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Can You Swim In The Bahamas? (Is It SAFE?)

Can You Swim In The Bahamas? (Is It SAFE?)

The waters off the Bahamas are safe and ideal for swimming.

This archipelago of nearly 700 islands is located in the Atlantic Ocean, more towards the southeast direction of America (near Florida). The famous astronaut Scot Kelly once called it ‘the most beautiful place from space‘.

That should give anyone a pretty good idea of what to expect in the Bahamas. Especially the beaches.

Another generally known yet unique fact is that most beaches in the Bahamas are super shallow. It makes the waters more inviting for those who still have reservations about taking a dip in these waters. But obviously, there is more to these breathtakingly pristine blue waters, and we are going to dive right in!

What Are The Best Beaches In The Bahamas?

Love Beach

Love Beach
Photo by Daniel Piraino on Flickr


If you go down to Nassau (the Bahama Capital), then you’d get many recommendations to visit this beach. Just a 20-minute drive from downtown Nassau. Beach visitors will be charged a beach entry ticket (around 5 dollars) for bathroom, shower and WIFI access. You will also find plenty of beach cafes in the near and far vicinity of this stunning beach stretch.

The sandy beach stretch is not without beach-loving crowds, but no visitor has ever complained of it being overwhelmingly crowded. The water is pristine and super inviting, and many confirm that it is very safe for a leisurely dip or a good swim. You can even go snorkelling. Worth a visit? Duh!

Old Fort Bay


What was once a pirate stronghold is now a members-only beach haven set amidst the shade of palm trees, 20-minutes from Nassau. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy this bougie beach club through an invitation-only membership/guest (of a member).

So then why are we telling you about this? Because the beach here at Old Fort is breathtaking, with calm and pristine waters and ever-white sandy shores. But if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity, then don’t hold back. Indulge in complete island luxury. From dipping in the beaches to enjoying incredible cocktails, meals, a pool area and some stylish lounging areas – be one of the elites.

The Tropics of Cancer Beach (Pelican Beach)

Tropic of Cancer Beach


At first glance, this stunning beach stretch will look as if a piece of heaven just dropped on earth and landed in the Bahamas. The sand looks like it was finely sifted. So soft to the feet and constantly kissed by the translucent aqua blue water.

So far, It has been somewhat less crowded, even during high season. It is the longest beach along the coast of Little Exuma. This beach strip is so gorgeous and it is little to no surprise that people travel from all over the world just to dip in its waters. Worth a visit? Based on what you just read, you decide!

Paradise Beach


This beach is attached to the Atlantis Resorts, so if you’re wondering if this beach is privately owned, it’s not. The waters are stunning and clear blue and the shores are golden, your feet will slightly sink as you walk.

Since most of the stretch is somewhat dominated by the hotel, there are very few cafes, and other amenities are not readily available (unless you are staying at the Atlantis Hotel). The sellers can get a little aggressive. If you want to have a beach outing at Paradise Beach, make sure to bring what you need. Other than that, this place is fantastic!

Cabbage Beach


This beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches the Paradise Island of the Bahamas has to offer. Think of the most heavenly beach you can imagine, and Cabbage Beach still might be better (no joke). Soft white sand and clear blue waters. The surf can get a little rough, so watch out. But it’s ideal for a cooling dip.

Like all famous beaches, there are local vendors trying to make a living by selling you things. Be respectful and try your hand at getting a good bargain. The beach stretches are maintained and just intensely mesmerizing. Worth a visit? Well, obviously!

Junkanoo Beach

Junkanoo Beach


Here’s another beach haven you will find in Nassau, Bahamas.

Yes, it’s super popular, so you won’t be able to avoid the crowds unless you come at less of a peak time or earlier than most. The beach stretch is beautiful and will not disappoint beach lovers of all ages. You can walk from the cruise pier, so the gigantic cruise ships are in a fixed corner of this marvellous beach view.

It’s definitely safe to dip in, even for families, the waters are shallow to a considerable stretch, and the water is lovely. Unfortunately, there is an unavoidable hustle-bustle. But it’s also one of the most popular scuba diving spots. So if that is something you were aiming at trying out then Junkanoo Beach is the place to be.

Pink Sands Beach

Pink Sands Beach


The Pink Sands Beach is found on Habour Island in the Bahamas. Since you need to catch a ferry or a flight to get here, it’s not so crowded. If you ever wanted to walk on sand that’s super soft and clean and has a touch of pink, then this is the magical place you should travel to.

It has never failed to stun a traveller visiting for the first time, and the waters are stunningly blue and quite inviting. On a hot summer day, it’s perfect for a dip.

Treasure Cay Beach

Treasure Cay Beach


The Treasure Cay Beach is on the Abaco Island in the Bahamas. With almost glacier blue shaded water – so clear and calm paired with fine white sand. It’s no surprise that it has earned a reputation as one of the best beaches in the Bahamas.

The public beach area is spacious, there is a lovely parking spot as well, and some of the bigger beach events tend to take place here, so you just might be able to witness one first-hand as well. Overall, this beach is incredibly beautiful and safe enough for a good swim. If you want to spend a whole day here, you can rent a beach cottage and treat yourself to a lovely serene day at the beach.

French Leave Beach  


Here’s another beautiful pink sand beach that is also known as Club Med Beach. Ideal and popular for snorkelling – so to state the obvious it’s perfectly safe for a swim. On a sunny day, the blue of the waters can be electrifying and almost hypnotic.

It can be less crowded, and you might even capture a glimpse of dolphins in the water- away from the shallower ends. Some even come here to surf.

Map of Bahamas Beaches

Best Beach Season In The Bahamas

If you are looking for that tropical beach paradise vibe in the Bahamas, then you are looking at the hottest and the most ideal season to visit the Bahamas.

That season falls within the range of November to April every year. There is less rain and the average temperature around this time mostly settles at 24°C.

As December draws nearer, the beach-loving travel crowd gathers in large numbers, and it won’t be the most serene quiet beach holiday you would have, but we can assure you it doesn’t take away the magic and beauty of the sun, sand and sea!

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Other Memorable Experiences You Can Have In the Bahamas Beaches

Having the opportunity to go swimming and dipping in the stunning waters is an experience all on its own. But it’s a no brainer to understand that there is so much more you can do and enjoy on the beaches of the Bahamas. Like:

  • Rent a water scooter at the Taino Beach – which is on Grand Bahama Island. (5 minutes from the central freeport)
  • Go visit the Exuma pigs in Big Major Cay (Pig Beach) and spend some time with the adorable Exuma pigs, who will even swim with you!
  • Swim with dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island – more famously known as Salt Cay.
  • Go wreck diving. Since the Bahamas have a long history of wrecks, you can visit many wreck sites.
  • Go beach kayaking in Nassau and Junkanoo Beach!
  • Go kite surfing on the Cat Island of the Bahamas.

Important Points To Remember

  • Bring on the SPF 30!

If you are visiting the Bahamas during peak season, then you best believe that there will be plenty of sun. While a perfect tan is always awesome, it is always safe to carry protection.

  • The rip currents are REAL!

Yes, even the beaches in the Bahamas have rip currents. You are most likely to spot them where the water flow is obstructed. Like beach areas with reefs, parallel sandbars, piers and even jetties.

Rip currents are no joke. They are unexpected and quite strong. So if you get caught in one, don’t try to swim against it. Just swim parallel to the shore, and shout for help as you continue, you will eventually break free. Don’t panic.

  • When the tide gets rough!

All beaches in the Bahamas are stunning and ideal for a good and safe swim. We don’t discriminate. As calm as they generally are, they do have their rough days. Some beaches can be rougher than others. So what do you do?

Get a better idea by talking to the lifeguards, the locals in the area and visiting the visitor centres. Learn a bit more about each beach’s tidal cycle patterns so you can go for a no-risk swim!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bahamian Beaches

What part of the Bahamas has the most Pristine beaches?

Most Bahamian beaches are known for being pristine and clean. If you ask different travellers, you will get different answers. So, it’s safe to say all of the beaches mentioned above with honourable mentions to Cape Santa Maria Beach, Tahiti Beach and Cabbage Beach.

Why is the Bahamas Water so Blue?

The Bahamas water is so blue due to the shallow depth of the waters, especially along the immediate coastline. The sunlight reflecting off the corals and sand bed beneath exude a light blue colour.

Are there Sharks in the Bahamas?

Yes. The Caribbean Reef Shark is the most commonly spotted in the Bahamian beach waters. They usually avoid shallow areas during the daytime.

Is the Water warm in the Bahamas?

Yes, the water can be noticeably warm. The waters in Nassau in particular are said to never fall below 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22.2 degrees Celsius).

Is the Water rough in the Bahamas?

The beaches in the Bahamas are mostly known to be calm. Except during the off-season, when the rainy season takes over.

Can Beginners dive into Dean’s Blue Hole?

It is the second-deepest blue hole in the world. So simply put – NO! You should be an experienced diver with considerable diving experience on your diver resume.

What is the most beautiful Bahama Island?

Very subjective. Different travellers have different answers. Reviews point towards an island called Cat Island. Not the most popular, but its beauty is talked about.

Have the Bahamas been backdrops for famous Hollywood movies?

Yes – many. But our favourites are – The Pirates of the Caribbean! And Jaws – Revenge! Ironically…


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Do not swim parallel to rip currents. Swim parallel to shore.


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