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Folly Dolly Falls

Situated in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Folly Dolly Falls is a hidden gem of a spot ideal for a day outing. This spectacular waterfall cascades over rocks and boulders of sandstone and softer shale. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the waterfall lays claim to a pleasant and calming environment usually considered to be ideal for some great photographs!

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How to get there?

This small but picturesque waterfall is less than a 20-minute walk from the closest parking spot. Visitors are ideally expected to park their cars near Morisson’s or on the main street and make their walk along the Meltham Greenway route (old railway line). As you near the end of the Meltham Greenway, visitors will be met with a notable space or gap on a wooden fence that makes way for a steep muddy descent eventually leading to Folly dolly falls.

Upon reaching the bottom of the descent, you’ll come across a tunnel with a small stream running through it. Turn left from here and follow the river in order to catch your first glimpse of the waterfall!

Video footage of Folly Dolly Falls

Folly Dolly Falls

When to Visit Folly Dolly Falls?

Visitors are likely to get the full experience when there is heavy rainfall as folly dolly falls is known to dry up during times of dry spells. The wettest months in Yorkshire are usually considered to be the months of September and November. So if you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to visit after at least a day or two of rainfall – going after a long dry spell will leave you disappointed. The falls is also known to freeze during winter times – which calls for some amazing photographs!

A frozen Folly Dolly Falls
Photo by Dave Pattern on Flickr
Folly Dolly Falls
Photo by Dave Pattern on Flickr

Important points to keep in mind

  • The decent of the path leading to the waterfall can be quite steep and slippery during rainy periods, so make sure to be extra cautious and wear appropriate foot wear.
  • No toilets or a place to buy refreshments close by, unless you visit the Morisson’s supermarket in town.
  • The place isn’t the most suitable for a picnic due to the cluttered and minimal space at the base of the falls.
  • Make sure to keep noise levels at a minimum while respecting the local community. The path leading towards folly dolly falls runs adjacent to a village consisting of farmers fields with livestock.

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