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Are There Mosquitoes In The Bahamas? (PRECAUTIONS To Take)

Yes. There are Mosquitoes in the Bahamas. In fact, they are found in most islands of the archipelago, except for a few.

As much as it’s something that any traveller will start complaining about even before setting foot in the Bahamas, let’s look at how we can understand the situation better and still enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas the way it was intended to be enjoyed!

Why Do The Bahamas Have Mosquitoes?

No one likes mosquitoes. How could you? They can be a serious nuisance.

It’s not just the painful bites, but the itching, the skin irritation afterwards and the possibility of becoming ill. In a worse case situation – the possibility of exposing yourself to a viral fever like dengue – can turn very critical.

So, what makes the Bahamas so appealing to mosquitoes – apart from the unique Bahamian allure, which attracts tropical holiday loving folk from all over the world? 

Well, mosquitoes are attracted to heat and humidity. They are active in temperatures above 10 degrees while this activity increases as the temperature reaches 26 degrees or more. Different types of mosquitoes are active at varying times during the day, but the usual bloodfest takes place from dusk to dawn. (Yippee!).

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded (surprise surprise!), so they pretty much go dormant during cold climates. This is why you will never run into a single buzzing, blood-thirsty mosquito in Iceland or any part of Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the Bahamas is all about the sun, sand and sea! Bright and warm and just about the best beach paradise you can visit. It is the perfect climate for mosquitoes to breed.

The Mosquito Season In The Bahamas

The weather in the Bahamas is pretty tropical, which means that there is a super sunny season and a rainy season. The rainy season roughly falls between May to October – with August usually taking the top spot as the wettest month.

During the rainy season, stagnant water spots will be high in numbers. These are a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of mosquitoes.

Dealing With The Mosquito Menace In The Bahamas!

Spraying Mosquito repellent

At the end of the day, you don’t spend money on a holiday just to have some blood-sucking mosquito menace become a real hindrance to your Bahamian vacation time!

So, here are some things you can easily take with you to prevent bug bites (or keep them at a minimum), whether it’s from mosquitoes or other delightful tropical insects and bugs.

Use Insect Repellents

Yes, bugs can be beautiful. They can be really cool when they are not looking to crawl under your clothes and take a bite or fly around you hoping to suck some blood. So carrying a can of bug repellent seems like a fairly sensible thing to do when travelling to any destination that has tropical and humid weather.

The health officials – including the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism recommends travellers to use EPA- registered insect repellents that contain a minimum of 20% DEET (including Deep Woods, Cutter Backwoods) It is quite an effective solution.

Note: since the Bahamas is usually very sunny, you will be wearing sunscreen. Make sure to apply the sunscreen first and the repellent second.

Mosquito Net  

This is particularly useful when you are going on a good boat trip, especially if you make a visit very close to the wet season or right after the wet season has completed. The fine mesh netting is a great way to keep the mosquitoes out and even the flies!

Keep Your Windows Shut!

Usually, most hotels in the Bahamas have AC in each room, so always keep the windows closed. This applies to doors as well. (obviously)

Avoid Travelling Off-Season

The off-season usually makes the Bahamas less crowded, but it also falls at the same time the island is blessed with a lot of rain. This unfortunately means the rise of mosquitoes. So, as much as the off-season comes with fewer crowds, it also comes with a lot of rain and mosquitoes.

*Fun fact: Hanging out at the beach does not keep the mosquitoes at bay. Despite popular belief, the breezy weather at the beach will not drive a mosquito away or keep them away. (Unless you get into the water and stay there).

Are Nassau And Paradise Island Mosquito-Free?

Despite the Bahamas having reports of Zika and Dengue outbreaks in the past, many who have travelled to Nassau or Paradise Island have not made much of a review about the mosquitoes.

Most have given a fair account of how they have not encountered any mosquitoes or just a very few.

Other Pesky Insects To Watch Out For In The Bahamas


Mosquitoes are not the only insects to watch out for when going on holiday in the Bahamas.

Insects like ticks, bees, ants, spiders, and the more delightful ones like wasps, hornets, and black flies also tend to be common in this island paradise.

It’s not that they are waiting to attack you as soon as you land, but taking meticulous care will only enhance your holiday in the Bahamas even more!