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Junkanoo Beach – A Perfect Tropical Vacation!

If you’ve got an upcoming Bahamas vacation, we bet you are looking for the most adventurous and exciting things to do here. The attractions of the Bahamian islands form an endless list of things to do, and a must-include in that list should be Junkanoo Beach.

About Junkanoo Beach

Photo by Will Rock Your World on Flickr

Affectionately called Spring Break Beach, Junkanoo Beach is a party spot. Located in Nassau, on New Providence Island, the beach connects Long Wharf and Arawak Kay. The Western Esplanade is another name for the beach.

Spring break is a busy time for Junkanoo Beach, with hundreds of tourists pouring into Nassau in the hopes of soaking up some sun, but the locals visit the beach all throughout the year for activities like fundraising and cookouts.

The beach is outfitted with benches where you can relax, and horseback riding is a popular activity at the beach too.

How Far is Junkanoo Beach From the Cruise Ship Port?

Junkanoo beach is about one mile from the Nassau cruise port, meaning it’s a 20-minute walk from the beach.  

How Do you Get to Junkanoo Beach?

Get Directions

From the cruise port, you can either walk or take a cab. If you decide to walk, know there are signs directing you to the beach, so don’t worry, you won’t get lost – take the route through Bay Street or Woods Rogers Walk and head west.

Does Junkanoo Beach have Restrooms?

Thanks to well-developed infrastructure, Junkanoo Beach is considered one of the most comfortable beaches in the Bahamas. Changing rooms, water closets, shower stalls, grocery stalls, and Wi-Fi are some of the amenities available at the beach. There are also several cafes and restaurants ready to serve visitors.

What’s more, you can rent snorkelling equipment, and the beach also offers massage services. There are lounges and umbrellas as well, but you have to pay a small fee if you want to use them.

Located close to the beach are several hotels, and they get packed with tourists during spring break. In response, the rates go up, and the hotels get sold out fast. So, make an early reservation if you want to stay near the beach.   

Things to Do Near Junkanoo Beach

Nassau Store Front

There’s a diverse variety of activities to do around and about Junkanoo Beach.


Adventure seekers visiting the beach will find themselves completely content in a kayaking session. The blue shades of the ocean right off the beach will tempt anyone to take up water sports!

Sample the Bahamian Delights

Restaurants dotting the beach offer a wealth of seafood dishes that can undoubtedly be termed as unique. Cracked conch, for example, is a local favourite but there’s a great selection of expertly prepared western flavours as well.

Admire Local Art

Four minutes from Junkanoo Beach is the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, a must-visit place, especially if you want to escape the unforgiving tropical sun. The gallery houses a world-class collection of Bahamian art meant to entertain foreigners and inspire Bahamians.

You can visit the gallery from Tuesday to Sunday; the gallery is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

A Break from the Sun

To sample spirits of the Bahamas, visit John Watling’s distillery. Perched over the harbour, just 3 minutes from Junkanoo Beach, John Watling’s Distillery offers a range of tours. With a history that goes back to 1789, the distillery handcrafts rums; small-batch rums are the speciality.  

You’ll be given a tour similar to a museum tour, and you can visit the distillery every day of the week from 10 am to 6 pm – keep in mind that the place is closed on national holidays.

Indulge in a Therapeutic Massage

Want to relax and relieve some stress? Head to The Blue Zone for one of the best massages in the area. The masseurs here are well-trained and skilled.


With more than 60 years of experience in the jewellery industry, Little Switzerland has three stores on the island. If you want to buy jewellery and watches, shop at Little Switzerland, and you’ll find an outstanding collection of the best brands.

Cheap Drinks

Head to the Love Shack for a cheap drink. The guest service is excellent, and the cool ocean air that permeates the establishment is just the tonic for anyone wanting a respite from their stressful day.

Cheap Food and Lovely Views

Visit Senor Frog for a sundowner. The place also brings you views of the harbour and serves cheap yet delicious food.

Popular Day Trips From Junkanoo Beach

Pig Beach

Junkanoo Beach has a central location in the Bahamas, which means that the beach can be the starting point for many day trips taken to nearby islands.

Nassau Old Town

Nassau Old Town is about 20 minutes from Junkanoo Beach, which means that you are very close to all the best parts of the Bahamas. So, sign up for a day tour – there’s an array of day tours available – and give yourself the chance to explore the outer islands.

Swimming Pigs Day Trip by Plane

Getting to Big Exuma Cay has always been a challenge for tourists. Waters are unpredictable, and the weather follows suit. So, a ferry tour might not be ideal for those susceptible to sea sickness. But don’t worry, you can now fly to Pig Beach, and you’ll get there three times quicker than a ferry ride.

Weather and Ideal Times to Visit Junkanoo Beach

The temperatures in Nassau are great all year long, but hurricanes are a factor between June and November, so you might have to stay indoors if you visit during these months. So, we suggest that you visit between mid-December and April.

However, this is the peak season, everything is going to be pricey – book your accommodation months in advance and be prepared to wait in line for practically everything, including car rentals and meals.

Key Events During the Peak Season

If you find yourself at Junkanoo Beach during the final week of December, don’t forget to add this event to your list of things to see: