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Does It Snow In Australia? (Australia’s Snowfall Explained!)

Yes, it does snow in Australia, especially on the peaks of the Snowy Mountains in South Eastern New South Wales. Australia is a destination of spectacular natural beauty and the winter season here is particularly alluring to tourists.

Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s snowfall!

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Winter Season In Australia

Snow in Melbourne, Australia

Quite contrary to other countries that receive snowfall, Australia’s winter runs from July to August. Most tourists believe that the temperatures here don’t drop below 20 degrees Celsius, but in alpine regions of Australia, it can get quite chilly during winter with snowfall.

And you will also experience cooler climate conditions all over the country. Most of the places where you find snow are characterised by mountains – the higher the elevation, the cooler the climate.

Average Temperatures During Winter Season

DestinationHighest Possible TempLowest Possible Temp
Melbourne13 °C6 °C
Canberra12 °C0 °C
Sydney17 °C9 °C
Darwin31 °C19 °C
Perth19 °C8 °C
Cairns26 °C17 °C
Hobart12 °C5 °C
Brisbane22 °C8 °C
Adelaide16 °C8 °C

Winter Rainfall In Australia

With the exception of winter rainfall in Tasmania, a typical winter in Australia doesn’t warrant rainfall. The approximate rainfall in Northern Territory is 14 mm during the winter season, while NSW can experience 98 mm of rainfall during winter. In Victoria, however, rainfall during winter is measured up to 180 mm.

Christmas In July!

For many Australians, Christmas in July is not a novel concept, but for you travellers, it will be something new to look forward to.

The Australian winter spans from June to August, which, by the way, is a very short winter; so the residents of Australia have come up with a way to enjoy Christmas when it’s still cold.

Christmas in July is celebrated on the 25th; most Australian households are decorated with Christmas trinkets for the benefit of the passer-by.

Locals also like to get together with family and friends in front of a log fire and enjoy a hearty meal and plenty of drinks!

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Places To See Snow In Australia

Mount Buller Peak with Snow

Although it doesn’t snow everywhere in Australia, there are numerous places where you can see snowfall and enjoy winter activities.

Perisher (NSW)


The composite of four different resorts, Perisher is a stunning valley found in the Southern Hemisphere. With an area of 1,245 hectares, five terrain parks, and seven mountains, Perisher brings you lots of skiing opportunities.

Kanangra/Boyd National Park – Blue Mountains (NSW)


An hour’s drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is one of the most visited destinations in Australia. Kanangra-Boyd National Park is part of the Blue Mountains, offering tourists amazing views of the area. Snowfall here occurs in August, and it doesn’t last longer than five days. So, before getting here, make sure to check the weather forecast.

Oberon (NSW)


One of the best places to visit if you enjoy the quiet winter ambience, Oberon is only two hours from Sydney. You cannot enjoy any activities here as there isn’t a ski resort that offers skiing or snowboarding, but you could enjoy the cosy fires in a delightful natural setting.

Mount Buller (VIC)


For a diverse array of activities, visit Mount Buller, which is only a few hours away from Melbourne. You can enjoy a number of activities here, including skiing.

However, if you want a respite from activity, you could pop into one of the bars or restaurants.

What’s more, the Sculpture Walk Park found here offers an amazing experience for families with kids.

Falls Creek (VIC)


If you are a beginner skier, Fall Creek, with its moderately steep slopes, is the ideal winter destination for you. With numerous cross-country trails, you find Australia’s longest green run here. The place isn’t as big as other ski destinations; however, there are plenty of bars and restaurants for you to enjoy.

Twilight skiing, trail running, snow tubing, and hiking are some of the things you can do here.

Mount Wellington/ Kunanyi (Tasmania)


At the top of Mount Wellington, you find an amazing park named Wellington Park.  The park offers numerous activities, including hiking, walking, horse riding, bush walking and rock climbing.

On a bush-walking expedition, you are bound to come across a plethora of birds. The place is also home to several lookouts, including Chalet, Pinnacle Road, and Springs.

The Overland Track (Tasmania)


To enjoy the breathtaking alpine region of Australia, visit The Overland Track in Tasmania. This area doesn’t get much snow, but there can be a slight cover of snow during the winter season.

The scenic hiking trails are particularly adventurous, but the tours can be adjusted according to your skill level.

Indoor Activities During Winter In Australia

Sydney Opera House

A list of indoor activities you can enjoy during winter in Australia is as follows:

  1. Visit theatres, museums and art galleries – Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne are dotted with museums and galleries. 
  2. Explore the cosy bars and cafes.
  3. Sign up for indoor skydiving.
  4. Visit Sydney Opera House.

Outdoor Activities During Winter Snow In Australia

Winter Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities you can enjoy during an Australian winter are aplenty.


The list of hiking opportunities during winter in Australia is extensive. You can take your pick according to your skill level and preference. One of the perks of hiking in Australia during winter is wildlife encounters.


Explore the alpine region of Australia on a snowshoeing expedition. This isn’t only meant for young people; older people too can enjoy snowshoeing here. There are many skis rental stores where you can find snowshoes for hire.

Scoot Around the Mountains

The best way to enjoy Australia’s winter landscape is on a ride by snowmobile. You can drive around the high plains to your heart’s content. One snowmobile can generally accommodate two adults.

Husky Rides

One of the best activities for families with kids, a husky ride will take you through the snow cover at Alpine National Park. A team of friendly huskies will drive you around the park. The last bit of the tour, where you get to cuddle up with the huskies, has to be the best part of the excursion!

Try the Toboggan

Toboggan is a small sledge on which you can slide down the snowy slopes. There are several alpine parks – Corin Forest, Selwyn Snow Resort, Mt Baw Baw, Falls Creek, and Mt Buller – that offer slopes ideal for riding a toboggan. This is an excellent winter activity for kids. 

Spin Down on a Tube

Give yourself the opportunity to slide, spin, and bounce all you want! Ideal for tourists of all ages, tubing is one of the best things you can enjoy during your winter holiday in Australia.

Several parks, including Selwyn Snow Resort, Falls Creek, and Perisher, offer snow tubing.

Spend a Night inside a Snow-Dome Tent

Mt. Hotham offers those with a taste for novelty a unique winter experience. You can spend a delightful night in a snow-dome tent at a secluded location surrounded by gum trees, but you’ll first be treated to a scrumptious three-course meal!  

Enjoy Winter Festivals

The snowy regions of Australia come alive with full splendour during the winter season. There’s an array of festivals to be enjoyed; the list includes Peak Festival, Yulefest, Winter Wonderlights and Bathurst Winter Festival.

You might not experience snow while enjoying these festivals; however, you will be offered plenty of winter festivities, made bright and cheerful by Christmas decorations and music.

Spot Wildlife

One of the most unusual things about Australian winters is the diverse wildlife you get to see during this period.

Kangaroos, wombats, possums, bird species, and wild horses are among the wild animals you’ll encounter during your winter holiday here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Snow In Australia

Has it ever Snowed in Sydney, Australia?

Yes, it has snowed in Sydney, but just once. The memorable Sydney snow day occurred in 1836, over a century ago.

Does it Snow in Melbourne?

Yes, it does snow in Melbourne, but it’s a rare occurrence. However, if you are planning a winter holiday in Melbourne, you might need a warm coat as it can get very cold.

Does it Snow in Victoria, Australia?

Yes, several regions like Falls Creek, Hotham, and Mount Buller in Victoria receive snow during the winter season. Skiers and snowboarders visiting the alpine regions in Victoria are in for a treat!

Does it Snow in Perth, Australia?

No, snowfall has never been recorded in Perth, but temperatures can drop quite low during winter.

Does it Snow in Queensland, Australia?

There’s no prolific snowfall in Queensland. However, snowfall does occur and it doesn’t last longer than a day.

Does it Snow in Canberra?

Yes, but it’s a rare occurrence. However, a three-hour drive from Canberra is Snowy Mountains, home to popular ski resorts like Perisher, Thredbo and Charlotte Pass.

Does it Snow in Brisbane, Australia?

No, Brisbane doesn’t experience snow, although there can be a light cover of snow in southern Queensland.

Can you go Skiing and Snowboarding in Australia?

Yes, you can! Not every region in Australia experiences snow, but the few that do, offer plenty of skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Thredbo Alpine Resort, Selwyn snowfields, Mt Baw Baw, Charlotte Pass, Perisher, Dinner Plain, and Falls Creek are some of the most visited ski resorts in Australia.

Where does it Snow all Year round in Australia?

You won’t find snow all year round in Australia, but the Snowy Mountains, located in South East NSW, receive snow in June, July, August, and also early September.