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Does It Snow In The Bahamas? (You Will Be Surprised!)

The playground for the rich and the famous, the Bahamas has a tropical climate with regular rainfall. Snow isn’t a likely occurrence here, but years ago, the Bahamas did experience some snowfall.

When Did It Snow In The Bahamas?

It doesn’t usually snow in the Bahamas. But the country did experience snowfall in 1977. This was hugely reported in the media, as snow in the Bahamas is unusual.

Climate In the Bahamas

Climate of Bahamas

The Bahamian islands experience a tropical climate, with a hot and rainy period. From May to October, it’s quite hot on the islands, but the heat is tempered by the breeze.

From November to April, the weather becomes cooler, which is mostly experienced on the north-western islands; the north-western islands tend to be a little cooler during winter and rainier during summer.

During winter – from December to March – the temperatures on the islands are subsided by the cool air masses that blow from the United States while on the north-western islands, it can get a little chilly at night.

In Nassau and Freeport, the weather is characterized by wind, clouds, and rain.

July to August months are usually considered the hottest. During this period, the climate conditions remain the same on every island, with a daily average temperature of around 82ºF (28ºC).

In the period from June to November, the islands are susceptible to hurricanes – the tropical Caribbean and Atlantic hurricanes are most likely to occur from August to October.

What Is Winter Like In The Bahamas

Winter in the Bahamas feels like late spring. In the Bahamas, winter temperatures range from 70 to 80 ºF (21 to 27ºC). However, it can get quite cold at night and early in the morning.

Thanks to the unchanging temperature levels in the Bahamas, the country is a popular winter destination for tourists from the United States.

Is The Bahamas Hot All Year Round?

Pretty much yes, and it is why the Bahamas is considered a year-round destination. The temperatures on most islands average from 70 to 80 ºF (21 to 27ºC), but the consistent breeze makes the heat bearable. 

Is It Warm Enough To Swim In the Bahamas In January?

January is considered the coldest month in the Bahamas, but don’t worry, the water is warm enough for swimming.

The temperature in the waters in the months of January and February ranges from 72 to 73 ºF (23ºC), and the air temperature ranges from 70 to 80 ºF (21 to 27ºC).

Snowbird Locations In The Bahamas

Pastel houses in New Providence Island

While all Bahamian islands are snowbird locations, for the best experience during winter, these are the islands that should be on your list:

New Providence Island

The most popular island in the Bahamas, New Providence Island, commonly known as Nassau Island, is an excellent snowbird location.

The island is also linked to Paradise Island, where snowbirds can find pretty much everything they expect.

Grand Bahama

Travelling with kids, in search of beach time? Grand Bahama is the perfect location for you during winter.

Long Island

This is an excellent location for couples who want a bit of privacy.

Paradise Island

If you are planning a family vacation in the Bahamas, Paradise Island simply must be on your itinerary.

Things To Do In The Bahamas During Winter

Market In The Bahamas

The beaches are a must-visit for all those snowbirds. Gold Rock Beach, Treasure Cay Beach, Pink Sand Beach, and Cape Santa Maria Beach are popular choices among tourists.

As for the activities you can enjoy here during winter, the list is a long one, consisting of snorkelling, sailing, deep-fishing, swimming, and sunbathing.

Here are a few other places you can visit in the Bahamas during winter:

  • Nassau Straw Market
  • Casinos
  • The Forts of Nassau
  • The Pirates of Nassau Museum
  • The Queen’s Staircase
  • Blue Lagoon Island
  • Port Lucaya Marketplace
  • Lucayan National Park
  • Arawak Cay
  • Atlantis Waterscape
  • John Watling’s Distillery

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What Would Be A Good Time To Visit The Bahamas?

The ideal time to visit the Bahamas is generally the dry season, which spans from mid-November to April. That said, if you are planning to holiday on the north-western islands, the climate isn’t all that warm for you to enjoy a beach holiday during the dry season – there can be cold and windy days.

However, the southernmost islands are perfect for beachgoers. If you prefer to visit the northernmost islands, you might want to visit from April to May, although it can rain quite a bit in May.

May to October can be a tricky time for tourist visits due to intense hurricanes, especially on the northern islands.

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What To Pack

If you are visiting the Northern islands during the period from November to April, you need light clothing and a sweater and maybe a scarf to protect yourself from the breeze; you might also want an umbrella and a jacket.

A holiday on the southern islands also calls for similar clothing.

Tourists visiting the islands from May to October will need light clothes and a raincoat to withstand the heavy rains.

If you are planning to spend a lot of your time at the beach and in the ocean, bring water shoes and rubber slippers. Also, snorkellers will hugely benefit from bringing their own snorkelling gear.

Accommodation For Tourists During Winter

Bahamas Accomodation

Numerous accommodation options are available during the winter season. From hotels and resorts to holiday apartments, you can take your pick from an extensive list.

Bed and breakfast is a popular choice for those with a strict budget. Most hotels and resorts offer seasonal packages as well, although, during the peak season (which happens to be the winter season), prices tend to go up due to high demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Cold Does It Get In The Bahamas?

The coldest month in the Bahamas is January, with an average temperature of 72ºF (22ºC). The wettest month is August with an average rainfall of 6.2 inches.

What Is The Lowest Temperature Ever Reported In The Bahamas?

The lowest temperature ever to be recorded in the Bahamas was on the 20th of January 1981; the temperature was approximately 39ºF (4ºC).