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32 Fascinating Things To Do In Adelaide

32 Fascinating Things To Do In Adelaide

Adelaide, the coastal capital of South Australia, is a brilliant example of a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Perched in the Adelaide plains, north of the Fleurieu Penninsula – this metropolitan city offers travellers many incredibly unique Australian experiences. From breathtaking and varying landscape to the wonderfully delectable food and, of course, premium wine tour experiences unlike any you could expect in South Australia.

Don’t forget the beautiful beaches, the lovely gardens and the eclectic museum tours, street art and the insanely diverse festivals you can be a part of while in the capital city of South Australia. So let’s have a close look at the many attractions that you can add to your list of things to do in Adelaide.

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Explore the Capital on the Glenelg Tram

Things to do in Adelaide Number 1 - Explore City on Glenelg Trams
Photo by Weizhang on Pixabay


What started as a single tram track in 1873 now extends to several attractions in Adelaide. It began at Angas Street and continued through the South Terrace. An extension was added from Victoria Square through the North Terrace in 2007. It’s the only remaining tram system in Adelaide. A delightful way to tour the city and learn about the incredibly rich history of Glenelg. This iconic experience is a must add to your list of things to do in Adela

Explore the famous Art Gallery of South Australia

Things to do in Adelaide Number 2 - Art at Art Gallery of South Australia
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


To get your dose of art and culture, head to the North Terrace – to visit the world-renowned Art Gallery of South Australia. The Art Gallery hosts approx. 47,000 pieces from across the world – including a priceless collection of Aboriginal Art. The exhibits are beautifully presented to engage the viewers. The staff’s super friendly and knowledgeable too. And if all that art-viewing built an appetite, there’s a chic little café you can grab a snack from inside the Art Gallery.

View the City from the roof of the Adelaide Oval

Things to do in Adelaide Number 3 - Visit the Adelaide Oval
Photo by Adriano Rotolo on Flickr


Located along the King William Road, next to the riverbank – the Adelaide Oval’s one of the most beautiful sporting grounds in all of South Australia and even the World! The ground hosts some major sports events (Cricket, Football etc.) which are definitely worth checking out. But if sports aren’t your thing, you can still visit the Oval to join an Adelaide Oval Roof Climbing Tour – the BEST way to enjoy the cityscape from a unique vantage point. Don’t worry it’s safe!

Taste fresh local flavours in the Adelaide Central Market

Things to do in Adelaide Number 4 - Shop at Adelaide Central market
Photo by Philip Bouchard on Flickr


The Adelaide Central Market’s the perfect place to get a taste of the authentic local flavours and the hustle. It’s located in the heart of the city- you can enter from Grote Street or the Gouger Street. With over 70 odd traders under one roof – you’ll be surrounded by fresh produce, baked goods and more. From cafes to multicultural eateries. It’s one of the largest markets in South Australia. A must-add to your list of things to do in Adelaide.

Escape to paradise at the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Things to do in Adelaide Number 5 - Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Photo by Duncan c on Flickr


Despite being in the heart of the busy city on the North Terrace, this botanic paradise almost feels like escaping to a different world of floral beauty and stunning architectural designs amid incredible greenery – It’s very therapeutic. Explore one of South Australia’s most scenic garden spaces. Observe the many exotic and endemic plants found all across Australia. The Garden connects the Adelaide CBD, which gives enchanting views of the city. Even enjoy a wonderful lunch surrounded by breathtaking botanic beau

Relax at Adelaide Park Lands

Video footage of Adelaide Parklands


Go see Pandas in the Adelaide Zoo

Things to do in Adelaide Number 6 - Visit the Adelaide Zoo
Photo by Les Haines on Flickr


Located next to the Adelaide Botanic Garden – close to the North Terrace, we have the famous Adelaide Zoo. It’s the only place in the whole of Australia to home an adorable Panda pair. But this first-class attraction also homes African lions, Australian Sea-lions, Maned Wolves, Pygmy Hippos and more wildlife. The enclosures are spacious and well maintained. Stay to watch several feeding shows too – you can also learn about the incredible wildlife homed here from the super friendly guide

Explore the prestigious South Australian Museum

Things to do in Adelaide Number 7 - Visit South Australian Museum
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


Here’s a treat for the History and Culture Buffs. It’s one of the most renowned museums in South Australia – located amid Adelaide C.B.D. – along the North Terrace. The collections housed here holds international and national significance to Australia. It also hosts the most extensive collection of Aboriginal Cultural Artefacts in all of Australia. From an exact replication of a Giant Squid bone structure to cool ancient Egyptian artefacts and many cool interactive sessions to keep the viewers entertained.

Go on a Shopping Spree at the Rundle Mall

Things to do in Adelaide Number 8 - Rundle Mall
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


Many would agree that this is the main precinct for shopping in Adelaide. From upscale stores to more quirky restaurants and boutique shops, you have a massive space to go shopping – if that’s your aim. Located in the middle of the city, you’ll find street arts and performances, bronze pig statues and unique sculptures, numerous heritage buildings like the Adelaide Arcade as you tour around. A real variety of cuisines to choose from and enjoy too. Definitely worth checking out!

Immerse in serenity in the Himeji Garden

Things to do in Adelaide Number 9 - Himeji Gardens
Photo by Donama on Wikimedia Commons


If you’re looking for some nature therapy, a different kind of tranquillity, then this peaceful oasis awaits. Located along the South Terrace of the city, the landscape design here and the florae have captured all aspects you can expect from a proper Japanese Garden. From a beautiful sand garden to ponds full of water flowers to beautiful floral plants & trees – It creates a serene paradise to immerse in. A must-add to your list of things to do in Adelaide.

Climb and explore the Waterfall Gully

Things to do in Adelaide Number 10 - Waterfall Gully
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


Perched in the foothills of Mount Lofty, which’s by the Cleland Conservation Park – this is a destination you visit to get away from the city’s ongoing bustle. Put on some climbing shoes because the trekking trail can get a bit steep in certain areas. All in all, it is a scenic trail for every kind of traveller. Especially if you are into Nature Photography. The Waterfall Gully homes the largest seven waterfalls in the park too, and it’s certainly breathtaking.

Go Wild Dolphin Watching in the Glenelg Beach

Things to do in Adelaide Number 11 - Glenelg Beach
Photo by Pursuedbybear on Flickr


Adelaide’s favourite seaside destination is located in Glenelg. You can visit here on the tram as well. Get ready to stretch on the soft sandy shores and immerse in the scenic ocean views while enjoying some sun. Take a dip in the pristine blue waters, watch the sunset while strolling the jetty – even take a boat tour to watch the wild dolphins! There are plenty of beach cafes and restaurants around if you get snack-ish. Perfect for some beach fun!

Take a River Cruise along Port Adelaide

Things to do in Adelaide Number 12 - Port Adeliade
Photo by Scott W on Wikimedia Commons


Located along the Port Creek and just 20-minutes from the Adelaide CBD, this port town’s full of maritime-historic splendour, heritage buildings and structures and vibrant street art for you to explore and enjoy. Walk along the rustic cobbled streets and immerse yourself in the mesmerising port aesthetic of this town. There’re some mind-blowing restaurants and brews you must visit. You can even explore the famous ship graveyard along the lovely Port River and if you’re lucky – spot some dolphins!

Explore the old-time Adelaide Arcade

Things to do in Adelaide Number 13 - Adelaide Arcade
Photo by James St. John on Flickr


Located in the Rundle Mall, in the centre of Adelaide City- it’s back to the epic past in the Adelaide Arcade. The arcade was built in 1885, and it was the first buildings to get electric lights- making it a historically significant building for the city. Even now, the structure is carefully maintained after renovation to keep most of the old-time charm – much like stepping into a different period overall. The incredible history of the arcade is also worth exploring.

Enjoy a romantic Wine Tour at the Barossa Valley

Things to do in Adelaide Number 14 - Barossa Valley Wine Tours
Photo by Kyle Taylor on Flickr


Here’s a destination for all you wine connoisseurs! The Barossa Valley is a legendary wine-producing region located along the Northeast side of Adelaide. Approx. 1-hour drive from the city, you can enjoy a full-day tour in this verdant wine region. Experience the fine art of winemaking in South Australia, visit the estates to tour the wine yards, Indulge in some wine tasting – and a lovely family-style lunch and immerse in the beauty of Barossa Valley! It’s quite romantic too.

Explore the stunning Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Things to do in Adelaide Number 15 - Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


Another stunning botanic garden located approx.20-minutes off the city, perched on the slopes of Mount Lofty, amid the Adelaide Hills. The park spans about 95 hectares, with plenty of stunning green footpaths. There’s plenty to see. The alluring florals and plants (exotic and native) attract much native wildlife and birdlife. The small lakes mirror the sky and the surrounding picturesque landscapes beautifully. It’s incredibly enchanting – even during fall time too! An ideal place to enjoy a picnic day out.

Get enchanted by the Ayers House Museum

Things to do in Adelaide Number 16 - Visit Ayers House
Photo by Bahudhara on Wikimedia Commons


Located just out of Adelaide CBD, amid the city bustle – this’s the last remaining 19th Century Grand Mansion that’s open (on weekends) for visitors. If you enjoy exploring a Victorian-Era architectural masterpiece, then a tour in this majestic museum is a must. From the intricate artistic designs on the high ceilings to the detailed carvings on surfaces to the grand flooring – everything’s well maintained. Learn about incredible history from the friendly & knowledgeable volunteers and explore this historic landmark.

Chill out at the Henley Beach

Photo of Pier at Henley Beach
Photo by Dave Sag on Flickr


Approx. 20-minutes from the city of Adelaide – the Henley beach is an up and coming beach destination with a mellow party vibe and a beautiful beachfront. You can either go splashing in the calm, blue waters or explore the vibrant restaurant scene or both? Enjoy a chilled fishing session up on the jetty too! This place is also known to be the BEST place to try flavour-packed fish and chips. Is it really good? Be the judge when you visit.

Explore the Wine Paradise of McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale Winery
Photo by Maryland GovPics on Flickr


It’s situated approx. 45-minutes south of Adelaide. McLaren Vale is one of the oldest and most prominent wine regions in Australia. Love delicious food and premium wine? It’s where you’re heading. You can choose to tour on a vehicle or a bike. Visit the verdant wine yards, watch the incredible wine process, indulge in the finest wines and end the tour with a scrumptious lunch. It’s going to be one tantalizing wine adventure!

Venture off to the stunning Adelaide Hills

Scenic Adelaide Hills
Photo by Yeti Hunter on Wikimedia Commons


Get away from the beachfront and the city buzz and immerse in quaint village-side surroundings with nothing but scenic, verdant views of the Adelaide Hills. Located approx. 40-minutes from the capital, the hills are positioned more towards the east of the city. It’s all about the chilled climate and the delectable local flavours. Go explore the history of the olden villages, do another wine tour, trek the Mount Lofty or the Cleland Conservation Park – which are quite nearby.

Experience the rich Asian flavours in Adelaide Chinatown

Adelaide ChinaTown
Photo by Scott W. on Wikimedia Commons


Get ready to immerse in the rich flavours of Asian Cuisine and its vibrant cultural touch at Adelaide Chinatown – especially during the Lunar New Year. You’ll find the Chinatown situated on the southeast side of Adelaide CBD. Come with an empty stomach because there are so many multicultural cuisines from different regions of Asia to enjoy and experience. Sit in a traditional, oriental style-shop and let yourself be transported to another time and place while savouring the flavours of Chinatown.

Visit the historic State Library of South Australia

Interior of Public Library in South Australia
Photo by Denisbin on Flickr


If you enjoy diving deep into the cultural and historical background of a region, then a visit to the State Library of South Australia is in order. Located along the North Terrace, the culture region – this iconic library homes priceless collections of photographs, letters, diaries, and even manuscripts. The subjects vary from art to architecture to sport to emigration. You name it they have it. The building itself is something to explore. Being bored is out of the question.

Get lost in the colourful cultural history in the Migration Museum

Interior of Migration Museum
Photo by MigrationMuseum on Flickr


It’s a quick walk from the North Terrace of the city. The Migration Museum is the first museum dedicated to the history of Migration in Australia. Learn about the diverse cultures that lived through the history of South Australia- especially the incredible culture of Aborigines before dark colonial times. The museum is made accessible for visitors in wheelchairs too. You can learn about the complex history of the building structure as well– which is now the premise for the museum.

Do a day tour on the Kangaroo Island – Flinders Chase National Park

Amazing Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park
Photo by Pasquale Paolo Cardo on Flickr


Located in Kangaroo Island, which is approx. 4 and half hours away from Adelaide, this coastal national park is a protected area found on the west coast of the island. The most otherworldly features you can witness here are the Remarkable Rock formations, and the super ancient Admirals Arch and the adorable long-nosed fur seals. You can do a day trip in this national park or spend a night in the ocean cabins -an unforgettable experience on its own. Stunning!

Tour the Caves in the Kelly Hill Conservation Park

Stalactite in a Cave at Kelly Hill Conservation Park
Photo by Xmhaoyu on Wikimedia Commons


Here’s a one-of-a-kind nature tour awaiting in the caves of the Kelly Hill Conservation Park – located in the southwest part of Kangaroo Island. The limestone cave walls, and the crystallized columns, certainly give the whole cave trail an ethereal look, and it’s magnificent. If you’re a little claustrophobic, you have the option of enjoying above ground cave tours – which’s equally enchanting. But for the thrill-seekers, you can put on the safety gear and scale through the underground maze and explore.

Explore the native wildlife at the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Hanson Bay Cabana
Photo by Sauer-Thompson on Flickr


Another jewel in the Kangaroo Islands that’s located right between Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Flinders Chase National Park. If you enjoy seeing adorable and furry wildlife that’s native to Australia, then this is the place to be. We are talking Koalas, kangaroos, possums, goannas and more! Take an expert tour guide –they are knowledgeable and always ready to make your visit super special. You can also stay overnight in a beach cabana and enjoy the magic of Kangaroo Island.

Celebrate Art at the Adelaide Fringe Inc.

Adelaide Fringe Inc.
Photo by Michael Coghlan on Flickr


Be a part of Australia’s biggest Arts Festival – in fact, it’s the second-largest Arts Festival held in the world! From performance arts to visual arts to even street art. It’s held in the heart of Adelaide, and it’s known as the Mad March by the locals – over 7000 artists attend annually to entertain the masses. If you are visiting Adelaide in mid-Feb or early March, then you can definitely be a part of this incredible celebration of Art!

Enjoy an event at the Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre
Photo by Keir Gravil on Flickr


This arts venue is one of Australia’s first ones, and it’s located along the King William Road – right across the Adelaide Oval, next to the River Torrens – it homes and celebrates some incredible artistic creations. From musicals to dance or orchestral performances, significant exhibitions and much more. It’s usually active as many festivals and artistic performances are held in this very building throughout the year. If you enjoy exploring the different forms of arts, then definitely make a visit.

Explore the award-winning National Wine Centre of Australia

Photo of National Wine Centre
Photo by OZinOH on Flickr


This award-winning attraction is located on the border of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It’s going to be a different experience. The guides are super knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll show you around and explain the incredible art and science that goes into creating premium wine and enjoying it. They even have VR tours and other interactive sessions. You can end the tour by enjoying some premium wine and having a delicious lunch. Maybe even become a real wine expert at the end!

Enter Chocolate Heaven at Haigh’s Chocolate Visitor Centre

Haighs Chocolate Shop
Photo by Amanda Slater on Flickr


While being called the Wine State in South Australia, Adelaide has another delicious surprise for travellers. To experience that, head to the Haigh’s Chocolate Visitor Centre – located near the parklands and the centre of the city. Watch how the chocolates are handmade. The staff’s quite welcoming – you might even get some irresistible tasting samples. The aroma alone will put a smile on your face. Make sure to get some Haigh’s Chocolate for the road and the folks back home!

Go whale-watching at the beautiful Victor Harbour

Horse Tram at Victor Harbor
Photo by Ian W. Fieggen on Wikimedia Commons


Approx. 1 hour away from the capital, nestled in the southern part of Adelaide – this blue waterfront coastal city is a whole other experience. It is best to take a boat tour to go whale-watching, spot wild dolphins and seals. You can take a dip in the calming blue waters and enjoy some delicious fresh seafood. No trip to the Victor Harbour would be complete without you joining a horse-drawn tram across the causeway to explore the stunning Granite Island.

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