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Hawaii Vs Florida: Which Is The Place For YOU?

With the states’ tropical big guns put to the test, we believe you’d be able to pick the one that suits you best with our short and simple analysis.

We decided to bring out the key factors that keep the scales unstable. Perhaps, your lifelong idea could be wrong after all. Just wait for the jaw-dropper.

Which got better Beaches?

Although we can write lengthy articles describing every beach of both Hawaii and Florida to conclude, we opted to cut to the chase and tell you downright which got better beaches. Yes, you were right! It’s Hawaii.

Why Hawaii?

The beaches of Hawaii are surrounded by coral reefs, which not only help its marine life to thrive but also protect the shores from strong currents, making it ideal for a dip or surf.

The beaches of all the islands in the archipelago – Maui, Kauai, Lanai and the rest are super sandy and perfectly sunny, making it ideal for sunbathing and water activities.

Why not Florida?

Sunny day at Smathers Beach Key West

Florida beaches are stunning as well. Some may even argue that Florida is not second to Hawaii in terms of its beaches, but we have to disagree. Florida is highly commercialized, and the beaches are super crowded.

Although the beaches are as magical, the atmosphere sets them way apart from Hawaii. Is it good for a long-awaited holiday? You might want to think again.

Is Hawaii hotter than Florida?

Both states go hand in hand when it comes to humidity. Florida gets its name Sunshine State for this reason. The sun shines almost year-round. But Hawaii is slightly hotter than Florida – as anyone would expect.

But it’s not always sunny in this tropical island state. The rainiest months in Hawaii are recorded to be from November to March.

What’s even more fascinating is that the rainfall is somewhat higher in the north and east parts, meaning that if you want a more sunny holiday in Hawaii, you can decide which island to go to in order to avoid the heavy rains.

Florida is also very much amiable except for its rainy season. July through to September is considered the peak of the rainy season in the sunshine state, and storms break through during this period – we mean for real. Hurricanes across Florida are quite damaging, and tourism comes to somewhat of a standstill.

Best Place to Live (or Retire)

Mobile Home Florida

When it comes to Hawaii and Florida, the best place to live vastly depends on your income and your preference for living expectations. Both states have high living standards, but these are some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding where to live:

  • Do I like living on an island? – If yes, Hawaii
  • Do I have a passive income apart from a monthly salary? – If yes, Hawaii (cause it’s pretty expensive)
  • Do I like to live a diverse city life? – If yes, Florida
  • I don’t mind even If I get a comparatively minimal salary as long as life is more peaceful – If yes, Hawaii (because wages are quite low compared to Florida, but ironically Hawaii is more expensive to live)
  • I’m looking for minimal rent – If yes, Florida (there’s no income tax)

By now, we guess you probably have a clear idea. We like to stress more about housing and rent. Believe it or not, housing is very expensive in Hawaii compared to Florida. This is mainly due to it being a high-demand tourist destination.

Is Hawaii’s cost of living something to worry about?

Hawaii is 76% more expensive than the US average, while Florida is just 2% more. In simpler terms, if you’re a US citizen, you’d have to spend 76% more money to buy an item in Hawaii, whilst in Florida, you’d have to pay 2% more than what you would pay in your home state.

For vacationers, it’s alright. It may be a once-a-year experience so a few extra bucks won’t harm. But if you’re going to live in Hawaii, it’s important to have a passive income to keep up with day-to-day expenses.

What matters most: Food

Hawaii Plate

That’s right. We are not too sure about you, but we love exotic food! And the tropical island is one of the most intriguing destinations for food. Most of their delicacies have roots in Polynesian heritage.

One such is Poke (not pork). Poke is made of raw fish and indigenous spices – truly mouth-watering. Kalua pork is another dish that’s worth trying if you’re in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, remember to taste Poi. It’s a type of porridge made out of taro root, and it’s simply delicious.

While Florida goes out and above with their spreads – which by the way, consists of their favourite Pink Shrimps and many other citruses, creatively curated carbs and greens. You’ll never get bored of the food here.

We confidently say that Florida will never make you yearn for cuisine for too long. Why so? You can find practically any food around you. Be it Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian or any other.

You must also try their Key Lime Pie – the official food of the sunshine state.

Is the Culture only worth it?


Hawaii’s Polynesian culture is something to experience, including its cultural rituals, local life and its unique cuisine. We might have to point out that if you’re not used to the food here, you might get full of it very soon.

And cultural beauty is not something to enjoy every awakening day.

Florida is full of immigrants from Europe and Latin America. Apart from being convenient and familiar, you’d also find diversity on a whole different level.

Is wildlife something you should be alerted about?

Most certainly! Wildlife is something many travellers love to experience, but when it becomes deadly wilderness, one may have to watch out!

Alligators are sprawling in Florida, and so do sharks and sting rays in the shallow waters, poisonous snakes, spiders, and more! You name it, they’ve got it.

Alligators are so common in this state that it has even become a cuisine in some parts. (deep fried alligator meat tastes juicy) If you have a phobia of reptiles or – alligators in particular, you know where to go to get rid of that fear!

Hawaii, on the other hand, is somewhat milder, and if you stay close to the beaches the only danger you’re prone to are sharks and gigantic waves.

If you go hiking around the volcanoes, you may have to keep your nose out of the smog, but surely nothing as deadly as the carnivores and poisonous insects in Florida.

Our Pick:

It took us some time, but we chose Florida! Now some of you may be surprised. But here’s why:

  • It’s a tropical city and a developed state with plenty of opportunities to work, play and relax.
  • Florida got amazing beaches
  • Living and experiences are much cheaper compared to Hawaii.

There you go! Which state do you choose?

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