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Indian Brook Falls

Indian Brook Falls

There are countless scenic landscapes in the USA. Some of the good ones that don’t make it to the cut of perfection often go unnoticed. Such is the gem hidden near the Constitution Marsh in Hudson Valley, NY – Indian Brook Falls. A local favourite for an easy hike, or a relaxing walk, the Brook Waterfall is the Marshlands that travellers MUST explore. Visitors planning to head to the Constitution Sanctuary to explore its awes must include this mystical cascade in their itinerary. Here’s all about the unheard Indian Brook Falls.

History of Indian Brook Falls

Just as its name suggests, the Indian Brook Falls stands for the natives who once roamed the lands that are now the Audubon Sanctuary. This waterfall has been mentioned in various contexts by famous writers and artists in the Romantic Era, such as Nathaniel Parker Willis. This was mainly due to its natural beauty, which visitors have to pass through a rugged trail to witness. During winter the whole place – including the Hudson River and the Bridge- gets blanketed by a thick layer of Snow which, when compared to its summer scenery, is a beauty of its own.

There are many ghastly legends associated with the terrains and the Marsh of the Brook Waterfall. One speaks of the Indian Maiden who lost her lover and attempted to take her life at the very location. Stories from the 20th century claimed to have heard sounds of a woman wailing in the Marsh – which today can be debunked as sounds of gushing wind during early winter. The other legend speaks of a dog’s spirit – belonging to the infamous Captain Kidd – a pirate who hid his treasure around the Cold Spring area. Although that too is never experienced in the modern-day – shockingly Captain Kidd was a real – and was hung in 1701 accused of piracy.

How to get to Indian Brook Falls?

With all its stories being said, the Indian Brook Falls is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Hudson Valley. A short walk of about 5 minutes, passing a Dirt Road from Constitution Marsh, you will reach this beautiful geographic wonder. The parking lot is located around 2 miles away from the Marsh site.

Start walking along the Indian Brook Road, and you’d come across the spectacular Bridge that leads you onto the trail of the waterfall that begins at the rusted iron gate. This hike may seem slightly hectic if you were not prepared for a long walk with blunt sceneries – especially during fall – but the final destination is never a one to miss. Take the trail route to the left as soon as you spot the mini Bridge. There onwards, move forward along the creek, and you’ll arrive at Indian Brook Falls. Once you’ve done visiting Brook Falls, you can head back along the same trail and arrive at the Marsh from where you can explore the rest of the gems here in Constitution Valley.

Things to do here

Although there isn’t much exploration to do in the Marsh that leads to the waterfall, one can surely find some peace and quietness amidst the woods. It is safe, and it’s the ideal place for a family looking to relax and have a picnic. If you love amateur hiking, the trail that leads to Indian Brook Falls can be considered as one for beginners. Take the hike with a friend or two rather than going solo, the experience can be shared. Finally, the trophy on the summit is the waterfall itself that is simply breathtaking. Make sure to carry a good camera and head towards the evening for perfect captures.

During Fall and Winter, the Marsh and the Cold Spring comes to its most graceful period. If you happen to be travelling to Hudson Valley during the season, remember to visit the Indian Brook Falls.

Important points to keep in mind when visiting Indian Brook Falls

  • As beautiful as it may seem, many visitors forget what keeps treasures such as this Marshland in its scenic state. It is important to not pollute the surrounding areas. Make sure to pack in everything that you brought before you leave. It also includes refraining from drawing graffiti on the old gate of the trail and its walls.
  • Although pets are harmless, and they’re allowed around other parts of the sanctuary, dogs aren’t allowed on the trail at Constitution Marsh that leads to Brooks Falls. So remember not to bring your dog when going on the hike.
  • Lastly, winter is the best time to visit the waterfall because of its snow capped scenic English landscapes. But one must be careful of their step, as the ground may turn slippery.
Indian Brook Falls
Photo by Jeffinputnam on Flickr
Boradwalk at Constitution Mrash
Photo by Sébastien Barré on Flickr
Constitution Marsh
Photo by Sébastien Barré on Flickr

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