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15 Amazing Things to Do in Albany

If coastal wonders bring you a special kind of joy and you are on a traveller’s quest to explore the lesser-known treasures along the southwest coast of Australia, then we have the perfect destination for you. Belonging to Western Australia, Albany is a coastal jewel nestled at the edge of the Great Southern region.

So what awaits you here? In a nutshell – white sandy coasts, beautiful beaches, aged coastal towns homing heritage buildings, quirky museums, stunning parks and the golden opportunity to go on whale-watching cruises – like the incredible hunchback whales. The region promises enthralling experiences for the thrill-craving traveller and here’s a look at some of the best things to do in Albany!

Visit Albany Wind Farm

Sunset at Albany Wind Farm


For a closer look at the mechanism of wind-generated electricity and to delight in the mesmerising views of West Cape Howe National Park, drive up to Albany Wind Farm; you can get here within 5 hours from Perth. The farm can teach you a lot about how wind farming helps the environment.

With 12, 100-metre-tall wind turbines, Albany Wind Farm accounts for over 75% of the green electricity for Albany. The farm is also a popular tourist attraction, thanks to its location high up on the coast.

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Snorkel at The Emu Point

Things to do in Albany Number 2 - Emu Point
Photo by Bahnfrend on Wikimedia Commons


This beach destination is another Albany favourite among locals and travellers alike. Here’s why. Located in the southeast direction of King George Sound, the Emu Point offers an ideal beach location. Despite its popularity amongst beachgoers, the Emu Point offers a relaxed beach vibe. Even the clear blue waters offer a calmer feel – perfect for a chilled & quiet snorkel.

So many stunning beach trails to explore. Countless cafes, restaurants and shops to go into and surprisingly – quite a bit of birdlife! Emu Point has the perfect feel of a beach park. A must-add to your list of things to do in Albany.

Time Travel at the National Anzac Centre

Things to do in Albany Number 3 - National Anzac Centre
Photo by Yaruman5 on Flickr


Nestled in close proximity to the King George Sound and a five-minute drive away from the Albany Heritage Park – the National Anzac Centre is one of Australia’s most momentous cultural sites. If you are a fan of war history, particularly world war II, then the National Anzac Centre is an ideal place to go to unlock the historical events and witness war artefacts with profoundly historic tales attached to them.

This award-winning facility takes great pride in using multimedia, interactive technology and well-displayed exhibits to take visitors on a journey through time. Whether you are an adult or a kid, you will find yourself deeply immersed in the stories told and the exhibits shown through interesting interactive visual and audible displays.

The other uniqueness of this experience is the ability to witness history through the shoes of a soldier. It can get super fascinating, and as some travellers have claimed even emotional. How incredibly epic! Worth adding to your list of things to do in Albany.

Whale Watching at King George Sound  


Just 25 minutes from the National Anzac Centre is the King George Sound, one of the best natural harbours in Western Australia known for whale watching. The period from May to October is the whale migration period when Southern Right and Humpback whales come here to rest and breed.

You can find many tour operators around here willing to take tourists on a boat tour to spot whales. Your tour will also be accompanied by historic tales and gorgeous sprawling views of the harbour.

Relax at Goode Beach

Goode Beach


To relax and soak up the sun, head over to Goode Beach; the beach is found within King George Sound. This white sandy beach offers uninterrupted tranquillity all throughout the day. The beach is home to a few walking trails. To see the sunrise over the horizon, visit early in the morning. The waters here maintain a pleasant temperature, inviting visitors for a swim.

You can also enjoy some amazing views of Princess Royal Harbour from the lookout points found alongside the beach. Windsurfing is a popular activity here too!

Walk to The Edge at The Gap & Natural Bridge

Drone footage of the GAP


Less than 20 minutes away from the port city, leaning towards the southwest coast, but looking head-on at the great southern region, is another famous tourist attraction, the Gap and the Natural Bridge. This rugged coastal reserve rewards visitors with some incredible coastal views which include a unique platform to view the far-stretching Ocean and the natural landscapes of the Torndirrup National Park.

The new walkway allows visitors to walk up 40 meters directly above the crashing waves of the sea – just walking to the edge can get your heart racing, as you feel the vibrations of the crashing waves beneath you! Worth a visit and a must include in your list of things to do in Albany.

Gear Up at The Albany Visitor Centre

Things to do in Albany Number 5 - Albany Visitor Centre
Photo by Bahnfrend on Wikimedia Commons


If you need an extra hand in getting your explorations around Albany sorted, then the Albany Visitor Centre is your best bet. Equipped with all the up-to-date information and the most supportive and friendly staff, Albany Visitor Centre is fully geared to offer you all the details on accommodation, beautiful beaches, best places to hike, award-winning tourist attraction spots, even scheduling and everything you need to know to make your holiday in Albany a memorable one.

Even if you have already sorted your plans out, it’s still worth visiting. You never know what super fascinating information you might just learn about.

Splash Away at Middleton Beach

Things to do in Albany Number 6 - Middleton Beach
Photo by Bahnfrend on Wikimedia Commons


Just 40 minutes away from the town of Albany, past Mount Clarence, is Middleton Beach – one of the most iconic beaches in Western Australia. You can drive in your vehicle or even your caravan because it has a lovely caravan park.

Once again, pristine blue waters and white sandy shores as far as you can see. After taking a dip in its cooling waters go explore the coastal beauty. There’s even a special path set up for those who need special access in a wheelchair.

The traditional owners of Middleton beach – the Noongar Tribe call it the Binalup. There are two fascinating aspects you can explore in Middleton Beach – the long aboriginal history and its sand-filled beach trails. All of which will leave you with unforgettable memories. It also offers beachgoers a chance to do some epic whale watching! Worth including on your list of things to do in Albany? We say yes.

Visit The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial

Photo of the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
Photo by Yaruman5 on Flickr


In the heart of the Albany Heritage Park is this beautiful historical monument. It’s perched on a hill of Mount Clarence, overlooking the waters of the King George Sound – in the town of Albany. If WWII is a fascinating subject for you, it is worth dropping by the park to see this famous monument. You can find a detailed description on the monument as well.

Of course, there is so much history attached to this monument which you can explore in detail by visiting the National Anzac Centre. Locals and foreign visitors come here not just to get an understanding of the significance of the monument but also to take a moment and capture the incredible views that are laid out before them.

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Trek The Torndirrup National Park

Aerial view of Torndirrup National Park
Photo by Dhx 1 on Wikimedia Commons


The Torndirrup National Park is one of the most scenic and naturally breathtaking places Western Australia has to offer along the south coast. There are many walking trails in this park, including spots like Stony Hill, Peak Head and secluded beaches like the charming Misery Beach, which is anything but a misery to explore and enjoy.

This park also offers tourists the unique opportunity of fishing off the beach – and even doing some whale watching from land, as whales do frequent the waters around the winter season. There are nearby facilities that make this park further popular – from recreation camps, caravan parks and more.

For adventure seekers, the park offers some fun experiences like rock climbing – which guarantees some phenomenal views since this is located right along the southern coast.

Beach at Torndirrup National Park

Walk The Plank Of The Brig Amity

Photo of the Big Amity Replica
Photo by Nachoman-au on Flickr


The Brig Amity arrived in Albany, bringing the first British settlement to Western Australia. The full-sized replica of the Brig Amity is currently in the Museum of the Great Southern. You can go aboard and explore it. There is a certain fascination with walking in the shoes of the ship crew who came to Albany with European settlers. You can learn about the sounds and sights, about the many encounters the ship crew had on their sails, and so much more.

Kids are going to have a brilliant time climbing down the steep enclosed places. You can walk about the ship, learn and understand the many impressive features and functions of this ancient vessel. A different experience compared to the other tourist attractions in Albany. Worth adding to your list of things to do in Albany.

Visit The Albany Convict & Gaol Museum

Photo of the Albany Old Gaol
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


It might not be the most joyous tourist spot Albany has to offer, but this museum certainly is one of the most interesting places to come and see. You will have the opportunity to walk through Western Australia’s convict past. Glimpse into the small cells, get transported to a time when imperial convicts were transported to Albany as skilled labourers.

The friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and dive deep into the history. And it’s a few steps away from the Great Southern Museum too. This visit truly will be one-of-a-kind, so make sure to add to your listing of things in Albany.

Drive-By The Chainsaw Sculpture Display

Chainsaw Sculpture Drive Thru
Photo from Darrel Radcliffe – Chainsaw Carver Facebook Page


Sounds a little sinister but in reality, it’s more unexpected, intriguing and probably one of the most fascinating displays of art you will come across in all of Western Australia – just a few minutes from Middleton Beach.

It is a park of wooden sculptures, from the most epic looking to the most bizarre-looking displays. You don’t have to even get down, simply drive past as you enjoy these clever works of art.

Take a Dip In The Little Beach

Things to do in Little Beach Number 1 - Little Beach
Photo by Richard Keeler on Wikimedia Commons


Just 40 minutes away from the Port City of the Albany region, the Little Beach, looks like it’s taken straight out of a beautiful beach painting – mesmerising pristine blue water gently kissing the soft white sandy shores. On a sunny day, the water is so inviting many travellers have failed to resist taking a dip.

The best thing about Little Beach is how unspoiled it looks. There is even a little waterfall nearby – which you can go check out as you enjoy a stroll along the sandy beach. But every paradise has its little cons, so keep an eye out for the blue bottle stings – the sting can be unexpectedly painful, so stir clear from those blue beauties no matter what. Worth including in your list of things to do in Albany.

Explore Albany’s Historic Whaling Station

Photo of the historic Whaling Centre
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


Albany’s whaling station museum provides a well-laid display of its whaling history (including whale bones) with carefully preserved artefacts from the famous Chaynes IV and the factory. Visitors can explore and gain a better understanding of the regrettable history and draw their own conclusions.

If you think the kids will be bored, think again. Apart from the whalebone exhibits, the museum also has a well-organised set of interactive displays mixed with very cool 3D videos that will keep even the adults immersed.

Located along the Frenchman Bay, overlooking the stunning blue waters, this famous Whaling Station is a must-add to your list of things to do in Albany.