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Beach It In Kihei! (Kihei Top Rated Beaches)

Kihei is one of Maui’s star beach destinations, nestled in the southwestern coastal region.This stunning area was once upon a time a popular hang-out spot even for the Hawaiian Monarchy.

If you visit during April, May or even September, you’ll be able to witness these beaches in their ultimate charm. So, what exactly is there in Kihei Beaches that makes it fit for a King? What can you expect? We have the answers.

1. Sugar Beach

Sunset at Sugar Beach

(Location: Parking available, including roadside parking – S Kihei road)

Having the longest sandy stretch in Maui, along with clear blue waters and fine white sandy shores, in beauty, Sugar Beach is second to none. It is famous for snorkelling, thanks to the tropical marine life living in its long stretch of coral reefs -if you are lucky, you might even spot some green sea turtles. 

It’s also quite famous for various paddle sports like kayaking, and canoeing as the waters are calm and clear – making it ideal for paddling activities. You’ll also witness your fair share of windsurfing, and whales (during winter). The beach comes with many amenities, including a lifeguard watch!

2. Kamaole I Beach Park, II Beach Park and III Beach Park

Kamaole I Beach Park

(Location: Parking available – S Kihei road)

Yes, there are three beaches! While some call it Kihei’s best keep secret, we say it’s no secret at all, but all 3 are worth visiting.

Kamaole I Beach Park – is the largest beach of the 3. Stunning as the beach is, it has a long history of being used as a training ground during WWII – especially for beach landings. Now the long-stretching beachline has bathroom facilities and a lifeguard tower.

The lawn-like grassy area also provides a space with picnic tables for those who plan on having a beach picnic. But if you don’t want to bring your picnic basket, you’ll still find a number of beach restaurants within walking distance.

Kamaole II Beach Park – is another stunning beach. It’s almost half the size of Kamaole Beach 1, but we like it. II beach park also has no rocks. It also has all the beach amenities I beach park offers – but with a big grassy stretch with picnic tables and bathroom amenities along with a lifeguard tower.

It also has a breathtaking allure and is an ideal beach spot for families.

Kamaole III Beach Park – this is the smallest beach out of the three. The sandy shores are more golden-shaded, and the waves – are stunning and a little rougher. It attracts many foreign and local visitors, and it can be quite a breathtaking beach worth dropping by.

Unsurprisingly, it too has the same amenities offered in both Kamaole Beach Park I & II.

3. Charley Young Beach

Charley Young Beach

(Location: Parking available, on the corner of Kai’au Place- S Kihei road)

With calm waves, shallow waters, and the gentle swaying of the shaded coastal trees, it’s like a scenic setting for a lo-fi YouTube video. A tranquil beach for the serene heart!

It’s a small beach with big gorgeous ocean views. Thanks to the ironwood tree growth along the coastal shore, it’s pretty shaded at most times too. Making it that much perfect for picnics. Flawless beach place for sun and beach-craving families.

It’s ideal for snorkelling for all ages too, there are plenty of chances to come across the famous Hawaiian sea turtles.

You’ll also find visitors going kayaking in these stunning ocean waters while some opt out to enjoy a cooling dip. We’d say it’s worth visiting!

4. Mai Poina ‘Oe ia’u Beach Park

(Location: Parking available, streetside parking, also available on the W Waipuilani Road- S Kihei)

Welcome to the surfer’s paradise! The shore is big, and so are the waves. People come to surf here throughout the year. It’s another mesmerising beach spot in Kihei – and fascinatingly enough, it’s an extension of Sugar Beach too.

It’s popularly known for windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding as well. It’s ideal for whale-watching during the winter times as well. It too has all the beach amenities a visitor needs to enjoy the perfect beach day outing, and once you visit, you don’t want to leave!

5. Kalepolepo Beach Park

Kalepolepo Beach Park

(Location: Parking available, – S Kihei road)

Just a 5-minute drive from Kihei, you’ll find another star beach of Maui – it’s right near the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. This is a unique beach spot. Yes, it’s stunning – but it is not wrong to say it is one of the old Hawaiian Royal family’s top beach spots in Maui.

Starting around its own fish ponds – this pond has a rock barrier and is always warm because they are fed by the natural hot springs, making it a natural pool on the beach. Since waters are shallow as well as calm it’s perfectly safe for small-aged swimmers/snorkelers too!

If you have the time, you can walk around and read the plaques on the shoreline and learn a little about its historical significance as well.

6. Waipu’ilani Beach

(Location: Small parking available – S Kihei road)

This beach is beautiful and spacious – it has a really big shore a massive grassy area, it is brilliant for running around and playing games (for kids and adults). Many visitors tend to enjoy going swimming and snorkelling in these clear waters.

It would be wrong to call this beach crowded, but it does depend on the time you visit (there is a crowd more towards the evening). Of course, you can take a leisurely stroll along the coast. Perfect for a lazy beach day out. There are picnic tables and bathroom facilities. But there are no showers available.

7. Cove Beach Park

(Location: Parking available on the Iliili Road – S Kihei road)

The waters are shallow and the waves are small. It’s extremely popular amongst beach lovers of all ages – especially those who are still learning how to surf and paddleboard.

Like many of the top beaches in Kihei, this beach also comes with all the necessary beach amenities, which include clean showering areas and a bathroom. You can bring a good picnic basket since picnic benches and grills are also available. However, it does not have a lifeguard tower.

But given how calm the waters are, it is usually safe. 

8. Maalaea Beach

Maalaea Beach

(Location: Parking available on the left for Kealia Coastal Boardwalk – N Kihei road)

Here’s another fairly secluded yet stunning beach paradise. Clear waters and white sandy shores as far as the eyes can see. Being an extension of Sugar Beach, this beach has similar characteristics in terms of the clearness and calmness of the waters.

It is somewhat of an underrated beach, with unique mountain sceneries on either side. You have a good chance of spotting some green sea turtles in this coastal line. Sometimes the evening wind becomes less comfy, so watch out if you were planning any strolls around the sunset.

You can visit the beach harbour as well as definitely go for a dip.

But it does not have any of the bathroom or picnic amenities other beaches have. Still worth a visit we say.