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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country in South East Asia. It is situated bordering Bangladesh, India, Laos, Thailand, and China. The country is packed with culture and traditions. Tourists would be fascinated to witness some of the unique traditions of the Burmese.

Myanmar is well known for handmade crafts and so many more, which are centuries old. Myanmar has Buddhist grass-roots and consists of many aesthetic Buddhist temples. There are also Teak Wood Monasteries like the Shwenandaw Monastery. The iconic Saddar Cave decorated with Buddhist statues is a must-visit.  

Mount Popa is a perfect place for all those hikers out there. There are 777 steps that lead to the top, and the view from the top is panoramic. Myanmar could be a great addition to anyone’s travel bucket list as the country’s culture and traditions rejuvenate the soul.