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19 Places To Include In Your Germany Itinerary

Known by the common tongue as Deutschland, Germany – the backbone of Europe has its reputation for its epitome of development and political power in the region. That’s not all, this country is also home to enchanting sceneries, medieval castles, lavish festivals, and generous amounts of meats. Speaking of the sceneries and experiences – from the allures of scenic Bavaria to one of the oldest cities of Europe, Cologne, Germany is sure to make it into any traveller’s bucket list. Take a look at these top 19 places to include in your Germany Itinerary.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate Time lapse


Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous tour icons in Germany. Located in the Capital city of Berlin, the gate stands as a memorial for the cold war and the unity built following the catastrophe. Built-in the late 1700s by King Frederick William II, the gate went through several damages during World War II. However, it was revived soon after. Entrance to this memorial location is Free, but the bicycle rides in the surrounding area are charged. Those who like backpacking or photography trips must include Brandenburg Gate in their Germany Itinerary.

City of Trier

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 1 - Trier.
Photo by Ryan Grady on Unsplash


The mini Rome of Germany – Trier, located in the Southwest close to the Luxembourg border is quite the stand out from the rest of the cities. Not only is it the oldest town in Germany, but the remaining Roman architectural masterpiece is astounding. Before the Romans got hold of Trier in 15 BC, an ancient tribe called Treveri inhabited the area. As it’s located at the banks of the Mosel River, civilizations flourished over the centuries. A few of the highlights of Trier include Porta Nigra – a Roman structure, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Kaisertherman – a bathing complex and an amphitheatre.


Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 2 - Trier. Holstentor Gate.
Photo by Fabian Keller on Unsplash


A medieval castle that looks like it emerged out of a fairytale, Holstentor wall in West Lübeck, is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions in Germany, and a must include in your Germany Itinerary. Built featuring Brick Gothic architecture, Holstentor lies today as a museum displaying the town’s centuries of wealth by trade, illustrious ship models, weapons, and armour. Lübeck’s usual tour begins at Holstentor – the massive fortification shaped in two pointy cylinders. It has long been a famous postcard picture and a highly photographed location too.

Schwerin Castle

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 3 - Schwerin Castle.
Photo by Karl Werner on Unsplash


An enormous castle located in the old town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Schwerin Castle is an ideal destination for backpacking tourists who’d love a glimpse of the quaint medieval side of Germany. It’s situated on an island surrounded by the charming Lake Schwerin. Covering an area of 60,000 square feet, this palace was built in the 12th Century and has been a noble residence for countless dukes and duchesses over the ages. Visiting this destination is worth the trip if you have a keen interest in medieval castles.

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Burg Hohenzollern

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 5 - Hohenzollern castle.
Photo by Andrea G on Unsplash


Sitting on top of Mount Hohenzollern in Württemberg, Hohenzollern Castle is a privately owned ancestral home of the German Royal Family – House of Hohenzollern. The housing complex is fairly modern. Built-in the mid-1800s, Burg Hohenzollern was also the home of the current Prince of Prussia. This Castle is one of Europe’s most breathtaking structures, providing a panoramic view of the scenic landscape. The interior fascinates many travellers, giving a glimpse of Germany’s household opulence. If you are taking a trip around the country, make sure you include this destination in your Germany Itinerary.

Eltz Castle

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 6 - Eltz Castle.
Photo by Sandra Ahn Mode on Unsplash


One of Europe’s most breathtaking medieval castles, Burg Eltz would surely suit a vampire movie set. Built in the 12th Century, Eltz Castle is one of the world’s oldest privately owned castles. Located in Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, Eltz Castle is admired by architects for its advanced use of Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architecture. If you’re looking to get away from the bustling town, Eltz Castle would be ideal as its located somewhat interior from the town. If you’re an avid photographer, do include Burg Eltz in your Germany trip Itinerary.

Black Forest

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 7 - Black Forest.
Photo by Sandra Ahn Mode on Unsplash


An enchanting mountain valley village located in Baden-Württemberg in the Southwest, Black Forest – Schwarzwald in German – is quite known to be an inspiration for the Grim Brothers to base their outstanding fairytale collection. The forest is undoubtedly charming, being home to scenic mountain ranges, rivers, and waterfalls. Surrounded by Rhine Valley on the South and West, its dense woodlands and flourishing evergreens make up its reputation – ‘fantasy-like. If you love witnessing picturesque sites and dipping in thermal spas, include Black Forest in your trip around Germany, and you would surely be mesmerized.

Oktoberfest in Munich

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 8 - Oktoberfest, Munich.
Photo by Chandramohan Sudar on Unsplash


A much adored, internationally recognized festival in the whole of Germany and Europe, there is no other way to begin Oktoberfest other than a clink and hefty meal. Oktoberfest in Munich derived from a Bavarian Royal wedding celebration in the early 1800s, which over time became a celebration in Munich in large, then smaller cities as well. Like its name states, the festival is celebrated during the beginning of fall, where over 6 million people from all over Europe and the world would gather in Munich to enjoy Germany’s finest beer. If you’re backpacking across Munich at the time, remember to add Oktoberfest to your trip itinerary.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 9 - Nuernberg Christmas Market at night.
Photo by Roland Berger on Wikimedia Commons


The most wonderful time of the year calls out for those seasonal enthusiasts for a unique experience. Known in German as Christkindlesmarkt, the Nuremberg Christmas Market in the old town of Nuremberg is one of the most captivating Christmas markets in Germany. Dating back to the 17th Century, this Christmas Market is well-known for selling varieties of locally produced mustard, Christmas decorations, baked items and Nuremberg beer. Those on a trip to discover this old town must make sure to visit the famous Christmas Market, as it’s one of the best places to include in any traveller’s Germany Travel Itinerary.

Cologne Cathedral

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 11 - Cologne Cathedral.
Photo by Ravi Tripathi on Unsplash


Cologne – the ancient imperial city with its history spanning over 2000 years, offer more wonder to its visitors apart from its Roman structures. Cologne’s cathedral located in North Rhine-Westphalia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Europe’s most bewitching Gothic architectural cathedrals. Although it was initially built in the 13th Century, it went through various construction phases until the late 20th Century. Standing as a monument of German Catholicism, the Cologne Cathedral is a must-visit destination for architecture admirers. As it is just 2 minutes away from Ludwig Museum, including this in your trip would tick off two experiences in one go.

Europa Park

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 10 - Europa Park.
Photo by Graf Umarov on Wikimedia Commons


Located in Rust of Southwest, Europa Park is a humungous futuristic theme park that’s also known as Germany’s largest theme park. Comprising 95 hectares of space, a traveller would take two days to complete all experiences in this park. Europa Park was built in 1975 and is not so different from the neighbouring International franchise – Disneyworld. Although it’s located quite far from Munich, travellers visiting Munich would drive 4 hours to get to this fascinating landmark. If you’re on a road trip across Germany, Europa Park is a must-visit place in your trip Itinerary.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 12 - Saxon Switzerland National Park.
Photo by Hendrik Schuette on Unsplash


Located in the small-town State of Saxony on the East of Germany, Saxon Switzerland National Park isn’t owned by the government of Switzerland. It got its name due to its resemblance to a similar landscape. Spanning across 93 km, the National Park’s unique rock formations are simply breathtaking, hence why it’s named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amongst many geologists and nature enthusiasts, Saxon Switzerland is known to be one of the least spoilt National Parks in Germany. If your backpacking road trip agenda has an unfilled slot for a National Park visit, make sure you add Saxon Switzerland to your Germany Itinerary.

Miniatur Wunderland

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 13 - Miniatur Wunderland.
Photo by Eelias on Unsplash


A model railway exhibit museum located in Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland is one of the topmost famous tourist attractions in Germany. Comprising of 1000 square meters, the Wunderland houses a massive miniature model of the town of Hamburg including inhabitants of Hamburg and other cities around the world. The latest inclusion in Venice and its scenic canals. Miniatur Wunderland is the biggest of its kind in the whole of Europe, and what’s fascinating is its constant upgrade with technology. Although the museum was built in the year 2000, it features modern railway and airport facilities. If you’re dreaming of visiting few other cities while in Hamburg, do include Miniatur Wunderland in your Germany Itinerary.

Heidelberg Palace

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 14 - Heidelberg Palace.
Photo by Riddy on Unsplash


A Castle-ruin located in Heidelberg, the Palace is one of the most visited castles in Germany. It is reported that over a million tourists visit this town annually for its famous ruined medieval castles. Built-in the 13th Century, this ancient fortress proudly showcases its Gothic and Renaissance architectural interiors which are now mostly in ruins. The Castle played a role in complimenting German Romanticism in the later years. Like many other castles in Europe, Heidelberg too is owned privately, hence visiting with a tour guide is very much required. If you’re a person who enjoys ancient medieval structures, do include Heidelberg Palace in your Germany Itinerary.

Rhine Valley

Places to include in your Germany itinerary Number 15 - Rhine Valley.
Photo by Gary Bembridge on Flickr


Rhine Valley, also known as Rhine Gorge, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located between Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. The river passing by the valley begins from the Swiss Alps and has been a major source for trade starting from early years. Today the river is known for its scenic boat cruises overlooking the picturesque 27,000-hectare land area. The Rhine Valley has been mentioned across various historical findings and literature. As the area is quite vast, travellers can choose to visit parts of the valley which provides a wholesome experience at once.

Romantic Road

Photo of a scenic town along the Romantic road.
Photo by Luis Diego Hernández on Flickr

Dramatic landscapes, fairytale castles, and flourishing vineyards aid in securing its name. Romantic Road is located in Southern Germany, across the mountains of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. This scenic route passes by some of Germany’s most bedazzling landscapes. It’s an ideal route for a backpacking trip or a road trip. It would approximately take a day to complete the road trip. Locals suggest visiting Rothenberg at dusk, in Wuerzburg of the Northern Endpoint. If you’re a fan of road trips, Romantic Road should be in your Germany Itinerary.

Memorial of the Berlin Wall

Photo of Berlin Memorial Wall with graffiti.
Photo by LifetravelandMore on Flickr


The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, also known as the Berlin Wall Memorial was built in 1998 as a monument of remembrance for all the lives lost during Germany’s state divisions. Located right in the middle of the Capital city of Berlin, the wall extends up to 1.4 kilometers in length. This monument is annually visited by over 1 million tourists from around the world. Although the wall stands today dividing east and west, it’s simply a reminder of the country’s chaotic past, and how humanity and peace rose from the ashes. Berlin Memorial Wall is every traveller’s top destination. So remember to include it in your Germany Travel Itinerary.

Frauenkirche Dresden

Photo of Frauenkirche, Dresden.
Photo by Lukas D on Unsplash


A Lutheran church in the State of Saxony, Frauenkirche was built in the 15th Century as a Catholic church. Later in the 18th Century, it was converted to a Protestant church. However, during World War II, the church was destroyed and was reconstructed in 1994. Its unique modern Baroque architecture speaks for itself. Over the past 10 years, a reported 20 million people have visited the Frauenkirche church in Dresden. If you love architecture and classical monuments, don’t forget to include this location in your Germany Itinerary.

Lake Constance

Photo of Lake Constance.
Photo by Jacob Höferlin on Unsplash


While sharing an area portion with Switzerland and Austria, Germany owns the largest part of the magical Lake Constance. Known to be the largest inland water source in the country, and the third-largest in Central Europe, Lake Constance is worth any adventure trip. The water in the basin originates from the Rhine River and takes up an ocean-blue hue as it flows to rest in the lake. The small town surrounding the lake is reputed for its resorts and inns, while the banks of the lake are famed for their summer water sports such as windsurfing and sailing. If you’re a backpacking traveller looking for some thrill in your trip, make sure to include Lake Constance in your Germany Itinerary.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Photo by Emily on Unsplash


Considered to be one of Europe’s most iconic castles and the inspiration behind the famous Walt Disney theme park castles, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was built by King Ludwig II, more popularly known as “Mad King Ludwig”. Construction of this many towered castle went on from 1869 to 1886 till the Kings death, while construction remains to be incomplete to this day. Tourists can expect to get a glimpse of the interior including the Throne Hall as well as take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding areas via guided tours.

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