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When Is The Best Time To Visit The Bahamas? (EVENTS Calendar)

Planning a trip to the Caribbean? Maybe a vacation in the Bahamas? A makeup of small islands and cays, the Bahamas is a year-round destination with plenty of sunlight, although there can be regular rainfall. Generally, November-end (tail-end of hurricane season) could be considered the best time to visit the Bahamas, with improving weather conditions (milder temperatures), fewer tourists and affordable accommodation.

To make the most of your time and money in the Bahamas, you should know when exactly to visit. So here’s a detailed look at the best times to visit the Bahamas!

Bahamas Climate

Climate of Bahamas

The Bahamas has a tropical climate with regular rain showers. Located parallel to the northwest-southeast axis, the country experiences a hurricane season as well. There can be slight differences between the climatic characteristics of each island, but they pretty much remain similar throughout the year. The hot and rainy season runs from May to October, and the cooler season runs from November to April.


Located on Grand Bahama, Freeport has a climate similar to that of West Palm Beach in Florida. During winter, the temperatures are sufficiently warm, but there are outbreaks of cold air at night. In 1977, the island’s temperature dropped below 3 degrees Celsius, and there was also some snowfall.

As for the rainfall, Freeport receives 60 inches of rain per year, with August and September experiencing the most amount of downpour. Also, there can be rain showers during the dry season, from December to April.


Located on New Providence Island, Nassau is located in the south, meaning it experiences cool climate conditions during winter – if you are visiting between December to March, you might need an extra scarf or two at night. There are regular rain showers here as well, but they are a little less frequent. Also, there can be thunderstorms during the summer. Nassau is an excellent swimming destination as the sea retains a warm temperature all throughout the year.

Abrahams Bay

Compared to Nassau and Freeport, Abrahams Bay has colder winter months. The rainfall here is estimated to be 32 inches per year. Rainfall is frequent but not extreme.

Matthew Town

Located on Iguana Island, Matthew Town doesn’t receive much rainfall. The town remains hot all year long, even in the winter months.

Bahamas Weather By Month And What To Expect

Bahamas Climate Conditions By Month

Here’s a list of events and the weather breakdown by month.


This is when the Bahamas reports the highest number of tourists. The weather is excellent with balmy temperatures, so almost every island is packed with tourists. Accommodation prices tend to go up during this time.

Key events: New Year’s Day Junkanoo carnivals


Temperatures are milder, with sunny, clear skies. It can get a little cooler at night and in the morning. February is an excellent month for swimming.

Key events: Rum Cay Day Festival and Farmer’s Cay Festival


By March, temperatures are on the rise, but still pleasant enough for swimming. The islands get a little crowded with college students from the USA during this time.

Key events: Bacardi Billfish Tournament and Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival


With pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunlight, April is among the best months to visit the Bahamas. By the end of April, the crowds of college students diminish. April also marks the start of the beach picnic season.

Key events: Bahamas Billfish Championship and Bahamas Family Island Regata


Temperatures are a bit warmer now, and the humidity starts to rise as well. But the heat is tempered by the breeze and the occasional rainfall. The islands become less crowded now – ideal if you are travelling with your partner.

Key events: Long Island Regatta and Carnival


Right at the start of the hurricane season, June is an excellent month for snorkellers and divers; the marine life around the Bahamian islands is diverse and abundant during this time. It’s a little warmer and more humid now, and you should expect rainfall at any time.

Key events: Bahamas Summer Boating Flotilla and Pineapple Festival

July To Aug

These are the warmest months of the year, and there’s a great chance of hurricanes and thunderstorms. Also, accommodation prices go down during July and August.

Key events:  Independence Week, Junkanoo Summer Festival, Cat Island Regatta, and Emancipation Day

September To October

These are the hottest months of the year, and thunderstorms and hurricanes are more frequent compared to July and August. Most hotels and resorts close down during this time, so these aren’t the best months to visit the Bahamas.

Key events: All Abaco Sailing Regatta


The end of November could be considered the best time to visit the Bahamas as temperatures begin to drop. The climate is pleasantly warm, and the hurricane season is coming to an end. Crowds are still sparse and haven’t started to pick up.

Key events: One Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival and Guy Fawkes Day


Clear skies with plenty of sunlight and mild temperatures are characteristic of December. However, the Northern islands have cooler temperatures. This is a busy time for the Bahamas, so you might want to make your hotel reservation in advance.

Key events:  Bahamas International Film Festival and Junkanoo Winter Festival

Seasons Explained

Peak season

The peak season, which could be considered the best time to visit is from December to mid-April. The weather is excellent, but accommodation is pricier.

Shoulder season

May to June is the shoulder season. Temperatures are great, but there’s a higher chance of rainfall. Hotels offer a lot of seasonal discounts during this time.


The offseason in the Bahamas is from April to December. Accommodation prices are slashed almost by half during this time, and there are many hotel packages available. Prices of other attractions also tend to go down during the offseason.

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Rainfall & Average Temperature Vs Tourist Arrivals By Month

MonthRainfall (Inch)Avg. Temp (°F)Arrivals
Source: | |

The above table displays the correlation between tourist arrival numbers and climatic factors like rainfall and average temperature. Tourist Arrivals are from 2019 to reflect realistic numbers from pre-covid times.

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When Should You Not Go To The Bahamas?

You should avoid the hurricane season from June to mid-November; this isn’t a great time for tourist visits.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Go To The Bahamas?

August, September, October, and November are the cheapest months to visit the Bahamas. These months constitute the low season.

What Is The Rainy Season In The Bahamas?

The rainy season starts in July,  and December marks the end of the season. You should expect regular rainfall during this time.

What Is The Hottest Month To Go To The Bahamas?

The hottest season is from June to October; temperatures rise above 83 degrees. In Nassau, August is the warmest month.

When Is Hurricane Season In The Bahamas?

The hurricane season starts in June and ends in November; this is the official hurricane season. August, September, and October are the high-risk months.

Best Time To Visit The Bahamas On A Cruise

The best time to explore the Bahamas on a cruise ship is from mid-April to mid-May, just before the hurricane period in the country.

How To Enjoy The Bahamas Offseason

The offseason in the Bahamas spans from April to December. If you are a budget-conscious traveller looking to have fun during the low season, here’s what you can do:

  • Snorkelling: the Abaco Islands tout the best weather conditions for snorkelling during the offseason.
  • Visit the Pig Island to swim with the pigs.
  • Visit Nassau and immerse yourself in the history of pirates.
  • Dive: Andros Barrier Reef is excellent for diving at this time of year; you can also learn to dive!