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Can You See Cuba From Cancun? (Find OUT!)

No, you cannot see Cuba from Cancun or vice versa from the naked eye. This is mainly due to the fact that the distance between the two destinations is drastic. The straight line distance from Cancun to the closest region of Cuba is nearly 150 miles (240+ km), but that’s not the only reason.

The earth curves between these two destinations, hence the visibility is drawn further backwards, making it humanly impossible to get a glance of Cuba from Cancun.

Why Isn’t Havana Visible From Cancun?

Although Havana is located relatively close to Mexico on the map, we fail to take the Earth’s curvature into consideration that’s doubling the distance between the two destinations.

With this curvature, the straight line distance between Cancun and Havana adds up to 300+ miles (500+ km), hence hampering one’s viewing ability of Havana.

The Earth experiences a curvature of 7.85 meters every 10 km.

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Can You Travel Between Cuba And Cancun By Boat?

A boat docked at Cancun Lagoon

Well, you can, but legally it may not be the safest option. Travelling from Cuba to Cancun on a boat is usually done illegally, where Mezcal and Cigars are smuggled back and forth.

While a boat is impractical and time-consuming, the 100+ mile distance requires more than one tank of gas, so ferry rides are not available as well.

The most appropriate and easiest way to travel between Cancun and Cuba is by Air. It would take around 1 hour for the journey.

It’s very much cheaper to fly to Cuba through Mexico than the USA, so if you happen to be on a visit to Cancun, you can consider a bonus holiday to Cuba as well.

Are Americans Allowed To Go To Cuba?

Yes. Americans, just like any nationality, can travel to Cuba as long as they hold a valid passport and a tourist card. If you’re directly flying from the USA, the charges will be higher for the Visa.

Many Americans usually fly from Mexico to avoid this additional cost. Americans must also possess Travel Insurance and a self-certification under one of the 12 travel categories of authorized travel to Cuba.

How Long Would It Take To Swim To Cuba From Cancun?

It would take roughly around 40 hours to swim from Cancun to Cuba. Surprisingly, it’s not impossible, and it has been done before.

Back in 1998, an Australian woman using an anti-shark cage, swam across the Yucatan strait, from Mexico to Cuba in less than 39 hours.

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Is Cancun A Good Place To Visit?

If you’re easily swept off your feet by gorgeous turquoise water, powdery white beaches and amiable tropical weather, Cancun is the place for you! Bordering the Caribbean Sea, this Mexican city is one of the most famous spring-break holiday destinations for travellers – especially students.

You could easily find fully-furnished hotels and tourist-friendly sites, restaurants and exhilarating nightlife. However, just like any other tourist destination, there are a few things travellers should keep in mind.

Scammers are commonly found among the crowds trying to sell or forcing tourists to buy stuff. In such situations, you can just walk away. Besides, as much as the nightlife is lively, it can also be dodgy.

Cartels roam around the area, so avoid associating with unknown locals and suspicious dealings.

On a different note, travellers are also advised to avoid drinking tap water as most waterways could be contaminated.

Best Month To Visit Cuba?

Cuba’s tropical climate is admirable, but it also makes certain months more enjoyable than others. The best time to visit Cuba is between November to mid- April, when the seasons align to accommodate warm yet soothing weather.

Many travellers fly to Cuba in the latter season between February and April because the rates slightly drop compared to the beginning of the season.

If you’re planning a tightly budgeted trip, flying during July and August would be the ideal choice as the hot summer gradually eases off with the approach of the rainy season.

A common weather issue that all tropical countries face is the uncertainty with rains and storms. Cuba is no different.

If you’re travelling to Cuba, make sure you stay on alert with weather updates, as hurricanes can be expected during off-seasons.

Things To Do In Cuba

Old Cars in Cuba
Classic cars in Cuba

When you arrive in Cuba, you can exchange currency at the airport, banks, official government currency exchange houses, and most hotels and resorts.

Currency usage between Cuba and Mexico can be confusing as both nations use Pesos. But you cannot use Mexican Pesos in Cuba, nor vice versa.

If you’re in Cuba, visiting the old town of Havana tops any bucket list. The city practically lives between the 1940s and the present day. Travellers can rent a classic convertible and explore the scenic, colourful architecture and sip a Cuba Libre under the tropical sun.

The Vinales Valley, located by the Sierra de Los Órganos is also a must-visit destination where travellers can ride on horseback and roll some Cuban cigars – if you’re into it.

Those who love history must visit Havana’s Museum of Revolution, the El Capitolio – a historic government landmark, and the El Morro Castle. The El Morro Castle was opened in 1590 by an Italian architect and engineer – Battista Antonelli, and it stands at the entrance of the Havana harbour.

Cuban beaches are also some of the best beaches in the Caribbean region. Varadero beach is simply breathtaking with contrasting colours of white sand and blue water.

Other beaches, including Playa Ancon and Playa Bacuranao, are also must-visits.

While you’re in Cuba, don’t forget to taste its unique flavours. Try the famous Ropa Vieja, Picadillo and the renowned Cuban Espresso.

Head over to a traditional pub for dinner, enjoy a Tropicana show with some good Cuban music and dance the night away.

Which Destination Is Better, Havana Or Cancun?

View of Havana

Which destination is better? This heavily depends on what you are looking for; Cancun is a lit resort city with gorgeous beaches. Havana on the other hand is also a resort city with a melting pot of culture, cuisine and even better beaches!

Overall, Havana could be a better destination to visit if you are looking for a laid-back and unique experience. But, if you’re a student travelling on a budget, Havana could be on the pricier side. Cancun is ideal in such instances, but the experiences could be somewhat limited.

It doesn’t mean that Cancun is not worth visiting. The city has beautiful places to visit, including a Mayan Museum, La Isla shopping village and more.

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