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Can You Drink Tap Water In The Bahamas? (Is It SAFE?)

Yes, tap water is generally considered to be safe for drinking in the Bahamas. However, if you have a sensitive constitution, you may want to stick to bottled or boiled water. Also, tap water in the Bahamas leaves a strange aftertaste.

Do The Bahamas Have Clean Water?

Yes, the country does have clean water. The water is put through a process of remineralisation, desalination, and chlorination prior to distribution.

The water purification process in the Bahamas adheres to the standards set forth by the World Health Organization, the Department of Environmental Health Services, and the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

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Water Supply In The Bahamas

Groundwater is the main contributor to the water supply in the Bahamas.

Urban Regions

You can find clean drinking water in the popular urban regions; locals don’t seem to encounter problems while drinking tap water; however, as a tourist, you might need a few weeks before your body becomes acclimatised.

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts sell bottled water, so you’ll have plenty of drinking water during your holiday.

Rural Regions

The water quality in rural areas is somewhat dubious, so it’s best to stick to bottled water. If you cannot find bottled water, make sure you boil your water before consumption.

How Does The Bahamas Get Clean Water?

The country gets its water principally from groundwater. The water is distributed across the islands by barge.

How To Stay Safe From Water-Borne Diseases

If you are worried about falling sick during your holiday in the Bahamas, here are four ways you can keep water-borne illnesses at bay.

Boil Your Water

If you are not completely certain about the drinking water quality, you can always boil the water. Boiling kills off bacteria like E. coli, so boil your water for several minutes and let it cool down before drinking. 

Choose Treated Water

If boiling water is not an option, you can filter your water or use water disinfectants to clean the water, or you can go for water that’s already treated.

Use Bottled Water

As a tourist in the Bahamas, this is the best way to get your daily requirement of water. Most hotels and other establishments sell bottled water.

However, the demand for bottled water is increasing, and as a result, there’s a chance that the quality of bottled water is not up to par, so make sure you only buy bottled water from trustworthy sellers.

A few tips to remember while buying bottled water in the Bahamas:

  • Always check if the cap is sealed
  • Check the expiration date (shelf life for bottled water is usually 2 years)
  • Buy water from a reputed establishment.

Purify your Water with Moringa Seeds

Moringa Seeds

If you can get your hands on moringa seeds – you can find them in powdered form – use the moringa seed purification method to purify your water. These seeds purify water by binding the impurities in the water with their protein content.

The protein in moringa seeds has an electrical component, which clears cloudy water. For one litre of water, the quantity of powdered moringa seeds required is between 50 mg and 150 mg.


Drinking tap water while in the Bahamas really is a matter of preference. Most tourists claim that they’ve encountered no problems from drinking tap water, while there is the odd case of a tourist or two contracting illnesses.

Locals consume tap water every day without any health issues, and this is partly due to acclimatisation. As a tourist, you don’t want to fall sick during your holiday, so bottled water is generally considered the best source of water while touring the Bahamas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Drink Tap Water In Nassau, Bahamas?

Yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Nassau, Bahamas. While locals don’t seem to encounter any problems, as a tourist, especially if it is your first time in a hot tropical country, you might want to go for bottled water.

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink In Atlantis Bahamas?

Yes, the tap water in Atlantis Bahamas is safe to drink. However, as stated above, if you are not used to the conditions of a hot tropical country, it is better advised to stick to bottled water.

Can You Drink Tap Water In Exuma?

Yes, you can. Locals consume tap water every day and seem to be perfectly all right, but you might want to go for bottled water if you are too worried about your health.