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Are There Monkeys In Hawaii? (OTHER Animals?)

No. There are no monkeys in Hawaii. At least not in the wilderness of Hawaii or any of the islands under Hawaii, and they are not endemic to Hawaii. But if you have a crazy urge to see some live monkey action, you could always make a visit to the Honolulu Zoo.

Fascinatingly enough, Hawaii does not host many mammals. The only two mammal species native to Hawaii are the monk seal and the hoary bat. Hawaii, being in the Pacific Ocean approx. 3200 kilometres from the US mainland significantly contributes to this.

While European travellers brought their fair share of farming animals to the island when settling, the number of indigenous land species here in Hawaii is staggeringly low.

So what kind of wildlife species can you find in Hawaii? We are on a mission to answer some of the most asked animal-related questions travellers have about Hawaii.

Are There Squirrels In Hawaii?


Again no. It is the only US state that doesn’t have even a small population of squirrels. Instead, they have mongooses. Of course, they don’t look like the perfect replacement, but they have that furry, adorable look.

They are also not native; in fact, they were brought to Hawaii to control the destructive rat population. However, they are now considered to be invasive species because they often eat birds and bird eggs, which negatively impacts the bird population in Hawaii.

You will encounter these furry little fellows near bushes and mostly around the mountainside.

Are There Bears In Hawaii?

You also won’t find any bears here in Hawaii. At least not in the wild. You have a better chance of finding one in the Honolulu Zoo rather than in the thickets of the tropical forest areas of Hawaii or any of its islands.

The Honolulu Zoo does home two adorable sun bears, who you’ll find sunbathing, and on top of trees in the cosy corner of the Zoo.

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Are There Wolves In Hawaii?

No wolves in Hawaii. If that was a concern you had – rest easy. Hawaii is labelled as a pretty safe holiday destination. You won’t find many apex predators in the landscapes of this tropical island paradise (even snakes).

Are There Any Coyotes In Hawaii?

While Coyotes have been known to grow in numbers in the mainland US, the same cannot be said about Hawaii. We can safely say that Coyotes are also not on the list of wildlife species you would come across when trekking the tropics of the Hawaiian Islands.

Are There Mountain Lions In Hawaii?

Mountain Lion on Rock

No mountain lions in Hawaii either. Being an isolated archipelago has its perks. Being completely free from dangerous wildlife predators seems to be one of them.

Wildlife Species You Might Encounter In Hawaii

Hawaii may lack a certain group of fang-bearing wildlife segments. But! It has its fair share of fascinating and quite breathtaking species – both on land and at sea.

The Hoary Bat (Endemic)

Hoary Bat

This unique-looking bat belongs to the mammal category. It’s a nocturnal hunter and is unfortunately listed as an endangered animal. It’s more largely sighted in Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, and Maui.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal (Endemic)

This adorable-looking seal also belongs to the mammal category. It’s also one of only two remaining monk seals left on earth. They’re tricky to spot. They mostly reside in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.

Humpback Whale

Whale watching is huge in Hawaii. The Hawaiian waters are home to a truly impressive range of sea life, and the Humpback Whales are royalty in these waters. You can organize a proper whale-watching tour from any of the Hawaiian Islands.

But Lanai, Maui and Molokai are known to be some of the best whale-watching destinations on the planet.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (Endemic)

These stunning turtles are a common species seen in Hawaii. But they are also indigenous to Hawaii. When you go snorkelling you will most certainly spot at least one. But keep in mind – they are endangered. You are not allowed to touch them. You will be heavily fined if found guilty of touching!

Nene Goose (Endemic)

This interesting feathery friend is very special. It’s also the official state bird of Hawaii. Although it is known to be a common bird species in Hawaii, recent reports speak of a decrease in the numbers.

You are most likely to only find them in the Big Island and Kuai.   

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin (Endemic)

Spinner Dolphins

These friendly marine beauties can be found throughout the Hawaiian waters. They are not aggressive, and you will spot them travelling along the coast of the Hawaiian Islands.

Oahu is one of the best places to spot these dolphins. (The best time to spot them is the early morning)