Visitors come to get front-row seats to watch this fascinating distillery process, which will be followed by every visitor’s favourite moment – the sample tasting! It’s a fantastic place to enjoy some local flavours while letting loose and having a good time, taste one of the best GIN the outback has to offer and make some unforgettable memories!

Mutawintji National Park

Phot of Mutawintji National Park
Photo by Darryl Kirby on Flickr

Approximately two and half hours away from the Town of Broken Hill, more towards the East-Australian lands – approx. 800 km away from Sydney lies the ancient grounds of Mutawintji National Park. The trails here allow you to explore the beauty of the Outback through stunning desert nature trails and camping under clear starry skies of the Outback. Here, you can learn about the living aboriginal culture, the spiritual activities of the native Australians, and the ceremonial sites from the Darling River region and more!

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