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Is Thanksgiving Celebrated In The Bahamas? (Other FESTIVALS!)

Even though Thanksgiving is not declared a national holiday in the Bahamas, it is celebrated with spirited gusto – as expected from the Bahamian people.

Let’s break it all down and explore this fascinating subject further – especially if you are planning a trip to the Bahamas for your Thanksgiving.

How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated In The Bahamas

Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in the Bahamas – unlike in the United States, Canada or even St. Lucia. However, this is a country that will look for any excuse to feast on!

So celebrating thanksgiving in the Bahamas is very much a joyous and happening thing.

Since the Bahamians do celebrate Thanksgiving in an Americanized way, they too celebrate in November with the idea of giving thanks.

Of course, the best thing about celebrating Thanksgiving in the Bahamas is that you get all the festive spirit and the most beautiful climate and surroundings to make this a real island celebration.

But how similar or dissimilar are the actual celebrations apart from it not being a national holiday in the Bahamas? We are answering that next!

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Thanksgiving – Bahamian Style!

Yes, the sun is shining, the shallow ocean waters are clear and glistening, the weather is just absolutely divine and the festive spirit is just incredible.

It’s what we call a tropical Thanksgiving. But what else do the Bahamas do differently during Thanksgiving?

Turkey Stuffing – Not a Thing

Thanksgiving Turkey

In the Bahamas, you will be able to find plenty of turkey dishes, especially during Thanksgiving time. You might find it a little more challenging to come across a complete turkey to put into the oven (sorry!).

The Bahamas don’t exactly do the traditional American turkey. But! If you are ready to get a little adventurous, there’re some yummy Bahamian dishes you can enjoy.

Fried fish, grits with a baked potato on the side, some sky juice, crawfish dishes! Seriously good stuff.

Black Friday Craze

Black Friday Shopping

Is Thanksgiving just around the corner? That means there’s a black Friday just before the corner!

The Bahamians are huge on shopping, and you will learn that very quickly when you visit the Bahamas during the Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving Parade – The Bahamian Way!

No American Thanksgiving parade would be complete without the much-awaited Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Why not put a Bahamian spin on that and enjoy a lovely neighbourhood Junkanoo-themed parade or even a costume party? 

No Football During Thanksgiving


Yes, Football is a very American thing to enjoy during Thanksgiving. One might even say, what is Thanksgiving without a game of football?

In the Bahamas, Football isn’t a thing, so this might have to be scratched off your list when in the Bahamas during thanksgiving. But it’s the Bahamas! There’ll be plenty of things to do and enjoy!

Holidays Celebrated In The Bahamas!

Majority Rule Day In The Bahamas

Majority Rule Day in Bahamas

This national holiday is celebrated on the 10th of January every year, and it is an important holiday for Bahamians.

It commemorates the day the government of the Bahamas won majority rule, and real democracy was introduced to the nation.

Like all things celebrated in the Bahamas, the locals gather to enjoy this holiday with good food and music and jolly festivity!

Whit Monday

This annually celebrated holiday usually falls on a Monday (who knew), and it usually falls in May, or in rare situations June. It’s usually filled with countless outdoor activities – like boat races, pageants, fairs and so much more.

A real summer fiesta. And honestly? It is probably the only time I will say something good about the start of the week – It’s a Monday I’d love to experience. 

Emancipation Day

This national holiday usually falls on the first Monday of August, every year. (The Bahamas really seem to be making a sincere attempt to make Monday more likeable).

That said, it is a super significant historical celebration for the Bahamas. Why? This holiday commemorates the end of slavery on the Bahamian islands in 1834.

Easter Holiday

Easter Celebrations

Christianity is the dominant religion in the Bahamas. So it is of no surprise to see Bahamians celebrating Easter.

You’ll also be delighted to know that here in the Bahamas, the four-day Easter weekend is celebrated devotedly with church ceremonies, ample visits to the beach and the usual fun activities like Easter egg hunts.

National Heroes Day

Here’s another incredible holiday that falls on a Monday. The second Monday in October to be exact. What is this holiday about?

Well, as the name suggests, it is a day the Bahamians pay homage to all those who have done heroic things to earn recognition as National Heroes in the Bahamas.

It’s usually celebrated with the Bahamian prime minister addressing the nation on the importance of this holiday and honouring the heroes that selflessly contributed to liberating the nation.

It will also include a week of different fascinating activities.

Christmas Holiday In The Bahamas

Christmas Decorations

In the Bahamas, Christmas is one of the grandest celebrations! It involves numerous carnivals and festivals. If you are wondering where to celebrate your Christmas holidays, the Bahamas is one of the most festive places to go.

Sure, there won’t be a white Christmas or winter wonderland. But get ready for the much-awaited annual Junkanoo Parades and grand Christmas ceremonies.

For locals, this is a time to gather with their friends and family and feast – in Bahamian style!

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