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19 Places To Include In Your Spain Itinerary (READ Before Visiting!)

The gem of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain – known in Spanish as España – is a sunny country in southwestern Europe. The diversity found here in Spain is astounding. With its history being inspired by Mediterranean customs and influenced by revolution and colonization, most of the major tourist sites in Spain have some sort of a story to tell.

From Roman aqueducts to the medieval castle of Alcázar, here are the top 19 places to include in your Spain Itinerary.

Basilica Of The Sagrada Familia

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 1 - Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
Photo by iam_os on Unsplash


A famous tourist hotspot located in Barcelona, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, is a massive unfinished cathedral designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. The construction was inaugurated in 1882, but due to various reasons, the duration lagged. It is the only tourist location that has been under construction for over a century.

Inspired by Gothic and Modernism, the Sagrada Familia’s interior is a combination of creative colours and spaces utilized well. As it’s not fully completed, some find the experience to be mediocre, but this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must to include in your Spain itinerary if you are visiting Barcelona.

Close-up video footage of the Sagrada Familia

The Alhambra

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 2 - The Alhambra
Photo by Callum Parker on Unsplash


This magnificent medieval palace in Granada in Andalusia is the perfect example of Spain’s diverse architecture co-existing and complementing one another. Initially, it was a moderately-built fortress constructed in the 9th century, but in the 13th century, the Nasrid dynasty – from Arabic origins – reconstructed the structure into a spectacular palace.

Alhambra in Arabic translates to Red, derived from the red shade of the Tapia. In the 16th century, some of the interiors were redone to what lies in the Alhambra today. It is famous for exhibiting early Islamic architecture along with renaissance-Catholic influence.

If you are taking a tour around Andalusia, make sure to visit this masterpiece.

Go on a visual journey across some of the best places mentioned in this article for an immersive experience!

Gran Canaria

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 3 - Gran Canaria
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash


Located off northwestern Africa, Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands belonging to Spain. This island is famously known for stargazing, desert-sand beaches, mountainous hikes and sea sports and if you are looking for an adventurous holiday, Gran Canaria is a must include in your Spain Itinerary.

Cruise ships take a route overlooking the clear blue waters which lead to the scenic coasts of Playa del Inglés and Puerto Rico. Travellers looking for gastronomical experiences are sure to be satisfied on this sunny island. The tapas found here are known to be delicious.

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Cathedral De Santiago De Compostella

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 4 - Cathedral De Santiago De Compostella
Photo by Rafael Furtado on Unsplash


Known to be the burial site of the apostle of Jesus, Saint James the Great, the Cathedral De Santiago De Compostella has significance in its historical narration. In the 10th century, the initial basilica was destroyed by Muslim invaders.

However, it was rebuilt within the following century. Standing at a height of 75 meters, the Compostella’s architecture solemnly expresses Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture. Travellers are awe-struck by its beauty and intricate attention-to-details.

Hence why you should include this in your Spain Itinerary.


Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 5 - Ibiza
Photo by Adrien Unsplash


One of the Islands in the Balearic archipelago, Ibiza is a famous island in Europe for sundown summer parties and exclusive nightclubs. Although it is ideally a spot for the partying folk, those who are looking for a holiday retreat can also immerse themselves in this paradise island.

The island is known for its yoga and wellness retreats and good food. Even though expenses are reasonable, some might consider Ibiza slightly overrated due to its annual seven million summer visitors.

However, if you are on an island-hopping road trip, add Ibiza to your itinerary. The city can get a little overcrowded, but the experience is never less.

Parc Guell

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 6 - Parc Guell
Photo by Berke Halman on Unsplash


A public park with garden complexes, Parc Guell of Catalonia is an architecturally designed forest park and one of the most breathtaking locations that should be on any tourist’s Spain itinerary. The park was designed by iconic architect Antoni Gaudi in the 1900s.

The bright and captivating wall paintings and Mosaic-covered buildings of Parc Guell are sure to be in a few of your Instagram captures. Like any other public park, most parts of this 17-hectare park are free to enter.

Visitors can also find peaceful spots to laze and enjoy good company. The Roman-inspired Market Hall is another famous tourist attraction in Parc Guell that you should visit on your trip.

Es Trenc Beach

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 7 - Es Trenc Beach
Photo by Greg_FOT on Flickr


A 10-kilometre long coastal line that stretches across the southern coast of Mallorca, Es Trenc Beach is a famous tourist hotspot neighbouring some of the most spectacular blue waters found in Europe. Travellers usually fall in love with the exotic Caribbean vibes here in Es Trenc.

The waters are shallow and calm, making it perfect for a dip even if you are not a skilful swimmer. Shrubs, pines and dunes protect the coastal area, and it is somewhat secluded from the mainstream hustle-bustle.

Travellers can amuse themselves with some water sports, enjoy some delicious tapas or even watch birds.

L’Oceanogràfic Valencia

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 8 - L'Oceanogràfic Valencia
Photo by Lynn Vdbr on Unsplash


A modern Oceanarium located in Valencia, L’Oceanogràfic is the largest marine mammal habitat in Europe. It is not just another aquarium, but a wide-open space segregated into large aquariums where magnificent sea creatures roam freely.

It has the longest underwater tunnel in Europe and houses the last Beluga whale family. A few of the best experiences here in L’Oceanogràfic are the 4D cinema experience, the submarine restaurant and the jellyfish exhibition.

It is a spacious place to hang out and learn about the ocean. If you are visiting Valencia, remember to add this to your Spain Itinerary.

Casa Batllo

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 9 - Casa Batllo
Photo by Theodor Vasile on Unsplash


Another masterpiece creation of famous architect Antoni Gaudí, Casa Batllo’s history dates back to the late 1800s when the urban city of Barcelona was considered the Hamptons of the day. The initial building structure was owned and designed by a different architect, but it was crushed to the ground to build what stands today.

The colourfully restored Casa Batllo is an icon of Gaudí’s modernism and undoubtedly one of his most impressive creations. Counting over 1 million visitors every year, it surely belongs on your bucket list.

Real Sitio De San Lorenzo De El Escorial

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 10 - Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Photo by Hans Peter Schaefer on Wikimedia Commons


The monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial sits on the Guadarrama mountain range, northwest of the capital city of Madrid. This was the royal residence of King Philip II that ruled during the early renaissance period.

Comprising an area of 33,327 square meters, the Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial has been named a World Heritage Site in 1984. Travellers can visit the Biblioteca, Los Panteons, Claustro Principal Y Patio De Evangetistas, Basilica, Salas Capitulares, Sacristia and few other places within the monastery.

If you’re fond of European history and Spain’s golden age, this monastery will not fail to impress you.

Picasso Museum Málaga

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 11 - Picasso Museum Málaga
Photo by Dguendel on Wikimedia Commons


The museum in Barcelona is a hot topic when it comes to Picasso, but it might be a bit overrated. The Museo Picasso in Andalusia on the other hand is home to some of the most captivating paintings of Pablo Picasso. Málaga being the birth city of this famous artist, over 285 paintings were donated to this museum by the Picasso family.

The museum is not simply another modern building. It’s the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista that was later owned and transformed into a permanent exhibit in 2003. If you’re visiting Málaga, make sure you add the Picasso Museum to your Spain Itinerary.

Costa Brava

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 12 - Cost Brava
Photo by Jorge Salvador on Unsplash


Located in northeastern Spain, about 60 kilometres away from Barcelona, Costa Brava is a Catalonian region that reaches out to the French border. A famous holiday retreat, this district comes alive during summer when tourists fly from across the world for festivals and music performances.

Costa Brava has some charming natural parks where you can relax with ease. Its white-sand beaches, mesmerizing turquoise waters and lined hills make it the perfect postcard picture for any travel diary.

A little like Ibiza – offering sunny-sensational vibes, Costa Brava can be considered a wellness retreat that every traveller should visit.

Casa Mila – La Pedrera

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 13 - Casa Mila, La Pedrera
Photo by Feri L on Unsplash


Referred to in English as the Stone Quarry, La Pedrera is an unusual modernist building in Catalonia which is a residential structure and the last private residence designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Casa Mila opened to the public in 1912 and consists of two buildings built around two courtyards.

Currently, the one of the few people living in La Pedrera is Ana Viladomiu – a writer. This famous structure is visited by over a million tourists a year, and there’s a reason why. It is one of the most famous creations of Gaudí, and the interior masterpiece is sure to leave you amazed.

Royal Palace Of Madrid

Places to include in your Spain Itinerary Number 14 - Royal Palace of Madrid
Photo by Leo Korman on Unsplash


The official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, the Royal Palace of Madrid comprises an area of 135,000 square meters with over 3,400 rooms. It is known to be one of the largest palaces in the whole of Europe. The first Royal to take up residence here was King Charles III back in the 1700s.

Influenced by Classical and Baroque architecture, the Royal Palace of Madrid attracts many tourists from across the world. Visiting the Palace is surely worth it.

The extraordinary interior and deco make it all the more intriguing if you’re looking for a truly Spanish experience.

Royal Alcazar Of Seville

Photo of interior at Royal Alcazar of Seville
Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash


Known in history as ‘al-Qasr al-Muriq’, Alcazar is an illustrious palace located in the sunny city of Seville. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage site that demonstrates Hispano-Muslim architecture unlike any other destination, the Alcazar’s stunning interior is eye-catching.

Built in the 10th century, the current standing structure has gone through multiple changes over the centuries since the Spali of Gothic Times. Even today, the building and the courtyards are conserved by the Royals of Spain. If you’re a history admirer, the Alcazar will not fail to excite you.

Volcan El Teide

Scenic photo of Volcan El Teide
Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash


Commonly known as Mount Teide, the Volcan El Teide is an active volcano located in Tenerife, Canary Islands. It’s considered the highest point in Spain and one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Standing tall at 12,000 feet, Teide is every hiker’s ultimate destination.

Those who want to opt-out of the tiresome journey or want to witness the great mountain from above can choose the cable car ride. It would take around ten minutes.

A hike would take up to 5 hours or more, but the scenic view is incomparable.

Prado National Museum

Photo of Prado National Museum
Photo by Bombman on Unsplash


The sophisticated art museum located in Madrid, Museo Nacional Del Prado was founded in 1890. It’s an icon of Spanish art and its modernism. From saints and royal portraits to mythological deities and naked paintings, the Prada museum boasts a collection of over 8,600 paintings and over 700 sculptures.

A few of the art pieces you shouldn’t miss here are the Garden of Earthly Delights, The Birth of the Milky Way and Artemisia.

A little tip, if you’re planning a road trip around Madrid, make sure to visit the Prado Museum on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. when access is free.

Royal Chapel of Granada

Photo of the Granada Cathedral
Photo by Curimedia on Wikimedia Commons


When it comes to breathtaking chapels and cathedrals, Spain tops the list above all other European countries. The Royal Chapel of Granada is one of them. Built in the 1500s, this chapel is historically significant as the burial place of Spain’s greatest monarchs Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand.

The architecture of the Royal Chapel is astounding. Visitors would find themselves travelling back in time when they are within the chapel premises.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Photo of Guggenheim Museum from afar
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash


Guggenheim Museum specializes in contemporary exhibits with branches in New York, Abu Dhabi, Venice and Bilbao. With a commitment to innovation, all Guggenheim museums showcase modern art and designs.

The Museum in Bilbao, northern Spain was designed by Frank Gehry in 1997. The advanced architecture used in building this spectacular masterpiece is fascinating. Comprising an area of 32,500 square meters, Gehry’s use of technology in designing made a difference in the outcome.

If you have a road trip planned in your Spain Itinerary, make sure to add Guggenheim of Bilbao.

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