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Can You Swim In Maldives Water? (All You Need To Know!)

Can You Swim In Maldives Water? (All You Need To Know!)

Absolutely yes, you can swim in the Maldives waters! It is well known that the Maldives provides one of the best marine life experiences compared to other travel destinations – and it is also home to over 1,200 fish and other exotic marine life. This makes it the perfect place to go for a swim, snorkelling or scuba diving to explore the life below the surface.

Located in the Indian Ocean just below India and Sri Lanka, these stunning islands will have a panoramic view of the azure seabed all around you.

How Safe Is Swimming In The Maldives?

Swimming in the Maldives water is one of the safest activities you can engage in. You can usually walk on the seabed on white-sand beaches for about 20 metres – most islands have shallow water around them. Apart from extreme water excursions, you can always go for a casual swim in the warm water that will relax your body immediately. These splendid islands are slightly on and above the equator so you will be dipping into nice, warm water with the bright sun shining over you. The sea temperature around the Maldives is around 28 degrees Celsius year-round and rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius.

However, there have been rare reports of deaths from drowning during the north-eastern monsoon season (between January to March) due to strong tidal currents. Following these incidents, tourist officials have warned all resorts to closely monitor their guests so they will be looked after. So don’t let the monsoon keep you from visiting these resplendent islands, but it is best to be cautious while sticking to the guidelines set out by the authorities.

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Are There Shark Attacks In Maldives?

Lemon Shark in Maldives Waters
Photo by Julien Bidet on Wikimedia Commons

There are at least 30 unique species of sharks in the Maldives and surprisingly, shark attacks are non-existent. They are very human-friendly and most tourists can even swim alongside Reef Sharks! You will mostly see Whale Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Hammer Heads while the most common type of shark is the Blacktip Reef shark which lives in shallow waters feeding on small fish.

Most resorts in the Maldives do shark feeding (even have shark feeding shows every morning) that keep them well-fed and familiar with the tourists, and it is extremely rare that they would directly attack humans. Baby sharks are also very friendly but make sure to never pet them unless a professional is nearby – it’s always good to stay out of harm’s way.

What Kind Of Water Excursions Can Tourists Experience?

Man Wind surfing

Tourists from all over the world visit the Maldives annually to enjoy the warm sun, azure blue water and sandy shores. Apart from swimming in the clearest seawater on Earth, there are many more water activities you can enjoy in the Maldives.

  • Snorkelling – You can start this series of experiences with a snorkelling trip that is perfect for non-swimmers (Pro tip: you can get snorkelling lessons from their professionally trained staff and the water isn’t too deep). This gives you a panoramic view of the sea bed, incredible corals, reefs and marine life that exist below the surface.
  • Scuba Diving – the Maldives is also a premier scuba diving destination so you can get a first-hand experience of life underwater and see uncommon sea creatures like stingrays, reef sharks, sea turtles and dozens of starfish. If you looking for calmer, clear water be sure to visit from December to May.
  • Dolphin Watching – If you travel a little further into the deep water, you will also have the chance to watch dolphins gracing the water nearby. These beautiful paradise islands are home to several species of dolphins. The best spot to see dolphins will be the Meemu atoll with 85 per cent chances, much higher than any other.
  • Jetskiing – Another one for non-swimmers to get an adrenaline rush is this water sport that will be one of the best adventures in the Maldives. You will get a small tutorial and will be advised to wear a lifejacket (safety ensured) and you can only jetski in protected areas with lifeguards present.
  • Surfing – Visit these breathtaking islands between May to October during the North East and South-West monsoons to get the best surfing experience of your life with the sun above you and bright blue water beneath you. You will have the best surfing spots in the North Male atolls.
  • Paddle Boarding – This is a modern water-based activity in the Maldives which is one of the safest places to paddleboard if you aren’t into surfing. With calm, shallow water, clearer than ever, you will see the fish swimming under you amongst the range of corals.

Can Non-Swimmers Have A Good Time In The Maldives?

Fishing in the Maldives
Photo by Christian Jensen on Flickr

The Maldives is also the perfect getaway for anyone that can or cannot swim! This Asian paradise confirms that fun and adventure have no limits and it certainly isn’t limited to your swimming skills. Here are a few ways you can enjoy your vacation without getting into the Maldivian waters.

  1. Picnic on Sandbank Tours – These are great for picnics on the sand under a large umbrella or you can get the perfect tan under the bright sun. Sandbanks are small patches of land in the middle of the ocean where you can enjoy your privacy and the glorious Indian ocean surrounding you. If you have the chance to snorkel around these sandbanks (in the shallow water) with a professional nearby, you can ask for a lifejacket so you can enjoy without needing to know how to swim.
  2. Fishing Trips with a View – This is one of the top tourist activities where you can take the boat into the deep sea any time of the year and enjoy the vivid orange and pink sunsets while catching different varieties of fish. The Maldives has an abundance of fish and it offers the guests three types of fishing – trophy fishing, fishing in the coral reefs and freshwater fishing. You can even take fishing lessons and try out different types of fishing as guided by experts.
  3. Culture and Culinary Experience – It wouldn’t be incorrect to call the Maldives the hub of Asia as it has its own deeply rooted culture as well as external influences from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Arab, Persia, Indonesia and even Africa. If you want to experience the land of the Maldives, be sure to meet with the locals who are warm and welcoming with bright smiles to get a glimpse of their culture. If you are a foodie, get excited to taste and savour the different unique cuisines offered.
  4. Stunning Sceneries on a Dolphin Cruise – Who says you must be a swimmer to have the best experiences in the Maldives? The dolphin cruises are another top favourite to sign up for if you are travelling with kids or that special someone. It is best enjoyed just after sunrise and just before the sunset to see the dramatic change in colours in the sky. You will get to see spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins more than the others. 

The best part about the Maldives is that all the impressive photos and screensavers you have seen represent exactly what you will see and experience while visiting in real life. You can explore the beautiful sandy beaches,  swim among exotic marine life in shallow waters and experience the culture and culinary expressions of this island. Swimming in the stunning blue waters of the Maldives is one of the safest activities in the world and you will collect a million memories to take back home.